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Well, If CJ can't show up next week or whathaveyou, Then we probably would only need two people to go do the quest. The rest of the people could just do some training or something. :)





I finished most of the character. I'm not as familiar with the setting's lore and I'm terrible with names. So I'm leaving the fluff alone (and the deciding where the guy was born, raised, his native language and such), which I think would be best to leave to CJ to decide so it can fit into the story better. Surely that'd be less hassle for him than a whole new one from scratch.


Still, I was wondering if you could look over the character before I send it to him? Just to make sure I don't waste his time. I'm sure I've screwed up somewhere. :(


??? of House Merinita


Int 2, Per 0, Pre 1 (1), Com 1, Str -1, Sta 2, Dex-1, Qik 0


Size: 0


Age 30, Height: 5'8", Weight: 140 lbs, Gender: Male

Decreptitude: 0

Warping Score: 0

Virtues: Affinity With Vim, Cautious Sorceror, Flexible Formulaic Magic, Hermetic Magus, Faerie Magic, The Gift, Method Caster, Strong Faerie Blood; Sidhe, Second Sight, Unaging.


Flaws: Blatant Gift, Faerie Upbringing, Flawed Parma magica; Animal, Indiscreet, Sheltered Upbringing, Difficult Spontaneous Magic.


Personality Traits: Shy +1, Helpful +2, Reclusive +3.


Area Lore: 2, Athletics: 3, Awareness: 3, Brawl: 2, Native Language: 5, Stealth: 2, Survival: 2,

Artes Liberales: 2, Latin: 3, Code of Hermes: 1, Faerie Lore: 1, Magic Lore: 2, Magic Theory: 3, Parma Magica: 2

Penetration: 3, Second Sight: 1


Equipment: Wizardly Robes.


Confidence: 1

Confidence points: 3



Creo 4

Intellego 4

Muto 4

Perdo 8

Rego 8


Animal 0

Aquam 0

Auram 0

Corpus 0

Herbam 0

Ignem 0

Imaginem 0

Mentem 0

Terram 0

Vim 18 XP 6


Shell of Opaque Mysteries

CrVi 15

R: touch D: Mom T: Ind


The Invisible Eye Revealed

IntVi 15

R: Per D: Cone T: Touch


Sense the Nature of Vis

IntVi 5

R: Touch D: Mom T:Ind


Demon's Eternal Oblivion

PerVi 20

R: Voice D: Mom, T: Ind


Wind of mundane Silence

PerVi 25

R: Voice, D: Mom, T:Room


Sorceror's Fork

MuVi 20

R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind


Wizard's Communion

MuVi 15

R: Voice D: Mom T: Group


Circular Ward Against Demons

ReVi 20

R: Touch D: Ring T:Circle


Aegis Of the Hearth

Revi 20

R: Touch D: Year T: Bound, Ritual

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Just a small tip if plan to follow the Arcadian Mysteries the Virtue Unagaing is kind of wasted. Instead I would pick either

- a fearie Vis source (to be able to make use of Fearie Magic the Ability you get at 1 from be Merinita) or

- or even a Faerie Sympathy (A Ability that gives you its level to all rolls around some speciality, the limit is similiar to a minor foucs.)


Also Latin should be at last 4.


Beside that I suggest to get the Houses of Hermes Mystery Cults if you want to play one of them.

For playing one of the True Lineage its not this necesary to have the assotiated book but for the MC its nearly a must to have the book if you play one.

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I could consider running the boat story. I'm not sure Baruch must necessarily be involved - although he screwed it up, he's higher ranked now, which can be used to justify his absence (he could just as well be with, of course, but I'm not sure I'd be able to handle playing and storyguiding at the same time).


The Unaging comes from Strong faerie blood, I think.


You have a few spells that I'm not sure you'll have use for. What are you going to use Sorceror's fork for? Sponting low-level perdo and rego spells? The level's a little high for that. I don't think you selected any formulaic spells you could usefully cast it on. I also doubt you'll have much use for Aegis of the Hearth at that level, since I suspect our covenant will have someone who can cast it at a higher level (I'm not sure about this, though).

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No it dont come from Strong Fearie Blood. Strong Fearie Blood just increase the Age you start with the Aging rolls to 50 instead of 35 with this in mind it is even more strange to have Unaging.


Edit: I doubt Sheltered Upbringing and Faerie Upbringing are intended to take together as they give you nearly the same drawbacks. Maybe pick a Major Personality Flaw and pick Fearie Friend as your story flaw?

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Ah, well, I thought the faerie blood and unaging actually melded nicely together. I'm hesitant to change that.


I agree with the sheltered upbringing one though, but I couldn't find anything that said you couldn't do the two so I kept it. I'll find something else now though as I do agree with you on that.


Thanks for warning about the latin thing. I'll do a few more tweaks before giving it to CJ.

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I would prefer to play with Ramon for this as Adventure is his main exp source and he suite more on the travel job then Class.

