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  1. ...IIRC I used to be able to do it with (TM), but apparently that doesn't work anymore? Oh well.
  2. IIRC it was confirmed that a Glamour of a fire could melt the snow around it, or the Glamour of a bridge could be crossed given the right conditions. What those are I don't know. Apparently that's Y2 material.
  3. Third exit has an error with duplicate conditions. Also, holy moly, that last option. Rather, that last options.
  4. Is that an alternative spelling of Iudocia, or are the names of the divines just inconsistent in general? Noimea/Noemea likewise. On 4, IIRC Negation can be used against (false) claims insofar as that it can be used to compel truth out of people. Nothing special beyond that.
  5. Haven't most of those towers either collapsed, are in the process of slowly doing that within the next century or two, or fallen into disrepair? I have to admit, while it's been a while since I played a Vernin student I don't recall there being more stories about intact towered than less intact ones.
  6. ...I don't see a problem in the mod tools. Might be an issue related to not having Music Theory Informed?
  7. How much could a ghost make him/herself appear like a living person, and assuming they can disguise themselves to the point where they could pass as still living (at least when just passing by them), how thorough are people in terms of checking whether, say, an unusually consistent visitor to a graveyard is actually alive?
  8. Relaxation, the new DLC 17 School Survival subskill, I believe.
  9. Duelling in Y2 is completely overhauled IIRC, which I believe is why the Y1 duelling UI hasn't received an update either (at least initially - truth be told I couldn't tell you either which way since I've never seen it before or after the Steam update).
  10. Basically every aspect of the Y1 UI that could have been significantly improved, but wasn't because Y2 did it differently, so it couldn't be easily ported over to Y1. IIRC the shopping interface is one major example of this.
  11. I believe in that instance it's due to the adventure being force-triggered before Juvenalia. REs, as far as I recall, also have some odd things about them when it comes to when changes they make to your character become/are visible.
  12. It should, or at least it did, yes. It might take a save/reload before the change becomes visible?
  13. For reference you're supposed to start the game with that location already unlocked (it's the area that gives you Study the Fields), maybe auto-revealed on Juvenalia. Although it has no passive bonuses for visiting it, so maybe that's why you can't visit it? Studying should be done in the Venalicium anyway, so...*shrugs*.
  14. Well, guess that's another one for the list of things I've learned on the Internet and nowhere else. Did you get that from a lore or an adventure, by the way?
  15. ...That's it? Just "I"? Logodedalo translates to I?
  16. And...what in Orsi's good name is a Logodedalo?
  17. The plan, from what I recall, was that this final content patch would focus solely on bugs, since otherwise there'd need to be yet another one afterwards to correct the inevitable bugs/typos that showed up in the newest content. Whether that's still the plan, I cannot confirm.
  18. I might be able to tell that once I see the puzzle put together. As for right now I can't say whether it fits or not, since all I have to go on is unrelated characterization.
  19. Seeing the pieces of the puzzle that are visible on the table, but not knowing how they fit together. It's an odd change from what I'm used to, which is either already knowing how an adventure's pieces fit, or for my own adventures as I'm working on them, knowing that the pieces don't fit until I get to the point where I have to figure out a way to make them fit.
  20. The story so far has made me raise an eyebrow, though in a good way. As for mechanics, not really sure what mechanics you're referring to. Rather, not sure what's worth noting.
  21. These things cannot be fixed by patches, they must be fixed through content updates, so no.
  22. Main text, second line, stage 5A:
  23. What's the Academagia equivalent of (IIRC) an M.C. Esther painting?
  24. It's a new thing, basically an Astrology spell that you can get taught by...something Dragon-y, not necessarily a dragon but at least something dragon related? It's not entirely clear, but there's a reason to put questions next to it regardless.
  25. The stated reason as to why is because Dragons have no favor with the New Gods (and probably the Old ones as well), no Luck, and therefore cannot use Astrology. Of course, counterpoint: