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Now a market always bring oppurtunities of some side storys also I did intent to have a meeting of the young mages with Antonius that I would prefer to have in chat instead of the forum.

Beside it will be hard to split up the group during the shoping as only 2 people know the language (one of them with problems in translating) and so your time to shop is actual very limited!

Edit: But if someone other want to be GM next week I have no problems, I just dont want to think about something complet new when the curent trip still have potential for Storys.

(The problem I see is to find a good enough reason to bring a group of mages&companion to fly down from the city to visit a location on the ground as I dont want to mess up CJs plans he might have for the covenant)

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for anyone wondering what the "Lebzelter" is, they making the Nuremberga version of the lebkuchen as this specialised trade is only aviable trough germany at this time from what I read I haved to use the german name for it.

Wits are you planing your covenant adventure already for next weekend? Otherwise I prepare the market visit for next weekend.

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So its Sat next week as I have other things to do next sunday.

Btw. my new Char is up to a suprise then the Langauge he sings his songs is suposendly dead but all people in the Hyperborean Qarter speak it :)

@Adrian I add a link to my post above the wiki for Lebkuchen after your post

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Apologies to everyone for my absence this weekend, and hope Nurnberg went well. We lost power on Saturday morning, go that fixed by mid-afternoon to late for the session, but did not get internet nack until late yesterday evening/early today. I'm OK, and will catch up later, but thought I'd better explain why been so bloody quiet. We are just having repairs done in the house, so I'll back later to see what happened. :) Unfortunately I'm away next week as well when I will be travelling to my father's birthday celebration. At least that is a happy event!


cj x

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Good so I will finish the Nuremberga trip next Saturday and you try to slowly catch up with everything :)

Btw. it wasn't that bad that you didn't show up or I would got place problems in the boat.

8 is simply to less for our group I had 6 player + 2 needed NPC and the boat was full.

The questions asked for finishing your last adventure are collected here:


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Yes, sincere apologies for my absence but I'm not needed anyway next week luckily so you can finish Nurnberg. I think we should all take turns to run stories, and I am happy to disclose my ideas for thinsg like parts of the city for people running there, but ultimately you may have better ideas! :) It's lovely that as a group we can all run stories and be part of making the saga - what Ars Magica is about. I'm actually quite unwell right now - but determined to get better - so feel free to email me as always on chrisjensenromer@hotmail.com




cj x

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I hope your doctors manage to fix you up in the near future and that you get bether soon. :)

For Adventures in the city we curent have 2 Player who want to explore the catacombs and 1 player who want to visit and explore the Hyperborean Quarter.

Then there is also the underground tunnel at the crashed building from my 1st short adventure and Baruch want to do some unknown adventure at the city next time he is GM.


From what I read at the start beside me there otheres who waiting for your OK on theyr new char so you have quit a lot of work at your e-mails already ^^.

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The winter solstice geting close and from what I read this is the time the Aegis of Hearth have to be redone and every mage of the covenant have to practicipate in this.

Usualy there is also a Covenantmeeting afterwards.

Will we play this and the first hand out of Vim?


Any Creature with might inc. Fearie who is weaker then the Aegis can't enter it without a invitation.

Inviting somone is represent by giving them a token.

From the spell we have in the Library our Aegis is lvl 25 or maybe even stronger if a elder have a bether version!


@Freespace only when we play a campaign that is just Adventure with no covenant play one can skip the "Lab time" otherwise it takes a major part in RL time and in importance of the game because this is where your chars get bether.


In Ars Magica sometimes even years get past bevore the next adventure take place.

If wished we can talk next time about the advancement so fare and I keep the Nuernberg finishing short.

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I don't really know how the Aegis is cast (story-wise I mean) nor do I have a clear understanding of how the Vis would be decided. So unless you or CJ wants to / can GM that, we might want to abstract it for this year.


I have a question, though: Does one have to be able to cast the longevity ritual one has devised in order to be able to use it? I'm guessing not, but it doesn't say explicitly anywhere.

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Found it !!!

In general I would suggest the hand out of the Vis always at the meeting during the winter solstice and only to the mages who was part of the covenant at the winter solstice bevore.

This is the Vis Stocks for the Covenant as of Winter 1214. Note this is the current levels, not the Vis Sources which are added every season (60 paws of various types). The 6 remaining senior magi on the Covenant consume 72 pawns a year, and 5 are spent on casting the Aegis of the Hearth, so these stocks depreciate at 17 pawns a year at the moment. You as junior magi will each be assigned some Vis each year to spend (4 pawns) reducing the stocks further and faster. Baruch will now receive 6 pawns of Vis a year, in honour of his promotion, assuming he gets you all back in one piece.


So 4 pawns for the new Magus and 12 per Senior Magus + 5 pawn for the Aegis Ritual (means we have it at level 25)


48 pawn /year for the 4 old Senior Mage left (12 per mage but not 100% about this)

06 pawn /year Baruch

12 pawn this year only 4 of the 7 junior mages counting for this year

05 pawn Aegis


71 pawn


We have 80 Vis / year so when all the Junior Mages become a fixed part of the covenant then we get into the negatives.


On a serious not do we realy keep Helpax at the covenant when he not even do the improvement of his mage?

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Thanks for looking that up, schwarz! I think helpax should migrate elsewhere, he can come visit if shades wants at some point. Also, I think CJ counted Helpax' parens among the 6 senior magi, but I'm not sure he is here - he was an infernalist, right? I'll msg shades to ask.

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Another thing to note for winter; this is from your Paris adventure:


<CJ> Makara has about 480 silver coins. Everyone else can have 36.

<CJ> (you get that every year from the covenant Makara as a magus)


So I presume the magi (notwithstanding possible seniority boni) get 480 silver per year, grogs get 36 in addition to upkeep. Since Makara and Silas already had theirs, I think we can presume that Makara, Silas, Calpurnia, and Class have already gotten theirs after the gauntlet as a sort of dowry. To simplify bookkeeping, I suggest we hereafter dish the monies out yearly like we do with the Vis. So the new magi don't get anything more this Winter; I get my 480, and if any grogs or companions have been around last Winter, they get their 36 as well.


What about savings? I think those would be fairly individual. I suggest everyone can try to imagine what percentage of their yearly income their characters would be inclined to save, and multiply that with the number of years they have been employed by the covenant. Gus and the newest magi are special cases here, and probably fairly poor. Taitale isn't employed by the covenant, but he has the Wealthy virtue, so this probably wouldn't be too relevant in his case anyway - I'll presume he has 'nuff duff for most anything that's not ridiculously major.


When, exactly, will the newest magi (Aiden, Dirk, the tremere) be considered as adopted for the purposes of money and vis? If not this winter, then by the next one at the latest?

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