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Let's start the search on enterprise, shall we?


We know from the long discussions in the thread for the new year's update who many of these are. D2 and C3 hava either a battleship's or Heavy cruiser's main artillery, so unless they're Saratoga, it's unlikely either is a carrier.

B2, and B4




As for Boiky and Archimede

Screenshot_2020-12-31 Victory Belles 2020 Trailer - YouTube(1).png



We don't know who this is, but we know "Antis" is not "erprise".  Therefore D1 cannot be her.


From update 198 we know D4 is Edinburgh.  We're also aware of Queen Mary.  I stand by my guess of Harusame for the Japanese destroyer, and I stand by my guess of Leopard for the Ear'd one.

Long story short, if you want to vote for Enterprise, your options are really C1 or C1.  The rest either have the wrong armament or are already confirmed.

My vote is that C1 is Enterprise.  AAAAAAND REVEAL!

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3 minutes ago, calqueraas said:

In other news, who do you think A3 is? My bet is on Krasny Kavkaz, Profintern's (half) sister.

I haven't been doing much research on her, but that's an excellent guess.  I was so busy looking at north african colonial names that I didn't think she could be soviet.  Her clothing is styled quite similarly to the kinds of dress you would see in ceremonial armenian or georgian wear, and the Red Theme is not lost on me.

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