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In the name of gaming for kickstarter, we held our first Ars Magica IRC session with an offering of sacrifices of whatever turned into duck or chicken in our campaign to the great magic realm.

Nyaa - Makara: Mind broken guy from Criamon. Responsible for the grog Edith.
Nagash - Calpurnia: Feral raised girl from Criamon
Mr. Shade - Helpax: Gloomy looking guy with sinister reputation, an ex-Tytalus.
Wits - Baruch: Only full mage of the team, powerful one-shot pony of house Bonisagus.
Schwartzbart - Class: Noble-looking wild child from Bjornaer. Left our covenant. Now NPC.
Schwartzbart - Dirk Tigurina: Verditius Mage from the Rhine Tribunal.
Adrian - Silas: Optimistic well-raised guy from Mercere
Freespace - Aiden: Meritina Mage who botched his attempt at spying at Libellus has fled to join our covenant instead.

Players: Companion
Schwartzbart - Ramon: A high growth noble looking Man in the beginning 20 of clearly noble stature (Red Cap). He ride Sedala, a Pegasus.
Nagash - Corbenik: Our Covenant's Hyperborean high ranking member within the City guard/watch.
Nyaa - Momo: Fairy king of Cats companion that made a deal with Makara to help save humanity along with its higher purpose.
Adrian - Bashir: Young shorty Edenic/Bazaar male. Street artist. Joined to aid Taitail.

Wits - Taitale: A little, bearded, crippled man with sharp eyes. A mathematical genius and knowledgeable old man of magic, faerie, divine, and infernal lore. He build himself a flying chair.

Freespace - Gustbran: Edith's cousin, a knight or something that responsible for guarding a crown.


Players: Grog

Player: Familiar
Nyaa - Fishy: A magical flying fish that swim in the air. Makara's friend.

Game Time: Winter 1214. To be precise, November 23rd 1214.

House Rule

Covenant: The City of Ivory & Jade
Thread: Click Here
A flying city in medieval terms but a small one (Winter Covenant, Medium Power), moving at 60 miles per 24 hours, in a seemingly random pattern, with no relation to wind speed or direction. Much of the city is ruined: the buildings are often 3 storeys high and se more. There is magic in the food production yes.

Population: Around 1,000 (150 to 300 per quarter, seems to be human, rumor to have some fairy around )
Aura (Magic) 4: Covers the entire city, making everything seem more real, brighter and more vivid than "normal" world.
Magi/pop relation: Magi rules the city as "philosopher-kings".
Religion: Obscure form of Heathenism, nominal introduction of Christianity.
Weather and Height: Warm, Wind Warded. 3000' ft above terrain.
Library Book list:
Spell Learn in one session: INT + MAGIC THEORY + AURA 4 + TECHNIQUE + FORM (mod by appropriate Virtues and Flaws), equal or exceed level.
Current Vis Stock and Expenditure
Boons and Hooks

Our Covenant's Image
Location Description
Known Covenant Mechanism #1

Faction List

Key Words
Hermetic Crime
Wizard's March
Wizard's War

Ars Magica Books Recommendation


Game Logs:
Log One, Log Two, Log Three, Log Four, Log Five, Log Six, Log Seven, Log Eight. Log Nine. Ten Summary. Log Eleven, Log Twelve, Log Thirteen, Log Fourteen, Log Fifteen and Sixteen, Log Seventeen and Eighteen, Log Nineteen and Twenty, Log Twenty-one, Log Twenty-two, Log Twenty-Three & Twenty-Four, Log Twenty-Five, Log Twenty-Six and Twenty Seven, Log Twenty-Eight, Log Twenty-Nine, Log Thirty.


Adventure Quest Log

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Read the summery if you don't want to read the log.


Log One: We are on a flying boat



We are on a flying boat guided by a crazy Criamon Professor. Suddenly a drake attacked and our professor botched badly to counter the drake which send him into eternal twilight, not before he sprout some nonsense Criamon thing before embracing the twilight while his magical tattoos totally say "hell no" and run out his body and jump off the boat.


Baruch the one trick pony rolled so high that his first spell ever, pierced the drake defense and makes it tumbling down.


Helpax life-link boost the heck out of his spell and manage to make the drake falls asleep as it falls. Helpax also unconscious from the stress.


The boat is going out of control and falling as the flying spell of the professor is gone, Silas bravely mount the boat with superhuman effort and manage to safe land the boat into a smooth touch down.


The group landed at a swamp and it seems something big from north is coming straight for them, possibly the drake, but Baruch seems to foiled it's attempt as he cast a spell to cause the area where the creature is fills with huge storm and boom of lightnings!


