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Posting Academagia FanFiction Elsewhere?


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I was thinking that posting some of my Academagia fanfiction on other fanfiction websites (always clearly identified as fanfiction based upon the amazing PC game Academagia, to which I have no ownership) would have 2 benefits.

1. It would allow me to receive more feedback from readers.

2. It would teach more readers about Academagia, and maybe boost sales of the game.

So I was wondering whether the Team would want to impose any restrictions (even up to an out right ban) on this practise. I would not do it without Black Chicken Studios's permission.

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@Legate of Mineta: It takes several days to get an account at Archive of Our Own, so in the meantime, I have written the disclaimer that I will include at the beginning of my fan fiction. If you object to any part of it, tell me, and I will change it.

Author’s Note and Disclaimer: I make no claims to any ownership of the computer game Academagia: The Making of Mages, its setting, or any of its characters or concepts that are original to it. They remain the property of Black Chicken Studios. To my knowledge, this is the first piece of fanfiction that is based upon Academagia to be posted outside the forums of Black Chicken Studios. For this reason, I feel that I should say the following things. This story is closely based upon a game of Academagia that I recently played, and Ross Moon is based upon my character in that game – right down to the wide variety of extracurricular studying. Almost everything that Ross Moon is said to do or be preparing to do in the story is either doable or treated as done at some point in Academagia. Similarly, all named characters in this story either appear as or are mentioned within Academagia, as are their personalities and ideas. That having been said, the following aspects were created by me in defiance of Academagia.

1. The Player Character does not, so far as I know, have a discussion with any professor about whether he should study less intensively.

2. Pelia does not wait outside the Revision class room while the students are doing their exam.

3. The Revision exam is not the final exam of the school year; rather, Athletics is.

4. No character distinguishes between Eliana Carosi and Eliana Quaranta by calling Eliana Carosi “Good Eliana” and Eliana Quaranta “Bad Eliana”.

5. The player character does not help Beatrix von Wetgen in editing and improving her report about the Imperial Reserve’s animals.

The following aspects of the story are based upon implications from Academagia that are not explicitly said within Academagia.

1. That Beatrix von Wetgen, when asked about her family, describes herself as a Wetgenish (?) hunter’s daughter, and cites this family connection to explain her skill and interest in wilderness exploration.

2. That Beatrix von Wetgen is extremely well educated about and interested in natural philosophy (science, as we call it now).

3. That Beatrix von Wetgen’s report about the Imperial Reserve’s animals would require considerably more work to be ready for publication than is shown in the time frame and scope of the game.

4. That the Second Circle is a non-governmental vigilante group dedicated to hunting down and killing Gates Mages and destroying artifacts that use Gates magic.

Readers may quibble with some or all of these divergences from or expansions to the canon as presented within Academagia, but I figure that, having made them, I should acknowledge them, lest I be accused of being ignorant about my hobby or puffing up the quality of Academagia.

Edited by Rhialto
Removed a supposition that was incorrect.
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So...did something change within fanfiction circles that they require 480+ words disclaimers these days? I mean I last checked on that circle approximately never, but nevertheless I thought the whole idea of someone who doesn't legally own something - a fan - writing non-canon stories - dare I say, fiction - about it was already made clear with the whole "calling it fanfiction" aspect.

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Ah, I miss the old CYOA books.

I really need to get a hard copy of my favorites.. Only problem is there's really too many of them and only the first 40 or so are considered the 'classics' on CYOA.com and reprinted. I don't really remember the titles too well but I know the books went safely over 100

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A complete collection of The Whole Enchilada, The Little Enchilada, The Golden Path, Choose Your Own Nightmare, The Lost Archives, AND the original classic series, titles 1-184

All for the low, low price of $2,895.00 lol

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