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On valentines day, someone proposed to write haikus for your favourite Walküre. I did. I also asked for someone to open a forum thread about it. No one did. Now I have the time and the resources, but alas Valentines day is over.

Very well, I write a haiku for every interviewed Walküre. Here's my first few.


Mehr Heimat geht nicht.

Mutig, stolz und forsch bist du.

Liebe Scharnhorst mein.


Grace- and beautiful

High spirits and good humour

Belfast enchantress


Voykov the Russian

Stoic worker in the fleet

Even Winter fears


Cat lady Exeter

Hunting nobility far

And away in spring


Beautiful pictures

By a beautiful lady

La Motte-Picquet


With a bashful voice

And a bashful spirit you

Are truly Boisy


For la patria

Black raven flies excited

Cheery Velasco


A Belle and southern

Mississippi has to be

Formally addressed


Introduced them all

With one big exception we

Wait for it Mahan


Husbando she has

No mind for manners as well

Eager Nautilus


Deutsch und von Adel

Gejagt nicht nur von der Maus

Admiral Graf Spee


So mysterious.

Can she stay for long with you?

What plots Surcouf now?


For Battenberg cake

And good tea, no less, we fight

And die Ark Royal

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The second part:

Sleep is for the weak
Parizhskaya Kommuna

Work has to be done


African huntress

Axum dives for Italy

Brings coffee with her


Complete Samurai

Incomplete dancer tries hard

Start off the Hi-ryu


Most experience

Most impact most hides Yavuz

Most hugged of all


Loving the outside

Enjoys to play with golf balls

Watch out Chiyoda


Ideas in mind

Lampo improves every

Ship with her genius


Pure to most captains

Traitor to one. Not easy

Acting like Nerpa


Can you smell what fries?

Lexington prepares a treat

Both for friend and foe


Colour explosion

Embracing the new always

Nenohi searches


A l’attaque

Dunkerque is on our side

We fear for nothing


Faithful postal ship

Rawalpindi bring us post

Death to enemy


African huntress

Nubian sails for England

Brings dead prey with her


Can you smell something

Fishy? Could it be cooking?

Kitakami is


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For el caudillo

Fierce Canarias is here

Polished unwavering



Can you smell kaneel?

In de Keuken De Ruyter

Preparing ontbijt



Fearless in a storm

Do not call her Peking duck

Dutiful Wicher



Sei auf der Hut vor

Nürnberg. Sie legt Fallen für dich aus.

Lass dich nicht fangen.


Sharp tongue and sharp blades

Watch out or you might get hurt

Leningrad is here



Do not insult her!

Heavy cruiser heavy punch

Pola means you die



Create beautiful

Spirits with a beautiful

Kumano creates



Nevada with cards

Means lady luck in her hands

Go on play with her



Mighty Lady Hood

Only the finest are good

Enough to command



Diether von Roeder

Sie lehrt preußische Werte

Du wirst perfekt sein


Party ensues now

New Orleans took care of it

Hands and pants all down



A real movie star

Arizona desert dry

Sails on the war path


Huntress from Quebec

Fluently Saguenay

Follows the war path

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Foul tongue but sharp blades

Bulldog, you like a good fight

Wellington likes you



Kirov joins the fight

Against the enemy and

About the captain



Bearn what ship is she?

One which fights the enemy

One which loves good food



Hans Lüdemann sorgt

Für alle flotten Schiffe

Pünktlich und für mich


Only one shirt fits

Harbinger of death itself

Camicia Nera



Is she the finest?

Nagato tries hard to be

Refined Japanese



Do not approach her

First you need to be assigned

To the sub I 8



New to the waters

Find at the end of the world

The musical Perth



Sail on the scent of

Tea brought to you by the belle

Algerie by name



Vive la france et

Vive la morale cheers

Le Triomphant now



Up and at them

Cheers Stewart in her routine

To pump you up high



Wanderlust is good

Houston has plenty of it

Tag along a bit



Can you smell the bread?

Henley made a lot of it

Go on and take one

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Silent and concerned

Lady D’Aosta is

Noble and restraint


No time Profintern

Showed you all of her hobbies

Was there shown too much?


Elegant Moskva

Focused on things which matter

Unlike her sister?


Always on the search

For something new exciting

Is Maille Breze


Is she the finest?

Kongou has seen much but is

Refined Japanese?


Besiege mit ihr

Deine Fehler und Feinde

Wähl Leberecht Maass


A lot of blood seen

Willing to see more of it

Verdun engages


Rätsel entdecken,

Lösen und Wahrheit finden



Im Winter sind wir.

Nur kalt. Gedanken wärmen.

Holde Gneisenau.


A fierce warrior

Takao improves herself

Every way possible


Stars in her eyes she

Pursues them and fights with you

For you Orion


Aoba Goldberg

Has nothing on her skill for

Crafty beauty things


Girl Scout submarine

Serves King and country good

Join Salmon your scout

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1 hour ago, Käpt'n Korky said:

The Cat lady, because you can read AND understand it perfectly? And everyone likes a good spring hunt, right @Wellington99 ?

