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The Ars Magica: Years of Conquest Kickstarter!

Legate of Mineta

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Very likely no does not mean Never!


And even if your first Kickstarter is not successful that doesn't mean Black Chicken Studios will give up right? Right?! <Shout it out before I look like a fool>


I have lurked around some gaming websites and I think we can find a few factors affecting your success. The more important ones though are:


1) it's almost December and thus many would be saving for that one special game coming out before that one special day.


2) Too many Kickstarters around grabbing people's attention, you really needed to have something special to stand out of the crowd (Something my teachers have been beating into my head dry.gif)


3) And also a lack of concept arts depicting your game. Shouldn't this have been a priority?


Forgive me if I sound condescending, Black Chicken Studios is in my list of favourite game developers (right next to Bethesda, I love Elder Scrolls...) and I really want to see you be successful in the future.


Thus I raise my glass of root-bear and wish you all the best of luck. <Skips back into the Shadow-realm >

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I absolut agree on 3) from Leoshis post. But 2) Is kind of mixed as other interesting projects also bring new people to KS or let people look at KS at all.

The main problem is that Ars Magica the Video Game don't shine out from all the other projects in regarts of opticals, updates or big name (and yes that pretty much all that counts from what If seen).

Personal I think by now one need to bring a video update every week or even more frequent, at last if one aiming for anything in the 6 digits.

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If I rember right BCS needed 1 week just to get this single Gamplay Screen ready and so I personal don't think we will see more then a other graphic about the game bevore this KS ends.

Sadly BCS also decided against doing Videos where a single person just talk about the text of the update as common for many other big KS.

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It's sad that the KS fundraising failed, but I think the BCS team learnt much from it. In the discussions on KS all the weak points, good ideas and advices were mentioned of the project. But for a hopefully successful project November is not the best month, but at spring with a 60 day long duration and a before-the-start community building and advertising campaign would be great for the next time, who knows when, but maybe in 1-2 years, I hope. :D

ps. I hope that the game's ideas and plans were not thrown into the trash, I want to support House Diedne in the Schism Wars, let's change *history*! ;)

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Archived. YES!!


An interesting game like should be made. Even if I only found out about it after the Kickstarter was announced.


I'm not that old.laugh.gif


In the mean time, are you all working on another game to ensure your fans will see Academagia Year 2? Because I will be so disappointed if Year 2 doesn't come.sad.gif

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If I can make a suggestion (don't know if it has already been made) for next time, I think you should prepare the launch of the Kickstarter before actually starting it. Especially for a game so well known and appreciated as Ars Magica, I'm sure you could create a big buzz planting news seeds and teasers in the right forum communities and websites, so that everyone is ready when the Kickstarter starts.

This time I was really caught by surprise by the news, didn't expect it at all! And for a project with a strict deadline as a Kickstarter proposal that's a big disadvantage. You really should work on the teasing!


In conclusion, Secret projects are nice, but for funding perhaps you don't want to stay that secret until the end! ;)


By the way, is there space between Year 2 and Secretproject2 for Year 1932? ^^

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