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Vernaris: Future Dark Lord or Misunderstood Loner?


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Hello everyone, I have decided to restart this rp on my birthday. A total revamp though there will be similarities to the old version such as the extended prologue before year one starts. The new additions will be similar to a codex with family history and the family's homeland from the perspectives of an outsider and a local scholar. There will also be povs from the other students who encounter my character and depending on relationship values, they may be friends or enemies. That said lets start this journey from year one to year five.


"The Magnificent and the Saintly" - Vernaris Motto

Those who have fallen to darkness are looked upon with disdain for they are damned by their own choices. Through hard work and repentance, the fallen can come back to the light and rejoin society. However what happens when the fallen have been damned at birth without doing anything to warrant it? This is the story of Miron D'al Vernaris, a young boy who knows nothing but the hatred others feel for him. Can he find friendship and achieve great deeds to further the family name or will he go on a darker path that forever tarnish it? It doesn't help that he is a bit strange in the eyes of others.............









Interlude Part I

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Woo! Another dark lord in the making!


But really? Catherine Chard the snobbish? Whatever floats your boat I guess.


Keep going. I want to see how Markus will deal with Flippy Marchant!


Oh and you have a typo at the beginning of your origins. :)

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Maybe, if the island is somewhat small enough that the Vernaris family did buy it then surely they could change the name as well (not cheap most likely but hey, if you are vain enough :P ) so, maybe, ile de Vernarae?


Either way, best of luck with the exams :)

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Origins- An Unfortunate Birth


Inrell D’al Vernaris is a prideful man and rightly so for his family has produced saints and great heroes renowned throughout the history of Isla Vernarae, some of whom are known even by those who resides in the Sunlands. It was this family legacy that made him concerned with life in general, having to monitor his own behavior to produce the image of the perfect hero and gentleman. When his father died, Inrell became Lord Protector of the land forsakened by the sun and that made it even worse. Before the twins were born, he consulted the sages about their fates. He was relieved when he learned that they will continue adding onto heroism and glory of the Vernaris. As his wife became pregnant again, he became worried once more for he obsessed with the future of his offspring. Now as his wife was in labor, Inrell sought comfort in the divinations of the sages.


“Tell me, would the child be boy or girl?”

“Must you always worry? The future is set in stone, my Lord Protector. There is no need to pry for trivial things.” The head sage spoke though he sighed when Inrell continued staring at him. “It will be a boy.”

At such news Inrell smiled, another son to teach about the legacy of his family. Someone to learn how to be the perfect gentleman. However he needed to know more. “What deed will he accomplish that will enter the Book of Legends?”

The head sage smiled after consulting the runes he carved during meditation. “It appears that your son will be known for great things such as bringing the sun to this land.”

Shocked, Inrell continued “He will bring the sun? After all these years, this child will bring about the very thing our people hoped for? That is great news!”

Unknowingly to Inrell, that prophecy has been attributed to many of the Vernaris line. A joke the sages play often on those fathers who ask about the future accomplishments of their child for everyone knows the sun will never shine upon this land. The head sage was about to continue when another went into a trance after reading the runes regarding the birth of latest addition to the Vernaris line.

“Blood of the Sainted, Descendant of Heroes. He born during the waning days of the fifth month, death and destruction awaits the world. Blood of kings and beggars will spill, cruelty will become commonplace as men turn upon each other to flee his wrath. Voices of the unseen will be his guide. Woe to the Dragon, Woe to the Merchant who loves horses. For the burning fairy will eclipse all that came before, whose deeds will echo throughout eternity for he........”

Those in attendance remained silent as the most ominous sign emerged in the sky.

“is the one whose birth heralds the bloodied moon!”

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For this chapter, I intended to touch upon how I think a black sheep among a legendary family would feel. I don't think I achieve that effect. What do you guys think?


Origins- The Dream of a Hero

Miron D’al Vernaris always wanted to be a hero ever since he overheard his father telling the stories of past ancestors to his siblings. Every night he traveled to the top of the palace and look up onto the stars above that seems to be calling towards him, his destiny of greatness and the heroics to come. This night was different as he didn’t stop to see the stars but to find the wellspring most of the island’s inhabitants believed to have healing properties.


The Lady Alaine was sick and what better way to become a hero than to save his own mother. Perhaps such an action would lead to a closer relationship given the fact they were quite distant.