The boat floating upward until they reaches near the local village was stopped by the opposing current, the crew plans to get some oars from the village to paddle the boat but Makara instead goes into the boat kitchen to grab a bunch of kitchen utensils and cast a enlarge spell on them so the crew can paddle the boat with giant kitchen utensils. One villager watches us wide-eyed as we passed the river.


After some minor river side problem, the boat come to a narrower channel and ahead of it are a large city wall across the river that blocks their passage. They have no choice but to land nearby, however, they have landed near a huge field, some two or three miles square, filled with horses, tents, pavilions and the amazing heraldry of more knights than you knew there were in the world. Several thousand knights have gathered here and perhaps 5,000 squires, sergeants and soldiers... TO BE CONTINUE.


Shorter Summery:

<Calpurnia> WE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!

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I'll post this here just in case anyone not seen it yet --

OK, firstly, my apologies for not getting back to everyone. I was caught up in the 30 days thing on the Atlas Forum, and trying to sort out various domestic emergencies (I'm currently typing this in a room with no lights...) Secondly...


Houston, we have a problem! Remember I said I was doing a lecture on Saturday but would reschedule it? Well unfortunately it is being filmed, so I won't be able to change the times. This means I will be unable to make any time before midnight GMT Saturday, so I'm going to have to cancel. I will attempt to email and message everyone later tonight.


I could do midday Sunday if others can reschedule. However with us all in different time zones, I appreciate it's not so easy to reschedule, especially given such little time (I'm writing this on Wednesday evening). However let me know if possible, if not I'm afraid we will have to skip this week. I'm terribly sorry. I had no idea I would not be able to reschedule my talk easily :(


cj x

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Well, this session is amazing. Especially the Twilight Episode which I recommend all gm to do this too.


Log Two: Magus in Wonder Europe


Summery: I strongly recommend you read the log instead.

After landing next to the army, the group is immediately spotted by the watcher and... things gotten friendly. Since Calpurnia is late to the game and gm botched her spellcasting for trying to read the "password" from the guard, she gone into twilight (until the player log in). The nice guard come to help Calpurnia while we keep probing his mind and eventually magic him to sleep because we suck at mind hack. Luckily, Makara the Criamon talk to the Tin helmet of the sleeping guard and gotten the password after he done talking to a bird.


A second guard came and we pour some wine on the guard and make him looks like he's sleeping on the job while we give the password. A high charm roll succeeded in making the guard very friendly to us and they think we are scholar or monk or noble or whatever, and the rest of the trip is a smooth sailing as those two guard escort us all the way to the city in which we decide to detour to our home convenant instead.


At the same time of us having breakfast, Calpurnia logged in and GM let us play as the characters in Calpurnia's Twilight Episode of Judge Birdy. It's wacky and fun as hell!


Back in reality after Calpurnia escaped her Twilight, we reached near convenant and meet a wonderful fat woman with the best accent in text form. Everyone there is wealthy due to wool trade and other prospective endowed, some of us meet talking animal or fairy that drop another prophecy at us, which we kindly ignores for now.


We stopped after everyone got into the convenant and taking their rest with nice food and warm bed.


Shorter Summery:

<Makara> Always wondered what it feels like in Alice in Wonderland.

<Helpax> Now we know.

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  • 3 weeks later...

A good session that shows off a bit more stuff in this wealthy convenent.


Log Three: Nothing Impossible



The session begin with all of us meeting the local important mage and fairy ruler and introducing ourselves to them. Helpax endeared by his tragic past while Calpurnia charmed(?) the crazy female Flambeau mage, Lucidia. They briefly discussed all the alternative to reaching the Tribunal on the map and reached the conclusion that they can't made it without some sort of magical solution, and was suddenly assaulted by a much larger drake that's circling the convenent.


All of us believe this is a very dangerous foe that's too much for us to handle, so everyone ran for safety while the drake's magical flame is blocked by the convenent's aegis. Bravery slowly builds up for some of the players as they chip in to have cast a spell or two to help out fighting the room sized drake while the others goes into hiding.


When the Drake realize the fire is not working, it dive through the aegis and physically crushed the local guard tower and mumches up a few grogs. Meanwhile, Lucidia tries to lure Calpurnia into her sanctum for safety, which Makara recalls at the last moment that Lucidia would have a perfect right to kill her legally due to the law regarding sanctum. Lucidia decide to go in while Makara choose to go back and fight the drake instead.


One-shot pony Baruch once again summoned a powerful storm that strikes a powerful thunder at the drake, felling it and stuns it for a few turns and also burned some local building with the stray lightnings. Helpax failed to cast through the aegis's defense and failed his magical addiction, which leads to numerous futile attempt at casting, however, after he received a token that let him cast through and benefit from the aegis, he succeed with a sleep spell that put that giant drake's tiny brain to sleep.


