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  1. Wherever the...Friend? Or Foe?, stage 6: City Hall really is another staple of my adventures, isn't it?
  2. Here's me starting a personal experiment: Will posting an adventure in the Writer's Corner rather than completely typing it out in the dark be a better idea, etc, etc. I honestly cannot say whether I'll remember that this topic still exists tomorrow and actually, you know, update it ever, but hey, that's why it's an experiment. Oh, the adventure? Well, first off, here's some pointers for how to read it: -Options will be colour coded as they are in Y1 (sort of): --Green options are automatic successes, and cannot be failed. No associated rolls. --Blue options are easy, they require a few points to pass without fear or failure but they're nothing worrisome (this game's sadistic RNG aside). Roll v. 1-5 --Black (coloured dark gray to make it stand out) options are harder, and require some effort to train up or a buffing spell to pass comfortably. Roll v. 6-10 --Red options require either save-scumming, dumb luck or buffing. You can train the skill high enough, Y2 being what it is, but it'll take a long time. Roll v. 11-15 --Purple options are hard as hell, 6th Finger or Cleanse and Remake are recommended. Roll v. 16-20 ---To anyone that wants to say "Hey, in Y2 you can train skills to 21 and you'll have all all those Y1 attributes to back you up!", you've a point, but A: Training skills beyond 10 requires significantly more time, so adventures can't assume that everyone can/has trained some skill (out of a possible 300+) that high, and B: The game's difficulty should be balanced for roll-players so save-scumming won't be required to succeed at all, and roll-players aren't likely to end Y1 with 18 Insight. Besides which, 18 Insight isn't going to help on a Finesse roll. -Options with a question in the text are investigations. -If an adventure PROCEEDS, it goes to the next stage (technically the next "phase", in wiki terms) on the same turn. If an adventure PAUSES it ends for that turn, but next time the adventure is called it'll start at the next stage. If an adventure STOPS it ends for that turn, and that stage must be tried again (it generally only STOPS on failed rolls). If an adventure ENDS that's it, the adventure is concluded and over. The Endless Section Library, 1st stage: Anyway, as for the titular library, I intend for it to be the go-to place for quick and efficient Research, much like the Sphinx is for actual skill training. Minus the BS hidden failure chance, of course. My idea is for this adventure to open up after Juvenalia (so no mass-abuse during the summer holiday) with a skill requirement of natural Research 11. The easiest way to get that is to get Decipher Handwriting 10 for +1 Cryptology max, get that to 11 for +1 Filing max, get that to 11 for +1 Library Knowledge max, and then get that to 11 for +1 Elumian max and Research 11, which gives +1 Intelligence. After completing the adventure you get access/Visitation Rights to the library and it's location-based ability, Research At The Endless Section Library. That ability will (fairly) roll Insight/Cryptology, Finesse(?)/Decipher Handwriting and Luck/Filing, and for each successful roll you expand a research subject of your choosing by 1, for a maximum of +3 per turn spend. You could also add Intelligence/Library Knowledge, for a max of +4 research levels per turn, but I think the team would consider that too powerful. I'm not sure how high the threshold on the roll would be, particularly because while Insight increases are common in Y1 Finesse and Luck increases are...not as common. If anyone has any insights, let's hear them.
  3. Speaking of that, Legate, did the Team ever answer my question of when the current regents assumed their various positions, or at least in what order?
  4. That too, although I think protecting against Negation and protecting against other magic with Negation are two separate things, Enchanting wise? *Shrugs*. It's stuff that first years don't study yet 'far as I know, so...don't know too much about it, sadly.
  5. On 2, as a general rule I think people are more concerned about Revision being used to turn their bones to jelly more so than their swords being turned into stalks of grain. Protecting enchanted items against Negations is nevertheless a part of Enchanting, both in theory and in practice, though. On 4, Vernin is the stereotypical aristocrat's/rich kid's college, although exactly why I don't recall off-hand. I believe a tradition that dates back to control over land, if memories from years back serve me correctly? *Shrugs*.
  6. Wherever the...Friend? Or Foe?, stage 5: In case it wasn't obvious, all of the neon signs pointing this adventure towards College Godina aside I don't intend for it to be exclusive to said college. Or any college, for that matter.
  7. Wherever the...Friend? Or Foe?, stage 4: It feels like it's been forever since I had an investigation option of some sort. And this one's just a CoS% boost, anyway.