In fact, the whole family was distant to Miron but all of that will change after this. This time for sure he believed.........

“You know this won’t change a thing, don’t you?” the voice Miron labeled as Dark Lady. “Countless times you tried to help and every time they rejected it.”

“Ignore her, continue on the quest young one.” the one called the Knight. “Heroes endure many things and the scorn of everyone is one of these such things.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, find it find it find it! Find it and poison the water. They laugh at you, they seek to destroy you! Destroy them first and we will be safe.” said the Conspirator. “We need to strike when they least expect it! HAHHAHHHAHAH”

Miron merely sighed as the voices continue to argue it out in his head. They always done this though sometimes they are united when it comes to personal safety despite being otherworldly beings. Granted he never attempted to get rid of them since they provide some sort of companionship. The trio even managed to get him to laugh on a few occasions.

Eventually, they reached the wellspring whose water seems to sparkle even in the darkness of the night. The environment was just perfect and fitting for a place of local legend. Since the water was so inviting, Miron took a sip.

“The water is so clean and refreshing. Every drop feels empowering!” Miron exclaimed excitedly “The water must be magical or have some latent effect. That or the stories revolving around this spring resulted in some sort of......... placebo effect.”

He carefully extracted enough water for his mother and future experiments into two water skins before heading back to the palace with excited fervor. Curing his mother and something to examine further, a good day all considered.

By the time he made it back to the palace gates, Miron can see that his twin siblings Cassius and Cassia are returning as well with water skins of their own.

When did they leave and when did they get to the spring? Have they overheard the same servant that spoke of the wellspring or did they.......stole his idea? These questions rang throughout Miron’s mind and the trio was quick to answer.

“Of course they overheard the servant, their relationship with Lady Alaine is closer and they can’t stand to see her suffer. Thus they embark on the journey just as you, only they had purer intentions.” said the Dark Lady.

“Nonsense. Heroic blood in their veins prompted them to find a cure on their own. It is merely a coincidence that they arrive at the same conclusion.” argued the Knight.

“Hahhhahahh both are fools. Of course THEY STOLE YOUR IDEA! Liars all and thieves completely. You know I speak the truth. This must be answered with blood for they will never respect you until they fear you.” The Conspirator said confidently.

“All of this is irrelevant as long I get there first.” Miron muttered to himself as he quickly head to the entrance that can get him to his mother’s chambers quickly though he made sure that he stopped by the kitchens to get a glass to contain the spring water.

When he arrived to his mother’s chambers he can hear that she is awake speaking to someone, perhaps ordering a servant around as the ice lady was known to do.

“Mother..... I have something for you.” Miron spoke softly as he entered. “Water from the Healing Spring of Zoras.”

Lady Alaine had a moment of uneasiness when she heard Miron’s voice, something she always had when she did though she quickly put up a smile. She dismissed the servant and spoke to her son while lying on her bed.

“Did you now? And how exactly did you come upon said water?”

“I found the location and extracted water from it.” Miron spoke plainly like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “It's rather refreshing.”

Lady Alaine cautiously took the glass of water when her son approached and took a sip before making a strange face. “The taste is rather strange, no matter you did your best. Go on to your room now. Let mother rest.”

Miron was about to speak in response but thought better of it. He knew that it was the best water he ever tasted and chalked up his mother’s reaction as being ridiculous.

As he walked out the room, he heard the two voices of his siblings who promptly exclaim almost the same words he did.

“Mother, we have something to help you!” exclaim Cassia

“Water from the Healing Spring of Zoras, Giles helped us bring it back.” stated Cassius as the twins pushed past him into the room.

He can feel the pride in his mother’s voice as spoke to them.

“Did you now? My brave children. It is rather refreshing to taste, I can feel myself getting better already!”

At those words, Miron bite his lower lip in anger and quickly ran away. When he finally calmed down a bit, he arrived at the South Tower where his room was. The first thing he did was to sit down at his desk and reflect on what happened.

If the twins truly gotten the same water as he did then it should have tasted the same. It was the cleanest water and there was nothing wrong with it. In fact it actually helps the human body or at least appears to help (the experiments haven’t happen yet).

The only conclusion Miron can get is that his mother distrust him and trusts his siblings more. The reason for this distrust has always eluded him though and it was one of the more infuriating things in his life.

“I offer a clean glass of water and people proclaims that it taste strange with a scrutining eye. They can offer SEWAGE AND EVERYONE WILL SAY IT TASTES SWEET!” Miron began to shout as he got angry over the thought.

