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because I need to stay up till one every Saturday for family related nonsense.


That.... Sounds like the humble beginnings of an awesome story, actually. I could think up several silly or serious (but mostly silly) stories based on that opening.

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Concerning time: If Mikka can't make it on Sunday, perhaps we should just do Saturday and I'll leave early.


Another alternative would be for Mikka to come late on Sunday.


CJ: What do you intend to GM next? If it's the Paris thing, then Mikka's character isn't down there (I think?) so it probably wouldn't hurt to be late. Mine isn't down there either, though, so one alternative would be to say "players whose characters aren't down in Paris, come at 13:30 GMT and see if we've wrapped Paris up by then".

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I've still not read any email because I have two weeks worth of urgent work related emails to catch up on, but I will read it at some point soon, but assuming nothing drastic like completely reinventing a character or some super-magic-item that needs careful adjudication which I won't have time to look at for this week at least all good I'm sure. I'll try and read email tonight assuming I can get back on the pc, but that is difficult as I have people staying (and houseguests all weekend). I was expecting to do Saturday this week to be honest so that would be better for me if that is OK with people? I have to read logs to find out what happened in the weeks I was ill, are they up yet?


Anyway assuming people can make Saturday I'll be there tomorrow. If Sunday is the day people can make, let me know and I can make arrangements I'm sure. :)


cj x

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Incidentally I won't be able to play that late anyway either day for reasons of both health and having houseguests as mentioned. I missed the funeral because I was too ill to attend, so some people coming her to see me, and so I can probably only do 12 -3.30pm or so. Sure you all understand. :(


cj x

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Ah I see new character for Schwarzbart! Not had a chance to look at it properly but looks good on first impressions. Yes tomorrow it is then. Everyone show up for 12 noon, regardless as to whether in Paris. If anyone else would like to run a story in second half og session, say from 2.30pm onwards, just let me know, as I can't commit to stay more than 3 hours. :) Will try and get on with email shortly, houseguests just arrived though. At least I'm up and about now!



cj x

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I can't make GM tomorrow as I don't have a story at hand and I also want to read trough a lot for the new char right now ^^.


Can Someone tell me if I have understood Verditius opening for Enchanting right (p93 and 96)?

The limit they can open is 2xMagic Theory + a relevant Craft skill if I understod it right

Lets take a Magus with Magic Theory 3+ 1 from Enchanting Specialisation

Craft Woodcarfing 4+ 1 from suitable Specalisation + 2 from Puissant Craft

so this would be 15 what means (s)he could open i.e woodenboat (2x5) with just paying 3 Vis, wouldn't it?

To get future he could include a Cloth sail (1x5) in it and pay 8 Vis?


@CJ Its just the first draw you have with 1 extra year of learning bevore apprenticeship and the spells missing compared to what I have right now. I wanted to send the mail out yesterday thats why he isn't complet finished (beside that I need the info if the story, virtues & flaws work for you anyway)


@All other player from the plan of my Verditius I have right now I think he can start doing some fixing of the covenant in around 10 ingame years (He have to wait so long to get initated into one inner secret needed for this) In this 10 years he still have to learn a lot and get at last 2 other innitations so there is not to much time to do Enchanting for other and then this is probably restricted to the elder or direct needs of the covenant.

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Two and a half hours will have to do. At least you are up and about CJ, and with family visiting I understand completely that you'd want to cut it short.


God arbejdslyst! (I'm not really sure if there's a similar phrase in English, but meh)

Hope to see you all tomorrow then, enjoy the evenings :)

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My new Magus:


Dirk Tigurina

A Verditius Mage who is comming from the Rhine Tribunal

He was Aprentice of Gudrun Tigurina at the covenant of Durenmar.

For the people who dont know this its located in the Blackforest and the Grand Tibunal take place at this covenant.

It also have a library like no other covenant and some Magus would literaly sell theyr soul just to study there.


Dirk is extrem underwighted male of average hight and with a bald head.

One can see nearly every bone under the skin.

Despite this disfigurment he is still a impresive precence with allways a smile and a song on his lips.

His Age is hard to estimidate but he must be in his early 20.

The robe he wear is darkgray with different geometric symbols and typical woodworking tools embroidered.

He usualy have a large Staff at his right wenn walking around.

At his belt are a vew handbels and different woodcarfingtools

On each of his bony finger he have a simple ring.


Dirk caries the Titel of Journeyman and a "Acaedemic titel of Theoreticus"


I still keep the social adventure to pick up my char open for now.

Next weekend I can only do Saturday as I'm away on Sunday for visiting blood relatives.

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I also have family coming over next weekend, for saturday and sunday... They'll be crossing several states to arrive.


Although since we start so early I doubt it will be a huge problem but depending on the situation I might have to leave towards the end, but we'll see.

