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A Strange Proposal for Black Chicken Studios


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I write these words after a very stressful past few months, during which my mother's cancer, which I have mentioned, was only one of the issues which I had to deal with. But during that time, my love for Academagia, although unmanifested in participation in this forum, remained strong.

I have, accordingly, what I know to be a very strange proposal for Black Chicken Studios. I would like to secure from them the permission to use certain characters and aspects of the setting in a novel, set in our real world (with the exception of the fact that Academagia is not a game in it) which I want to write. I would be fully prepared to pay a fee for this privilege, and I would naturally acknowledge in my novel's disclaimer the source from which I gained such material. I hope that I could complete writing the novel within approximately a year, after which I would submit it to Black Chicken Studios for their consideration. If they like it, then I would love to try to publish it through Amazon, where all manner of terrible things get published.

I would gladly discuss this matter in more detail through personal messages (and email if we get to that).

I am, I assure you, not wanting to write a novel in bad taste, nor one which would be presented as replacing the original game/setting/characters.

For what it is worth, Jack Vance the Science Fiction/Fantasy author did something similar, allowing Michael Shea to write a novel entitled "A Quest for Simbilis" about Cugel the Clever set within Vance's Dying Earth.

@Legate of Mineta, your kind response would be welcome, and your harsh response would, I fear, be deserved by me.

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54 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:


I think that the Team would be excited and delighted to see the fruits of your labor, and I think the proposal will be received with great interest! Let me raise this up. :)

Great. If you or they have any questions, then you can raise them here or through a PM to me - I would only feel comfortable divulging my name/email address in a PM.

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Just saw that you want to publish this trough Amazon, so we have to wait till you finished a complete book before we can have a look at it.
Also I hope you still see it as hobby project and not something you end up earning reasonable money with, for the time you spend writing.
Like all creative projects writing depend a lot on your luck to be liked by an multiplicator and how promising the summary and title sound.
Writing about magic schools where done a lot, at last after the Harry Potter books became a hit.

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