The battle is temporary over as the group discuss the possibility to tame this drake and use this to fly over to our destination while Lucidia persuades Calpurnia to become her lab assistance for a year and a day with the threat of death and a friendly face. :)


Shorter Summery:

<Makara> (If we can fell it, we can tame it :lol: )


<Calpurnia> "Okay, but I still am a 'decent woman' so no unclothing against Christianity and stuff, lust and homosexualism that stuff."

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In the unlikely case that someone doesn't know the Sir robin reference in our log:



And the raw log had this:

Jonaquil stares at you impassively, and says "It was the dragonfight that gave our covenant its magic aura. We will rebuild"


I think he/she will remain behind - though considering the aggressive drake I would reconsider it were I in his/her place.

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<CJ> Class did you pick up Jonaquil or leave them? Makara had them, but if you have Jonaquil as well you are VERY encumbered

<Helpax> (I stopped dragging Jonaquil before I got on. I think we left her.)

<Silas_> (she seemed more intent on staying anyway)

Since Helpax gave up dragging him away, he stays... I think.

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Chaos, chaos everywhere.


Log Four: Fall of Libellas



Everything was well after the drake goes into slumber. A few locals wives made some noise when they sees their dead husband in pieces, but the grogs was able to quiet them. However, once of the girl sneaked up to the sleeping drake with a dagger for revenge, and Makara got rid of the knife but not the loud scream that woman made.


The drake awakened, now ready to breath fire at Makara and the woman, and Baruch the one-trick pony once again saved us by blowing a huge wind that pushed them away, as well as the fire onto some part of the convenant.


Sometime before this event, Meles seems to have a plan and flew off to somewhere. Now, all of the sudden, a white drake has arrived, the town folks seems to cheers for its arrival and told one of us that it's the black drake's rival. The battle of the drakes ensured, and Libellas is all burned up and destroyed from the deadly battle. Meles tries to end the destructive battle by turning the white drake into a frog, which the black drake gladly swallowed, and then Meles turn into a blackbird that lures the drake to chase after it, away from the covenant.


Meanwhile, Class is repeatedly casting increase size magic on his owl form, back and forth to avoid becoming a snack for the drakes before, but now the drake is gone for now, he have time to stack it to huge size that can carry everyone away from here.


Everyone rushed to climb on Class while Calpunia steals the very important magic book from Lucidia's lab as Lucidia is hiding under her bed and Calpunia jumped out of the window in style. Makara also picked up some books as he runs toward the giant owl. Criamon make the best thieves.


Naturally Lucida's come out after noticing the book is stolen which the team wittily redirect to the drake as the thief, which Lucidia momentary believed and going all out attacking the drake with flame. It makes the drake turns back to the convenent, but Owl-Class is now big enough and everyone is on board so it fly up.


Obviously the huge owl would become the target of the drake, but Makara casted the Image Phantom spell and turn the owl to looks like a cloud, which eluded the drake and it proceed to continue destroying Libellas. The group landed back at their boat and figuring out their next plan.


Loot: Some vis, a super secret flembleu cult book (which Calpunia teared the 'kill any non-owner' warning page out and throw it into the river), a local woman we saved, and a Herbam book call "The Gentle Art of Flowers: A Primer in Herbam".


Shorter Summery:

<CJ> This weeks session is "The Fall of Libellas"

<Helpax> "Hurray! We have to go, before they destroy everything."

<Class> (I do the slow way)

<Makara> (Few more turns then, start looting!)


<Calpurnia> (DUDE GROW FASTER!!!!)

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I'm too busy lately, and the last session didn't have too much going on, so I will leave it raw.


Raw Log Five: "Three men in a Boat, to say nothing of the Owl!"



Flying on top of the giant cloud-owl, the team resolved the snowy cold weather by starting a fire on top of the owl some warming, rain ward spell, and wonderful giant owl feather cloud bed. Edith, the woman we pick up want us to help fulfill the 'promise' and take her to Stephen.


After some hours of flying, our owl is getting hungry so it ate us all it goes to a nearby forest after avoided two cities and the group are left to wait at the outskirt of the forest while the owl hunts and whoop down two deers. We notice a skeleton at the entranced of the forest and upon investigating the corpse, Edith translate sign: "A poacher of the King's deer! Caught twice it seems - first time he lost his hands, second time his life. It is treason to hunt deer in the kings forest!" We get the hell out of that place, thank god our owl looks like a cloud.