In his rage, he ended up in the part of the room he always despised. One look and he instantly regretted it. The mirror showed himself, all of it. One strike with a wooden object and it shattered into a thousand pieces. By the time Miron realized what he had done, he had to sit down.

“No matter what I do; everything is wrong, the boy is lying, it must be a trick. They never give me a chance.....they never give me a chance.” Miron whispered as he ran his hands through his hair.

It is during these times that the trio except one left him alone as the Dark Lady and the Knight always gave him privacy in his angry outbursts. The one remained never let his words stop, not once since the day Miron was born.

“Tsk Tsk, I always tell you and you never listen.” The Conspirator spoke with a playful tone. “No matter what you do, they will never accept your actions.”

“What should I do?”

“You don’t listen to me at all, why should I even speak my mind?”

“I am just so tired.” Miron spoke softly as he stared at the thousand pieces of glass on the ground.

“You feel that you always have to be the hero. Well “hero”, it gets exhausting no matter what you do.” The Conspirator said smugly. “Stop this stupid dream and stop pretending to be a hero.”

“But if I can’t be the hero than what can I be?” Miron questioned. “Please, just tell me.”

“Easy, be the villain.”

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Funny enough, isn't Tulia Faspalla the one that aspires to be a hero or at least live up to the ideals of Durand? Miron can become her rival. Thats an idea I can work with. Thanks CremePudding

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Tulia is the student who never stops talking about the virtues of Durand and is, to put it politely, King Durand's most vocal fangirl. IIRC if you elect to grab the Durand statue in To the Entrance you actually get +3 relationship with her, though that might be exclusive to Durand students.

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Short update is short.

Curse or Gift

Few weeks after Lady Alaine’s recovery

“There is no way a five ounce bird can carry one pound of exotic fruit.”

“Perhaps two birds then? Using a line.”

“How? Using the dorsal guiding feathers?”

Miron laughed at the conversation his friends are currently having. Sometimes they talked about the origin of magic or metaphysical subjects and other times such as now, they talked about silly things such as the possibility of small birds carrying fruit from Elumia to the island. A gift to prevent loneliness.

Unknown to him was that his parents (more specifically his mother)were observing him from afar. From the safety of the palace, one can never be too careful.

“You see that! There, the boy is laughing to himself.” exclaimed Lady Alaine. “Every so often complete silence and then his voice either laughing or speaking to himself. I tell you the boy is not right.”

“What do you want me to do? Kill him and be branded a kinslayer? Perhaps he is speaking to an imaginary friend, don’t most children have one.” Lord Protector Inrell stated clearly bored of a too often had conversation.

“Not at this age, he is what? Eight years old now?” Lady Alaine said before continuing. “Didn’t your grandfather had the same problem?”

Lord Protector Inrell’s face suddenly assumed a dark expression.

“Yes, yes he did...... I remember all too well.” Inrell stated after a long period of silence. The family’s curse has always been a sore spot among the more “sane” members of the family. “He was capable of such terrible things involving magic of the darkest kind. Strange given he had no proper training.”

“Then maybe other magic can stop this. My cousin knows..... A person that needs asylum.” Lady Alaine said. “A wizard that knows the art of Negation even the darker aspects.”

Lord Protector Inrell immediately knew what she was asking.

“Harboring a criminal?!” Inrell D’al Vernaris seethed. “Do you even know what you are requesting? I will not take in a known criminal even if they can solve our problem. The dishonor and stigma would be too much.”

“Better a temporary dishonor than a permanent one from the actions of a monster.” Lady Alaine countered before taking her husband’s hand and looking him in the eye. “You know about the prophecy and what he will do. Nip it in the bud before it's too late. For me and the rest of our children.”

Inrell D’al Vernaris thought long and hard before he nodded and gave his consent. The letter will be sent.

It was at that moment, Miron looked towards the window his mother was observing from.

“I just got this weird feeling.”

A month later

It didn’t take long before the fugitive arrived and was put to work. Asylum for one negation spell. Disguised as a doctor, the fugitive was able to perform and his spell worked. Magic became difficult for Miron D’al Vernaris even the weakest of spells. From what he can gathered, the effects may be permanent...... unless his experiments can find a solution.

