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(in all seriousness, I'm pretty certain that Maass won.  She'd be just as shocked by that as by Spee losing.)

As for options, because she stopped my glorious Spee from winning, and/or tore apart glorious democracy because of longstanding envy of Americans and their system-which-is-totally-better-than-Monarchy, I vote option 2.  I'm ready for 1812 round two.

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We have entered the age of Henley! Sandwiches and Hoagies for all! USA, USA, USA!!! I vote option 2 for that sweet blackmail!

Edit: P.S. I'm from Florida and probably shouldn't be allowed to vote.

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I have not been keeping up with this forum. Even reading the link was not super helpful in determining what's going on.

Still, if there's a vote afoot, even if I have no idea of the context, I guess I should go for #4. I'm sure that's what miss Avarice would want, with 4 being the number associated with death in Asian cultures. :rolleyes:

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The writers deserve a more qualified response than my vote. This is a really nice and beautiful piece of Text. I like it very much and read it with joy.

The idea of a Walküren representative vote is very likeable and I hope Lebi won. It certainly would explain the state she's in.

"WAAAAIL" - I'm pleased to see you can do this in english as well. I didn't know that.

"Axum: But I know what it is to labor under leadership which does not speak for the good of all. "
Am I the only one thinking of Benny M. reading this?

"Aoba: I am not. But this is the flash before the powder ignites." - There's powder? Now that I've written it down I realise there certainly is powder. But what is the powder? 

"I-8: You’ll make sure we’re taken care of, won’t you, Kanchou? You won’t let her be the death of us all, will you?" - Jepp, definetively Lebi.

"Hood: In the end, the number of votes I needed to push my candidate over the edge… was relatively small." - .... .... It was single cast, relative majority vote? Heh. (<- very much a laugh)

Also I didn't see Hood coming as the Walküre disqualified. I had other Walküren on my mind to be honest.
For the redacted one, my money is on Giulio Cesare.

Now why I chose 2. It's obvious, really.
Option 1 would've been a lie. Not even @Wellington99 voted 1. And he's british!
Option 3 is a bit too fatalistic for my taste. Also, no. I want to hear every explanation.
Option 4 can be figured out in other ways. If the Walküren refuse to tell me, I can ask the INPF.
Option 2 on the other hand has all the things I like. Putting pressure on a HMS, cornering her and personal satisfaction.

German (*snicker*) down here:


"Diether von Roeder: Ja. We’re fine, Kapitän. 
Admiral Graf Spee: Danke. For checking up on us."



Ja, we're fine, Kapitän.
Danke, for checking up on us.


"Oh, lieber Leberecht, we left her too long."
Okay I admit defeat here. Kinda. It took me a while. You put a male name together with a male adjective, true. But under this circumstances the one adressed is female, as you can see with the "her" in the continuation of the sentence. So "liebe Leberecht" would be correct, I guess. Or to quote Goethe: "Names are only sound and smoke."
Nothing prevents you from naming your daughter "Hans".


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6 hours ago, Käpt'n Korky said:

Nothing prevents you from naming your daughter "Hans".

While that's true, one must avoid naming their daughter(or son, or anyone) its variant "Hansel".
It is a name that is known to cause much confusion.

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