  8. It certainly is the part that takes the least effort, I can tell you that. As for those situations, eh, I...don't think so? Not that I can recall off-hand, at least. It's not what the adventure is centred around, and even that specific instance isn't just for hilarity's sake...though I guess that'll become clear in due time. Let me check whether the discard pile has anything like that, actually...nope. Definite nope. Nope. Don't think so, nope. Definite nope. Nope. Nope. That one got cut, so nope. Eh...not really, nope. Jury's out: Whole lotta nopes.
  9. Oh, I've got a REJECTS.txt document somewhere with like a half-dozen ideas that are either waiting to be finished or cannibalized into a finished adventure, to make no mention of the Y1 follow-up stuff I've yet to finish (not that I'm feeling much pressure RE: release date deadline, of course ). Fun fact, Dying Wish was cannibalized from something that had like 6+ stages outlined, and I ended up mostly recycling just the main text of one of them. Actually, Wherever the...Friend? Or Foe? also had at least one earlier attempt at it that fell flat, maybe two. Can't quite remember.
  10. Good enchantments that last so long cost, though, and ones that don't shatter like cheap glass in front of a Negation mage cost more still. There's also the fact that lost can go wrong on a battlefield. You can probably enchant a suit of leather armor to stop a cannonball for a decade and some change, but that doesn't automatically mean it can't catch fire...I think. The spider idea could almost certainly work. There's a spell ingame that mentions magic being used to (accidentally?) breed a group of talking birds, so even if people don't entirely understand the process it could work.
  11. It's certainly possible to enchant armor to do better than it's material would suggest (though I've no idea whether said material has a large impact on what's possible...), but enchanting an army worth of armor would be prohibitively expensive to both create and maintain. I'm pretty sure that'd rapidly reach an X-Com situation where you're throwing a soldier in front of a tank to take the hit, because at the end of the day the solider is cheaper than the tank and both don't take plasma to the face very well (though neither do aliens take tank shots to the face very well, or more frequently the broad side of the barn they're standing in front of).
  12. Wherever the...Friend? Or Foe?, stage 3: I will never get tired of putting the PC in embarrassing situations.
  13. So with regards to how Emotions have been changed in Y2, is it (still) possible for events/adventure to reward/punish the player, as it were, by giving them an Emotion? In Y1 this was possible but practically never utilized, since you'd almost always lose the emotion basically as soon as you got it, for better or worse, and if you didn't it'd almost always be because you already had it anyway.
  14. Wherever the...Friend? Or Foe?, stage 2: So...many...words...
  15. Wherever the...Friend? Or Foe?, stage 1: In case anyone is curious why this stage wasn't posted with the zeroth page as I usually do, it's because I literally just finished it .
  16. Really? Even if you, say, finish Basia's personal adventure her History score won't be adjusted? I mean one test might not make so great a difference in the grand scheme of things, but...
  17. Just posting this here now so that maybe, possibly, potentially, I'll actually get off my lazy chair and finish this one one of these days. Wherever the....Friend? Or Foe?, stage 0: If I can't see that what I typed about the Praetexta Court, the Academagia's alumni or the City of Mineta is wrong it's because I can't see through all the egg .
  18. Missed the questions that Schwarzbart quoted, Legate .
  19. Short for Random Event.
  20. They do, yes, in fact in at least Avila's case they have entirely separate dorm buildings. The RE shenanigans either refer to people making noise in the Common Room or are just Academagia REs being Academagia REs (like getting the RE about exam stress less than two weeks in).
  21. Whatever you can think of, pretty much. Summon some monster, Master it to attack people? You can think of it, someone's probably thought a Morvidus student did it at some point. EDIT: Referring to Morvidus' reputation on the forums, for reference (or at least my interpretation thereof).
  22. Pretty much everything from being extra mean when taking someone's lunch money to a (poorly thought through) combination of Gates/Mastery shenanigans. Or more specifically, everything evil that anyone from that other green-themed not-college has ever done.
  23. Morvidus has a long-standing reputation for being a college of bullies and more general evil people, thanks to Joana/Philippe hogging the spotlight and people associating the green-themed college with a completely different green-themed House.
  24. Yeah, I can agree with that. Like, within certain constraints I'm fine with her, but...she takes some getting used to.
  25. Most of the stereotypes that surround the colleges, at least those on the forums, come from just one of two students that everyone remembers, even if they're very much the exception and not the rule. Like, show me a Morvidus student that can uphold the reputation that Joana and Philippe have given the college. The closest I can think of is Vettor, and he's a juvenile prankster who's still at the age where he thinks dousing his crush with water is an acceptable form of flirting. Hardly "dark mage" level stuff there.