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Life on a Corvette: It has kittens!

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Yes even Corvettes had mascots apparently. I found on youtube a newsreal about life on a Corvette. It's quite simple and has a propaganda lean on it but it's enough to give a very basic look at Corvette life. Considering the convoy supposedly came under air attack, the only places I can think of where that would happen to a convoy escorted by Corvettes might be one of the Arctic convoys or one to the Mediterranean.



Just thought I would share this with the community. The close up look at Corvettes isn't something they show on a lot of TV documentaries.


Huge scores of these little ships were built. Canada alone built over 120 vessels of the ​Flower-class. These ships were based on old whaling vessels, no ideal for a warship and they had reciprocating engines too, making them no faster, sometimes even slower, than the ships they were escorting.


Despite so many being built only one remains. HMCS Sackville (K181) is the only surviving Flower-class corvette. She is currently docked in Halifax.


For more info, watching this video from iChase gaming.


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Yeah. They weren't great ships but they did their part and without them, the war would have been lost.

I think originally I was thinking of a Flower-class for my fanfic. Then it changed around till I got to Manchester

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Definitely no corvettes in '39, barring a few exceptional light Belles.


Perhaps going forward, though, you never know. :)

Thought I'd pop the question while I had it

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