However difficulty with magic was not the only problem, it would appeared to all that Miron retreated further into his shell. All of his spoken words seem to be barely above a whisper. A quiet child that turned even more quiet.

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I will say that if ever a place deserved a dark lord to rise... it might be here. Just to get a bit of that good old fashioned fear of messing with peoples destinies!


Though... sure he could try to be a glory seeker I suppose... but some times destiny is drawing you all the right ways,... just embrace it (join the dark side.. ;) ).

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The people on Isla Vernarae are fearful creatures that wholeheartedly believe in prophecies though that doesn't stop them from misinterpreting them. They could have easily assumed that Miron would clean house of the corruption and criminal elements on the island but they didn't because the islanders have lived in a long period of prosperity and peace that they believe the cycle of prosperity and chaos have firmly entered chaos. So one can argue that they (More specifically Lady Alaine, the rest of the family tends to ignore) created and deserved their own villain but there may be darker forces influencing our protagonist (I am pretty sure you know who ;) ). On the glory seeker part, well you just have to read an upcoming chapter I have planned to find out about that.

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Trouble in paradise.


“I have seen the troubles in your hearts.....embracing your children close refusing to let go. Terrified of the ever growing darkness.” An old man spoke to a growing crowd in the market. “Yet you do not act to repel the darkness!”

“The island bleeds as corruption and cruelty grows abound, with our brothers turning against us!” the old man preached. “If we do not act the situation will get even worse. All of this can be attributed to the Child of the Red Moon and the accursed line of Vernaris!”

Heads among the crowd began nodding with some openly voicing their agreements. It is no secret that life on the island have changed for the worst due to recent events. Most longed for the years of day past when people can travel freely around the island without trouble. Now these days everyone is on edge...for good reason.

“The mandate of the tainted line of Vernaris must be destroyed, nothing but evil remains in their stead. How long before we are consumed by their wickedness? It is up to us to remove the stain and restore purity......” The old man spoke now confident due to the crowd’s agreement. “Lord Kyras Hartly needs our help to overthrow the Fairies. It is time for the Stag to reign! We must.....Arghh”

“TRAITOR!” a voice screamed as a rock hit the old man in the face.

The crowd turned to the voice and saw Giles, the leader of a group commonly known as the Lord Protector’s Men. Loyalists to the Vernaris family at the core no matter what.

“How much has the traitor Hartly paid you to cause trouble?!” Giles questioned with visible rage. “A thousand coins to bring doubt into the hearts of good folk? You need a good thrashing to regain your senses old man.”

“Cut his out his tongue Giles!” one of Giles’s men encouraged. “Show them what happen to traitors.”

It was at these words that several members of the crowd began to dissipate. The ones that remained spoke in defense of the old man.

“The old man has the right to be here and speak his mind!” a young woman yelled. “He speaks the truth even if he was paid by Lord Hartly! The Vernaris family does nothing to ease our minds with that creature free to roam around.”

“Yeah, the old man speaks true! The Fairies have ruled over us long enough. New blood... purer blood should take over.” Another member of the crowd spoke as he picked up a wooden stick.

Tension brewed in the air as the loyalists gripped their swords and daggers ready to draw at a moment’s notice in response to the man now holding a wooden stick. The rabble that supported Lord Hartly grabbed what they could to even the odds.

“Let us run them through Giles, show them what happens when they turn traitor.” a loyalist said eagerly. “No one would mourn their deaths. Give the order right now and we can end this!”

Giles stood there with a dark expression on his face clearly deciding to act or not. The choice was easily made for him when the young woman threw a rock at his head. Giles’s men responded to the assault by drawing their weapons and charged those they deemed to be traitors.

As blood was being spilled, the guards quickly assembled at the palace to receive their orders.


“Yes Sir!” a guard confirmed to the Captain. “The Lord Protector’s Men and possible Hartly supporters.”

“Hartly? What are you trying to do?” The Captain sighed as he rubbed his temples. “No matter. Quickly restore order before it gets out of hand.”

The guard saluted before ordering the others to move out. The Captain also moved but towards the palace itself, The Lord Protector is to be informed immediately though the first person with authority he encountered was the Lady Alaine. The situation was quickly explained.

“Are you sure? Hartly is the one behind this?” Lady Alaine questioned as thoughts began to race in her head.

“It was said to be done in the name of Lord Hartly but it could be someone else that is trying to place the blame on him.” the Captain answered. “However, Lord Hartly has been getting more bold these days. Most of the court knows of his ambitions and people are more agitated around this period of time.”

