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Plans for the Study Saison


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What are your plans for the first study saison?

Right now I think we have 6 options (except Baruch wo have some more)


- Set up your Lab what takes 2 Saisons

- Study from a Book that dont need a Lab (have a look at our Library)

- Go to a Teacher and let him give you privat education

- Help a other Mage

- Get initiated in a Secret of a Mysterie Cult (Only if you already have the necesary knowledge)

- Search for Vis or other Resources




Study House Bjornaer Lore from the Summae




Study Order of Hermes Lore from the Summae or a Teacher


(please let every player have 1 post bevore any discusion start)

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Hmm Calpurnia's first sutdy season. Well depending if she is still alive after going into Goricious sanctuary to loot it. She will probably:

1. See if there are any interesting distractions. (might as well solve some before it ends up cutting into the middle of a study)


~ In all honesty I don't know what to study first as I will be gaining a lot of things and yeah. Though if I wasn't going to be doing anything it would probably be this.


2. Read the freezing death (Ignem summa)

3. Find the location/rates for a Latin teacher (UGH leveling up is going to take awhile, PLEASE LET THERE BE A AWESOME TEACHER)

4. Set up lab.


For the up coming discussion, what are the companions and grogs going to do?

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We are all tasked with getting Calpurnia's lab cleared of traps and whatnot, but after that? dunno. Strictly speaking my magic theory is a big fat zero, so either boosting that or reading some book that aids my skills in other ways.


I wonder if we will even get that far or if we should 'keep up the pressure' so to speak and actually do something about this dragon incursion. We've all been more or less requested to report to Iudicium, I believe under pain of death (which may or may not apply for us...).


Besides the dragons there is the whole issue with Julia getting blamed for something we did (well, Gust did, but who is counting?). Can we really sit by an let a war be started over a mistake? *cough* I forgot my audience. Can Silas really stand by and let this happen... probably not. We'll see how it develops.



And once again I derailed the thread. What I intend to study? Not sure yet. Magical theory, but I seem to recall that there are a few ways to do this. Will have to reread a bit of the textbook.

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I will help Calpurnia clear her lab since it's a Criamon Lab that I might learn something useful before setting my own lab.


I would read the House Criamon Lore book and then focus on initiate into the Secret of my path.

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* Secure fish for kitty.

* Set up sleeping place so it's neat and nice and not bothering Silas or any other mage in the tower.

* Search the city to see if there is any other Tremere magi hiding around for conversation and sanity.

* Beg Silas for access to library and lab. Or for permission to set up her own lab. Whatever.


If Amaranth can get library and lab access, obviously she'll expand her plans. But right now, without them, she really can't do anything.

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