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From the wiki on Nuernberg it would seem there were some jewish-related issues, though it is quite some years in the future, not really strong in their history either :)



I should be able to make it Saturday as well. Trying to work out a grog or companion in the mean time... Unless it is taboo I wouldn't mind suggestions on an overarching nature. I was considering making a bounty-hunter at one point too, to track down Gustbran (and kill him... *cough*) but how s/he'd charm their way into traveling with the group.... yeah. Considering a few others as well, but I wouldn't mind more ideas, even if they are half-assed or just thoughtful.


Considered a holy man too, tagging along not because he wanted or was welcome, but because he felt it was needed. (But again, not sure how I'd story wise force him along..)

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Adrian I was more talking about arcane presence in the existing Ares Magica books ^^


Now in general I would sugest to use a background that isn't covered by a mage on default.

I.e. the Academic knowledge is usualy covered up by the Mages already and a Companion should cover up something that the mage think he could need on a trip.

So I.e. a person who do the social interactions or someone know to fight would be good picks.

As we allways need a Mage in our groups for the Travel (unless I play Ramon) the mage will take the leading position over the rest.


As fare I know only the mages/redcaps have spread the christendom at the covenant and this more half heartly.

So I doubt there is a official cleric at the covenant.

Beside that I think that we have 2 Player Mages and one Elder who wont get along with a priest if he try to do the work of god.


In general I would consider a Trader, Linguist or Warrior if I want to play something that get easy along.

But a char that can provide Transport would be also more then welcome.


On a side note my new Magus will seek a Forge-Companion who help him with his work and so could easy be draged along / get task to buy something ect thats i.e. a other grog / compangion posibility.

(Forge-Companion ís a Minor Social Virtue that gives 50 pts in Craft Woodcarfing in this case and some protection as member of his houshold)


But I personal also wouldn't mind if a player add a magical creature to our campaign as his companion.

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haha my mistake Schwarzbart, I've only got the core rules, so I can't say if there is any good points for Nurenberg :)



That our covenant wasn't particularly religious could be enough reasoning why the friar would be interested to join us though, perhaps sensing a mission sent from god or something. Still, I'm not one of the most religious people myself, and save for school teachings and what you pick up here and there I don't have any real knowledge of Christianity. <_<


I was thinking more of a companion, or even a grog though than a mage, so not aiding with transport there.... though perhaps I could try a mage... Dunno. Isn't it unusual to play two mages? Besides, we got the boat now, it eases the work load from Ramon/Class somewhat.


I hadn't considered a smith/woodcarver/crafter humm...

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Usualy a player only have 1 Mage and 1 Companion level char and if both can't go to a adventure the 3. char would be a Grog level.

As you mentioned your self a cleric probably wouldn't get up to the covenant and when he try to etablish a Divine Aura within the covenant there is a huge chance that this have a negative effect on how long our city will stay in the air.

(Acording to ArM5 183 Magic have a 3xaura penalty in a divine Aura and our covenant is keept in the air by magic!)

I personal would fear that a Priest that takes his job serious will have a very short livespan at the covenant.

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Haha! I remember reading that, yeah, clearly this wasn't the best thought through character. I've made myself a street urchin though... Not sure he'll ever see the light of day, but it is fun messing about with various character builds. Since my ideas for a pious character is likely going no-where I can share a bit of an idea I had for a off character(Cause I find it fun!).


It was to be a boy/girl with improved characteristics, though a very poor communication. With a guardian angel and a second sight as his/her virtues. He/she would have been troubled from an early age by voices claiming to be from an angel, while seeing ghosts and other creatures walking the earth. Imagine what that would do to a child. Now also imagine that this voice would scold you whenever you did not do as it said, and that it would continuously speak to you as if you were another gender or even another person! His/her flaws would then be low self esteem, transvestite and small framed. I'm not sure I could have pulled it off roleplaying such a character, but I find the idea compelling and fun, sadly I don't see a need for such a character in our group. ah well.

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I just read trough Training your Apprentice again (ArM 106) and there it says in oposit what CJ told me that a apprentice have to be teached personal for 1 saison per year.

A magus must personally teach the apprentice for at least one season per year over the course of

the apprenticeship, and the season spent opening the Arts counts as the first of these seasons.

But so fare I can see nothing forbids to also teach others as well at the same time in the same thing during the saison counting as personal training.

Sure the +6 Bonus for teaching just a single person comparing to +3 for 2 persons is huge but becomes small when 2 mage agree to teach the other apprentice as well and so the apprentice get 2 saisons training per year.

(This is also interesting for both magus at the start to push Magic Theory and Latin of theyr apprentice with just having to spend one saison per year)

It becomes especial huge when one mage take 2 apprentice and so need to spend 2 saisons each year to teach them.

Lets say the mage have Com 0 and Teaching 4 so the resoult would be 13 per year if he teach each apprentice sepperate or 2x 10 if he teach both apprentice in both saisons.

(It go trough the roof if the Master is a good teacher as then he add a other +5 exp per saison he teach the apprentice)


Edit: Just looking at our Library I realised that it might be easyer to just lend a summa for the apprentice oO

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