Lady Alaine paced around the hallway collecting her thoughts. After a long period of silence she spoke with contained anger.

“I want this agitator brought back alive. He will answer to my husband, do you understand captain? If he dies, you can hang from the gates with him.”

“Yes milady, I will personally go now to ensure it. Please inform your lord husband.” The Captain replied clearly used to the lady’s threats. He quickly bowed and returned the way he came.

Lady Alaine watched the captain leave before a smile emerged on her face. All is going to plan.

The South Tower

As the chaos was occurring outside the palace walls, Miron D’al Vernaris was reading the book he stole from the sages’ library.

The Book of Fate, a recording of every prophecy that was made.

“Wrong, wrong, wrong, okay that really happened.” Miron stated as he examine each recording. “Correct, wrong, correct, still hasn’t happened, wrong..........no it’s correct, wrong.”

“The sages are really bad at their job, aren’t they?” The Conspirator said in a mocking tone. “One would think they are playing a joke on the rest of the population to justify lazing around.”

“Now now, they occasionally prove their worth.” Miron replied as he continued to flip through the pages. “Sometimes they get it right.”

“Oh sure......never knew why your people are concerned with fate. It is never good news or it is too impossible to occur.” The Conspirator drawled. “I mean really, what has happened to free will and choices causing one’s misery.”

“No such things as choices, the saints or some higher power have decided already for us.” Miron said now clearly bored of the book. “Everything is set in stone. Take the Sun Maiden prophecy for example, it has been recorded since the days of the first Lord Protector but nothing happened yet because those destined to fulfill it hadn't been born yet. One day however the prophecy will be done.”

“I see.” The Conspirator said not buying the explanation but seized the advantage. “You know how you believe that you would be a hero?”

“What of it?” Miron cautiously answered.

“What makes you think you will be a hero? Your heroic blood or your idiotic reassurance that your willpower to endure everything they say and do to you is to be rewarded some time in the future.” The Conspirator said. “Come on, you are smarter than that.”

Miron thought long and hard before he replied.

“I wouldn’t call it idiotic, all heroes have trials to overcome.”

“Trials.” The Conspirator airquoted. “Don’t be ridiculous, it is time to let go of those fantasies promoted by that foolish knight.”

Miron D’al Vernaris smiled sadly. The Knight and the Dark Lady never spoke again after the negation incident. All he had left was the Conspirator, a true friend that stuck by him. If one’s definition of friend is warped.

“Open your eyes and look at the truth in front of you!” The Conspirator continued. “I know you have been up for days but that doesn’t excuse the flaws in logic.”

“Perhaps you are right, perhaps you are wrong. Time would only tell.” Miron said rubbing his eyes as he was reminded that he was not sleeping. “Besides everyone in my family has been a hero or saint.”

“Have they?” The Conspirator smugly said. “Go check the last written page in the book. When you are done, head to the archives. There will be a stairwell that leads somewhere you will find interesting.”

“Why?” Miron asked as he flipped through the book once more until he finally reached the last written page in the book.

“The Child of the Red Moon.....it is me isn’t it.” Miron said as he examined the contents of said page. “Death and destruction......woe of the dragon, why woe to the lover of horses?”

“Who knows what those madmen say but as you said before, the sages can be wrong but occasionally get it right. On the day you were born one of them went into a trance before writing down this prophecy.” The Conspirator attempted to explain without laughing. “Ohh and I knew right then that you will be perfect for what is to come but I digress, now head to the archives.”

Miron was about to speak but decided against it and obeyed his oldest friend. Eventually he arrived at the archives whereupon he received further instructions until he was where he was supposed to be. A room full of statues with flowers crowning their heads.

“What is this place?” Miron questioned as he looked around. “There are nothing but statues here.”

“Well “Hero”, this place is where statues of every one of your ancestors are stored.” The Conspirator explained. “Each flower represent one thing. Purple for saint, red for hero, black for mundane, and finally white for the different.”

“Different, you mean those that can hear beings from the other side like me.”

“That's the one.” The Conspirator proudly said before his voice turns into one of anger. “These men and women were the greatest and what happened to them?! Called insane when they saw the world as it truly was.”

“What is all the point of this?” Miron said as he absorbed his surroundings and the reality of what was about to be said.