At dawn, the owl need to sleep, so we have to travel the rest of the journey while the owl rest. Luckily, with some diplomacy and Edith flirting, we get a ride from the local boat despise our gift scaring the hell out of them, and we even buy the boat just so we can go further. We saw the king passing through during this boat ride and nothing odd occurred.


Upon reaching the shore of the river, we decide to shrink the boat and carry it with us this time. Our owl also gotten enough sleep and goes back to size with its spell. After the climbing back on the now-giant owl, another slowly awakening drake is slowly popping out of the river! Helpax immediately put that thing back to sleep with a spell, but only for a moment! Thankfully, Makara recast the illusion to make the owl looks like cloud again and barely avoided the drake!


Finally, we reached the Stonehenge, our destination.


Shorter Summery:

<Calpurnia> "Well goal one has finished. I have completed one mission without dying."


Inventory Note: Calpurnia passed that ILLEGAL book to Makara.

Inventory Note 2: Makara still have that fish-pulp in his pocket/hood. It's been one day.

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In my opinion you missed a chaotic session where:

1. Princess Ice used fire.

2. I would have preferred fighting 2 dragons at the same time again.

3. Calpurnia and Helpax were doing story together, while Baruch and Classes new companion had a long talk. Class dined on mice I do believe.

4. Someone almost died in one of the most pathetic ways possible.

5. I'm probably going to strangle Silas along with his lady friend (for reasons that you will read/learn later).

6. I REALLY much prefer fighting dragons than fighting the dangers of this new place.

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The end of the world is neigh, all the planets has aligned in this session just to screw with a certain someone.


Log Six: By the devil's hands



Upon reaching the Stonehenge and identified themselves as the apprentices to be gauntleted, the group are split to do their own thing. Calpurnia and Helpax are escorted to the local resting place, Makara saw another Criamon and leave with him without word, Baruch follows a Pegasus that want him to follow, which lead t Class' new red cap companion that ride the Pegasus, and Edith went to this Stephen person for the 'promise' thing.


On Calpurnia group, she is suddenly assaulted by the most powerful attack she has ever witnessed:

A child throw a snowball at her that can deal 66 damage due to CJ rolled a result of 77 from a quadruple of 10 on a 1d10 -3 roll, Calpurnia must roll 78 for her defense roll.

Barely avoided death from the attack with her infernal blessing/curse, Calpurnia thanked the devil OOC and can't stop swearing OOC for a few minutes. Baruch team reunited with them right after this and they figure out that kid was possessed by a minor demon of the order of Tempters. It was inspiring him to wickedness, but not to corrupt his soul.


After a brief introduction with the red cap and a few locals, the group rest at the resting lodge but are visited by a Queasitor (MAGIC POLICE) that charge them of leading a drake that ruined Libellas and shall be on trial within a few days, then the session end when they inform the register-guy of their name and house for the gauntlet that will happen at dawn.


Highlight of the Day


<CJ> OK Calpurnia: you go first. A couple of the children are hiding under a wagon, and seem to be compacting snow in their hands

<Helpax> (lol Oh boy, this'll be worse than the drakes!)


[CJ has made an epic legendary roll… on a snowball]


<CJ> ... make a defense roll beating 78.

<Ramon> (OMG poor Calpurnia)


<CJ> YES. :)

<CJ> lol!

<Ramon> (This gives you a blood nose)

<Calpurnia> (No this explodes my skull)



Note: Everyone gain 3 confidence for successfully reaching Stonehenge.

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It's nice to have one action at a time for once. So I will leave this raw.


Raw Log Seven: The Political Gauntlet



Sometime before dawn, Edith grabbed Silas and lead him to meet Stephen the ARCHMAGUS for the 'promise', they met Stephen at the huts along with Fabricor of Verditius and Greforius of Bonisagusa and she inform them of the fate of Libellas. Silas is asked to leave Edith and Stephen along to discuss their promise.


Note 1: Fabricor is angrily blaming us for it. Gregorius seems neutral. Stephen angers at Nigrasaxa Covenant.


Meanwhile, Makara was taken away last session by Siffed of Criamon, from Nigrasaxa Covenant. She took him to the black tower made by Nigrasaxa and explain the basic of the Gauntlet along with brief background of Nigrasaxa. He also met the huge man Maximianus, the ARCHMAGUS, and Caltis of Tremere.


Note 2: Nigrasaxa is politically allied with Blackthorn - Voluntas another covenant then sponsored Libellus to stop it's development


Near dawn, everyone began to gather at the Stonehenge for the Gauntlet. Gregorius met Siffed on the way and they start to insult each other in medieval insult like: "the illegitimate spawn of the contents of a rabid dog's bowels!" and "unclean bitch spawn of a rabid dog". The shouting getting louder and louder until Calpurnia told them to shut up, which ended the brief confrontation.


