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Adventure action bug


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My game is crashing every time I choose the "adventure" action and click the yellow timepiece icon in the bottom right corner. It crashes before going to the validation screen where I can select the location and which adventure I want to do.

Error message: "Terrible dark magics have collapsed..." the game auto-restarts correctly afterwards, but the bug persists.

Game: Steam version of Academagia (updated).

Mods: both First Touch of Summer and Summer's Blush (yes, I now know that I should have selected only the latter :unsure:)

System: Windows 7

Log (relevant notes start at 28.03.2018): Academagia.log

Save file: exploring.ams

(this bug now occurs in every other save file for this character, including the one made at the very start of the game. When I created a new character with one, and later both, of the mods enabled the game proceeded normally without the above bug)

Notes: The bug began appearing right after the "Dance of Fools" adventure/event. Before validating my actions for the day of the even I had the left character panel open on the the character's skills window. After the event, when I was returned to the day's summary screen the same skills window was open, but it lacked any of the new skills I acquired during the adventure. When I tried to switch to a different panel the game crashed.

I reloaded the game and redid the event exactly as I did previously, but now with the character's attribute window selected in the left panel. The game appeared to work, but since then the above bug appears non-stop.

Please save my character - you are her only hope :)

(edited: date added)

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The cache is the folder named "Cache_V3"?

It's empty, I've deleted it anyway, but that didn't help and the bug (and the empty folder) reappeared.

Also, in the log files it says:


[Academagia] - [2018-03-28T23:53:28.5844024+02:00] - [Info] - Application start with clear cache.
[Academagia] - [2018-03-28T23:53:28.7944024+02:00] - [Info] - Cache is clear.
[Academagia] - [2018-03-29T00:01:27.4674024+02:00] - [Info] - System Error. Restarting application C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Academagia The Making of Mages\Academagia.exe with clear cache
[Academagia] - [2018-03-29T00:01:27.4744024+02:00] - [Error] - System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

After every crash. Maybe it's clearing the cache automatically? Or is there a different cache folder?

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I'm using both First Touch of Summer and Summer's Blush . I started with those mods and I didn't add any others mid-game (I don't even know how to do that).

Would re-installing help? Or it won't save the character's progress anyway?

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You need only one of those- Summer's Blush is the latest. Because they heavily overlap, I bet that's the source of the problem you are facing. :(

The corruption seems to be in the save itself- I don't think reinstalling would do the trick. :(

We'll take a look at the save in further detail, but I don't know if this character can be recovered without the crash.

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Having had this issue before myself...I'd suggest flat out restarting-a complete reinstall of the game, at least for me did get saves for that character I hadn't opened after the crash working again, but they tend to just corrupt again at a later point since you can't really change mods mid-playthrough and I imagine import into year 2 would prove extremely dodgy when the time comes, even if you successfully got through year 1.

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Thank you very much for your replies! I didn't check in advance if the two mods clash and now I learned the hard way.

I'll restart my character since I've already opened all of her previous save files, so they're all corrupted. It's a pity - I got quite attached to her.

I guess it speaks volumes on the emotional quality of this game if I get so attached to a fictional character :)


BTW, since this problem happened to me and Kanarena, maybe it would be best to add a note somewhere on the Steam page (like at the head of each update so it would be seen from the main page) that players should only choose the Summer's Blush mod?

Edit: the current page says that the new DLC is The First Touch of Summer, which is confusing.

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I got this bug and was only using Summer's Blush. I strongly suspect that it has to do with Academagia Practice Room #4, because both times this bug has occurred to me (separate characters, separate caches, et cetera) has been after I used that action. But not after the first time I used that action, you understand, just at some point after I used the action.

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I don't know if you check the steam forums, but there is an apparent workaround for this. If you have a save that is crashing like this, go all the way through character creation on a new character, save that new character, then reload your old save, and it should work.

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