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Can I clear the game cache?


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I noticed that the game is taking up about 440MB in its cache folder (2x220MB folders), can I safely delete them? Or just one of them? Are they required for anything?

I'm surprised that the game needs so much cache.

By the way, why does each save take up about 20-30MB? It really makes me save less since that's a very large amount.

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That's a lot! I have the Steam version, and with Summer' Blush checked saves are around 19-20MB each, with the biggest one being 30 MB for some reason. That's really badly optimalized though if you have up to 90 MB per save!!

Does that mean it'll keep getting bigger, as the 30MB save is the farthest I've gone in the game? I really don't have the space for 100MB saves.

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