Note 3: Siffed is swearing at this moron from Libellus who stole their vis sources


Note 4: "We built a covenant " she says " and ten years later they arrived and built one on our doorstep, and now they steal our vis. They are simply pawns of the wicked covenant of Voluntas, lawless magi led by the witch Julia of Jerbiton"


Note 5: Gregorius : "The Chief Quesitor, Iudiciusm. He is from Blackthorn, so [he] hates us [Voluntas]!"


At dawn, the rising sun shines the snow to blood red, thirty magi gather in silence, in a great circle. They are an odd looking bunch - some clad in the finest robes, some in rouygh garb, some in armour. Immanola, of Primus of House Ex Miscellanea, is particularly stands out with her extreme age and magical robe.


After a short moment of chattering, the initiation begins and everything falls silent. Everyone is getting introduced by a red cap:


Praeco Talion of Flambeau, August magi

Presiding Queasitor, Iudicium of Flambeau

Master of Apprentices, Edward of Milton

Resident Primus, Immanola of House Ex Miscellanea


Note 6: Lore roll suggests that "There are at least three major factions, and many magi in tow of them dislike the Praeco Talion"


Note 7: Voluntas, Libellus and Schola Pythagoranis as one faction

Note 8: Their enemies Blackthorn control the Praeco (chairman) and the chief judge, Iudicium, who are both members of blackthorn


Baruch are announced to introduction himself from covenant of the City of Ivory and Jade. Praeco immediately get to the point and ask which tribunal do we belong. Thanks to our flying city and unpredictable traveling nature, which doesn't tied us down by turf. Even then, Iudicium tried to tie us down by the Red Cap who serves us, which Ramon belongs to Rhein, and Iudicium just plainly ask which of the 13 Tribunals do you believe your covenant belongs to. We decide to remind neutral and have no alligence to a specific tribunal.


Note 9: Iberia = Spain. Rhine -= Germany. Thebes = Greece

Note 10: tribunals - Novgorod (Russia) Rome (italy) Iberia (Spain) Levant (Holy Land) and so forth


Iudicium explain that the Grand Tribunal can decide where we belong, however apprentices gauntleted here will remain members of this Tribunal [stonehenge] for the next seven years, he also hinted that other can Gauntlet us instead, which Edward immediately force the Gauntlet to move on with fury to avoid a change of plan. Makara at this point decide to test the water and ask a clarification of Iudicium words, which leads to Iudicium and Talion staring dangerously at Makara, but says nothing. Edward continue hard to push on this Gauntlet to happen.


Finally, with the politics out of the way, the Gauntlet really begins.


Silas of house Mercere is the first to go and Viator of Mercury step forth to test him in a dual of Ceramon. After a few tough quiz with some testing his Tribunals preference, Silas passed.


Class of house Bjornaer is the second to go and Convus of Bjornaer step forth to be his examiner. First test is to have three people on site to speak of class' character, he passed this easily with praises and must then transform into his heartbeast to pass. Class BARELY botched but manage to impress everyone with a recovery that everyone thought it was on purpose.


Helpax of house Tytalus is the third to go and Golias of Tytalus step forth to insult him. Golias spit and say Helpax's master is diabolist and Helpax is not worthy. Helpax prove his worthiness by punching a two tooths out of Golias mouth which earn him a satisfied rival that consider Helpax worthy to pass.


Note 11: There is wild applause from Libellus, Voluntas and a few others, and silent fury from Taliona Iudicium and the blackthorn magi!


Makara of house Criamon is the forth to go and Siffed of Criamon step forth to send him to Twilight after Makara is stripped naked. Within the Twlight, Makara meet the Skeleton, giant eyeball know as Spirit of Seeming , muscular naked man, beautiful naked woman, and Village Idiot and his dog/cat. Thugs is attacking the beautiful naked woman and throwing rocks at Makara, everyone is urging Makara to follow them, which Makara eventually choose the dog and they jump back into the sea of time. Makara has passed and he is initiated into the newest path known as The Path of Walking Backwards.


Calpurnia of house Criamon is the fifth to go and Siffed of Criamon asked her a few deep questions instead since she already experience Twilight beforehand. Sifffed concluded that she has chosen the Path of Seeming and passed.


Suddenly, an earthquake shakes, Stephen screams "The dragons are rising! The dragons are rising!" Iudiciusm juyst smiles, and Meles flaps overhead crying out a warning. Chaos breaks out.


Important Unanswered Question



... Is Makara still naked?

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