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Well, even the submarines had machine guns mounted on them and I can bet you that they were being used. I watched Tora Tora Tora again about a week or so ago, and it's so gut-wrenching and you just know that the real thing was even worse.


I personally am interested in Chicago, because it was lucky to have been escorting the carriers and so was not present for the attack. It's also because I served on the 4th ship to carry that name. (Was born and raised there too)

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What about USS Vestal and the other support ships as well who fought their hardest that day?

Don't get me wrong, Fifrein: there is no shortage of ships and their crews that can stand up and take a bow for their swift reactions. I would make a nod if I could to those who also went down that day, as Arizona did, never to serve again.

Cassin and Downes 'sailed' again (their equipment in new hulls anyway). Oklahoma saw the surface again, but the trip to the West Coast was too much for her.


...And then there's Utah who still rests on the other side of Ford Island. Already put out to pasture as a auxiliary for target practice, who was mistaken for an aircraft carrier and soaked up hits for the team because of it. She still had the heart of a battleship, and deserves to be remembered for it. ...But that's just my opinion.

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In honor of the only sister ship of Pennsylvania Class Super Dreadnought Battleships USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) (Also PA my home state) and of course the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.


B3 for Arizona

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