“You know why, for you to see the truth. That prophesy and your abilities mean something far grander than being a hero.” The Conspirator attempted to persuade. “Nothing you say or do would make anyone see you as something else other than the villain! So stop being deluded and embrace your destiny.”

“There is still time, prophecy can be misinterpreted!” Miron angrily replied as darkness began to overtake him. “One must endure...”

Miron hit the ground into a period of long slumber, too exhausted to continue. The Conspirator sighed as the young boy once again ignored his “advice” again.

“You will see, soon you will see.”

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Curious, more insight. It seems there are quite a lot going on behind the curtains (which is always nice!). Hope to read more.


Also, that prophesy makes you wonder what he will do to some poor horseowner down the line - if anything at all! ;)

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Well it depends on how that horseowner treats him in the first place though given how that person treats other people, it won't be well ^_^ . Also the mantra Miron will live by is coming up in the very next chapter (No behind the scenes intrigue until after that :(, even if it is funner for me to write). I hope I don't disappoint my readers even though I am sure most are waiting for him to head towards Academagia (When is DLC 17 coming Legate!).

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Birth of a Monster or Something else? Not my usual style but its decent.




Beauty is something elusive to many and many have sought to find something truly beautiful. Most would attribute beauty to things people can commonly refer to as good such as one’s appearance or attributed to something they hold dear but the good is not only beauty. The repulsive can be beautiful in its own way. Can beauty even be found in war? Many in the world would call it a horrible thing, devoid of beauty but Miron D’al Vernaris saw something remarkable.

Earlier in the day, Miron was on his way towards a renowned waterfall known as Magister’s fall only to experience another blackout just a hill away, created by his extensive sleep deprivation. Ninety-six hours of non sleep culminated to the moment of enlightenment. War has come between the Hartlys and the Vernaris family but that did not deter him even as the two armies moved about the country seeking a pitched battle to end everything at once.

When he awoke at the prodding of The Conspirator, a loud noise could be heard. The yelling of men and the banging of shields with many eager to kill those they considered to be traitors to the rest of the island. His eyes widened in fear as he can see the warmages inscribing their phemes on their palettes. It was all it took to see him run as fast as possible away from danger.

Miron was so scared that he didn’t realized that he stranded himself at Magister’s fall as the two armies merged into a giant blob with blood and parts flying around. The magic was the worst part as people became incinerated, electrocuted, and in some cases drowned.

However, amidst all of that chaos something beautiful was to be found as he stood upon the tallest rock. Miron’s eyes lit up as the world he knew was shattered and something else took its place. Something transcendent. It may have been the fear or the adrenaline affecting his mind but upon closer inspection, the truth was evident.

War was beautiful.

Not the death that accompanies it but the entire encompass. The knights charging into the fray even as their comrades fell besides them. Arrows flying in the sky like birds descending on prey. Heroes that sought to make a difference but fall despite their superhuman might. The movement of hundreds acting as one person. The clashing of great minds as the commanders mold their tactics to counter the other.

But the single most beautiful thing he saw was the burning flag of his family. The coat of the arms of the Vernaris was a silver fairy with sapphire wings upon a royal purple background. The fairy that was burning lost its sapphire wings and gained wings of fire. Wings that danced as the wind breezed. Perhaps one day, his personal sigil will have wings of ruby fire.

Alas, most things must come to an end and the moment was broken when a nearby rock exploded. Miron was brought back to reality and noticed that the Vernaris army was being beaten. Hartly riders were heading towards him, someone must have noticed him from a glance but it didn’t matter. All on Isla Vernarae knows that one day they will die and all on that day should face it with dignity. Miron had no such beliefs anymore after today’s awakening and one thing brought forth into his mind from his memory.

Survival was a choice. One can choose to survive no matter the odds, no matter the cost. He knew he could not defeat the riders that were rapidly advancing towards him so he took the one he had and fell backwards with his arms stretched out like a cross.

When he fell into the water a voice spoke out to him. It wasn’t The Conspirator but someone new, someone that was delighted to find a creature that saw the world as it really was. Submerged in water, the stars were still visible and Miron made a promise right there. If survival was a choice then he would pick it everytime no matter the cost, no matter how many lives are ruined. He would survive to experience the greatest thing he felt today again and again.To find the truly beautiful, the transcendent beautiful and nothing would get in his way to fulfill this quest.

Miron D’al Vernaris rose from the water and was reborn.

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