You wound me.  Are my thoughts so shrouded in enigma that you cannot see where my heart lies?  If I’m an open book, I believe you, sir, are illiterate.

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I see where your heart lies. In fact everyone sees it. At the bottom of the Rio de la Plata. And I sure do hope you prevent that once the game is out.

Also I have to profoundly apologise to Fubuki and Espero. For some odd reason (since Espero is one of my favs) I forgot about them being interviewed.

So here are the two missing haikus:

She will steal your heart

Espero is on the way

Steals your pocket too



Focused yet dreamy

Old but modern Fubuki

Odd and silent ship



And I felt this one was in order as an apology for my lack of attention:


What are you and where?

We know you exist but how?

Glorious is missed.

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I'm tossing my own one in the fray of my Belle (also I appreciate the Pupper haiku, Korky, and Hood's is very correct, as I am the finest and I'm destined to command her)


Northern hooligan

Pride hides lack of confidence

Falshaw's Manchester

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Korky how could you!  I knew Germans were mean-spirited, but that was harsh.  In the spirit of the thread though, I shall respond.

Stronger than ever

In Rio De La Plata 

My Heart never Sinks



And since he mentioned his fan fiction, I shall continue on Welly’s with two of my own.

Size is but a word

The starry-eyed warriors

Never to falter


Always something new

Life is a wonderful dance

with an honest heart

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Not mine, entry from the wiki and according to it printed in Young (1952), who gives his source as Chief ERA "Skips" Marriott. Young, Edward (1952). One Of Our Submarines. London: Rupert Hart-Davis. pp. 60–61.

Twelve little S-boats "go to it" like Bevin,
Starfish goes a bit too far — then there were eleven.
Eleven watchful S-boats doing fine and then
Seahorse fails to answer — so there are ten.
Ten stocky S-boats in a ragged line,
Sterlet drops and stops out — leaving us nine.
Nine plucky S-boats, all pursuing Fate,
Shark is overtaken — now we are eight.
Eight sturdy S-boats, men from Hants and Devon,
Salmon now is overdue — and so the number's seven.
Seven gallant S-boats, trying all their tricks,
Spearfish tries a newer one — down we come to six.
Six tireless S-boats fighting to survive,
No reply from Swordfish — so we tally five.
Five scrubby S-boats, patrolling close inshore,
Snapper takes a short cut — now we are four.
Four fearless S-boats, too far out to sea,
Sunfish bombed and scrap-heaped — we are only three.
Three threadbare S-boats patrolling o'er the blue,
Two ice-bound S-boats...
One lonely S-boat...

The survivors, left blank in the fatalistic rhyme, were HMS Sealion (scuttled), HMS Seawolf (broken up), and HMS Sturgeon (sold).

It refers to the 12 S-class submarines in british service in 1939.

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So technically songs are just poetry set to music. With that in mind, have my half assed attempt at a VB parody (couldn’t find a good replacement for the battle cry part or replacement for “real American hero” so gotta make due with whatcha get)



Crashing through the night
Comes a fear full cry
Morganas! (Morganas!) Morganas! (Morganas!)
Navies of great might
Evil taking flight
Morganas! (Morganas!) Morganas! (Morganas!)
No where to run
No where to hide
Panic spreading far and wide
Who can turn the tide?
Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity)
Mahan: Let’s teach them a lesson!
Victory Belles are there
Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity)
Victory Belles are there
Fighting for humans
Wherever there's trouble
over all the seas and air
Victory Belles are there
Can the world oppose
Deadliest of foes?
Morganas! (Morganas!) Morganas! (Morganas!)
Belles will risk it all
To end the evil call of
Morganas! (Morganas!) Morganas! (Morganas!)
They never give up
They never say die
Walking tall with banners high
They sound their battle cry-
Manchester: Get stuffed you Morgana bit-
Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity)
Victory Belles will dare
Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity)
Victory Belles are there
Fighting for humans
Wherever there's trouble
over all the seas and air
Victory Belles are there
Victory Belles is the codename for the world’s daring, highly trained special naval force.
It's purpose, to defend human freedom against Morganas- an extraterrestrial organization determined to wipe out man.
Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity)
Victory Belles will dare
Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity)
Victory Belles are there
Fighting for humans
Wherever there's trouble
over all the seas and air
Victory Belles are there
Avarice: Morganas! Retreat! Retreat!
Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity)
Victory Belles are there
Victory Belles

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Hm, I thought I had shared it already. Poem after limping Joes infamous Sportpalast speech about total war.

"Lieber Tommy fliege weiter, 

hier gibt's nur brave Ruhrarbeiter.

Fliege weiter nach Berlin, 

dort haben alle 'Heil' geschrie'n."

"Dear Tommy fly on, 

just some modest* Ruhr workers live here.

Fly on towards Berlin, 

they all screamed 'Heil' there."

*some liberation in translation to get the meaning across.

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