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Captain's Association, Round 37: Vote by Sunday, 3/12, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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Time to put everyone under a strong DELUSION.


Already done: Nagato was mentioned, not confirmed




A1(Москва) 1v

A2(Красный Крым) 5v

B1(Houston) 9v

B3(Henley) 6v

C2(D'Aosta) 5v

C3(Z 1) 1v

M(Delusion) 2v

N(Nagato) 6v




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WOW! That's going to be some dedication if you do! :)


The plan is to try to make the text as accessible as possible- of course, some text may be untranslatable, such as the ones in graphics, but we'll do our best. That may not be a launch feature, depending.


Beta goes by Release, so our first Go/No Go vote will be this week- I think they'll announce in the Update. If it's No Go, then it will go to the next Release, and so on. A similar process will be followed for Launch, too.


Here's hoping this Friday sounds this awesome:


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