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KS Update 111


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I can't help but feel that the update was a touch lackluster.  It's a pretty simple event for something that you apparently need to gather every soviet belle for.  Since today I'm simply not feeling any reason to name the redacted belles, I won't be making any guesses.  I can still place my vote, however.

Since I'm not terribly invested in this, I believe I'll step away from my usual integrity and vote option 5.


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Hi ho, everyone!

I could swear that more than 10 Belles are being featured in this Special, 8 or more redacted to boot.

From what I remember, we vote on support conversations that happen when the present Belles are part of the Captain's team. To think that we need all of them to reach this Summer Special...

...it's really special.


As such, I cast my vote on knowing the crazy outcome of the Battle of Summer Snowballs as a neutral witness (also, the story team can use my naming suggestion if it fits their funny needs) to a battle between three sides. One vote for option 1 - let them have the battle as three separate factions while enjoying the cherry-flavored snowball. I know it features option 4 and 6 mashed in as well (5 instead of 4 if the Captain is not so neutral), but at that time they're asking for the captain's opinion, not his allegiance.


Edit: We now know there is a silent Belle, who only speaks "..." (Redacted3). I wonder what others think of this,

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>General Snow


> We’re used to frigid winds, blizzards, icebergs!

what, all of 'em?

> mess hall cooled to a brisk negative seven degrees celsius and under four feet of snow. 


> I’m an expert tunneler. It’s a little like undermining authority, except it’s undermining… the ground. 

in '39?


Finally, some "progress made" hints. How far is that Engine UPD?


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Ha! I didn't even notice the difference in measurements. :)

It's a *lot* of fun. I loaded it today and had seven Battleships take on seven Carriers. The Carriers sunk two of the Battleships, and then...

There are some things they are working on related to the UI, especially for Weather and Night Battle, and there are some minor additions, like a graphic for the various speed settings. They haven't given a date yet, so I shouldn't say anything about that. ;) 

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