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After player point out the age of the player characters even the till this point existing romance paths of year 1 where put behind a background.

So No in year 1 there is no same gender romance as the real romance actions are start at earliest in year 2. Given that the same gender romance is against the regular conventions I suspect that same gender romance might show up in game even 1 year later then the normal romance paths.  Also without the "new" NPC added by Mikka there would be no same Gender romance planed at all in Academagia. But if us player write such paths for year 2 I don't think BCS will say no to them if it suite the background of the NPC student and still suitable for the age category BCS aims for this game as lowest entry age (Academagia year 1 is a "game intended for audiences ages 9+").

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@Schwarzbart: I am asking not about romance/dating story and other content for Y1 and other years, but about whether, since characters who develop strong enough relationships with other characters of opposite sex may gain affection or love as an in-game bonus, there are any equivalent bonuses for characters who develop strong relationships with same-sex characters who are canonically gay or bi-sexual in whom they are attracted to. There are already characters who are gay or bi-sexual - my question is whether there are any in-game boni for characters of appropriate sex who develop strong enough relations with them.

Two things in addition:

1. The benefits of having affection/love can be very powerful for characters. A +1 to Charm is very useful, and the increases in Love may be useful for some characters.

2. I write my content to be in keeping with the principles that you cite. If there be any problem with my writing in that way, I hope that @Legate of Mineta can tell me.

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