When are you planing to do it? Saturday usual time?


You should also consider to take House Merinta Lore (is a Organisation Lore) as it is needed for the Secrets of this House ...

Thats also a reason why I would remove your Indiscreet as it for sure will prove difficult to earn the trust to be initiated in the secrets if you are known to share it with the wrong people.

About your spells I would suggest to add some of other Forms as well as you have writen it corect you have them at 0 what means you can learn spells from them.

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Would Saturday usual time work for people?[/Quote]

For me yes dont know for the other


Btw. because of the Bjornaer Meeting this year I have to change my plans for study once more as I would love to get at last 1 more step in the Lore bevore this.

After this Meeting Class is either a Owl for the complet year (Theriomorphy) and out of the game for this time or will be on the quest to find a suitable ancestor right after. (Maybe he even start both)

(Would have loved to have more learning time till this meeting but cant be changed ^^)

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Hi chaps. Not read the thread yet -- hope you all understand -- but I can make Staurday 12 noon GMT, if people are available then. I want to tie up some loose plot ends and work out the downtime over the next couple of days as time allows. Please email me your character actions for the remainder of Winter 1214, and what you are up to for a season's downtime Spring 1215. If you have made other plans for Saturday, quite understand. I'll be back tonight for a while and able to catch up on email and read the thread - have been trying to but hard right now. LAst night I posted a bit on the Atlas Games forum, and was nice so looking forward to catching up!


cj x

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Ah just saw Wits offered to run this Saturday. That would be cool. I think if ok and you would like to do that I will play a grog? Wits is you need stuff email me. I can point you at resources available and send you my notes...


cj x

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If you can make it, CJ, I would prefer it if you could run the story. I'm still a little insecure about the rules and so on, and would rather save my entrée for later, perhaps a weekend when you can't make it. That is, of course, presuming you don't have a hankerin' for playing. If you want to play I will oblige, but would rather be on the umbilical cord a while longer.

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Sorry Nagash but if Ramon make some Combat Training he more likely try his Luck on the shootingrange as distance combat is his weakness but is more likely in need when travling trough the air.


@Mikka I agree thats a realy bad situation your in but unless you become a full Member of the Covenant you probably not allowed to set up a Lab.

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Gustbran has only one focus. Making his spear more deadly. :D


So, I'll have him train that until it reaches 7. With the upgrade to companion and the XP from his role in the story he might just reach that fairly fast.

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Ohh and I thought to find some animal that suite as Familiar is a adventure on its own followed by some Labwork.

The first step in getting a familiar is find-ing an animal with inherent magic.

With inherent magic, the beast is likely to have a Magic Might score, which may be assigned based on comparable scores of other magical creatures.

The means of finding such a creature are ultimately left to the storyguide to determine

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I have the Magical Animal Companion flaw, so I assume I already determined it, but it does seems to be up to CJ, so I might as well build it now and let him approve it or something.


Just want to make sure that Magical Animal Companion doesn't equal Companion character right?

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Hmm yes it might be posible but that means you would turn a magical animal friend that is more often then not a burden and a reason for starting a story into a part of you and therfort loosing the flaw.

The Pegasus of Ramon was designed with this power level but using the virtue version of this flaw but I left a lot of Air for improvment as I could go up till a Magic Might level of 25 what would be a Companion on its own!

Till a Magic Might 10 it can be of Grog level but anything past this it becomes a Companion

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Actually, Schwarzbart...


If one of the virtues you pick (warrior) gives you free XP, then you can use that XP to increase abilities! :) (In this case Martial)


Beware those with a pointy stick! :P (Soon he'll get a nice, SHARP one, mwahahaha)

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Since we can assume that some time passes by...


There is a topic I would wish to approach. This is the issue that I tried to broach to Calpurnia and Baruch in the last episode that we didn't get time for. Namely the prophesies that we've picked up over the cause of our adventure.


While we have some time though it seems a good time for those who might find this subject interesting to gather. [Note: I'm writing most of this from the logs, not my notes, and a fair bit of this was not experienced by Silas, but I am guessing/hoping we are forthcoming with our infomation. Helpax was there most of the time and given his determination to wage wizard war on Stephan then he'd certainly be providing a lot of this info :) ]



At first there was Calpurnia's mentor, Goricisis (sp - seriously, the guy had 112 ways of spelling :P ) said "The Drake must be slain, or the King will be bound in vellum, and the French priest will rule where blood lies on the altar"


He may have meant the drake we fought just then, but with the amount of dragons and drakes we have met I think he may have been talking more... abstract.


Baruch and Class met a wolf, upon further reflection perhaps Méles (unlikely) or this Polandus (the wolf we met when we fled Stonehenge), who is the guardian of Saint Edmund's head.

The first prophesy this wolf came with was this: "When the crown I guarded in yesteryear, is stolen from the tomb of gold so dear, then foreign armies invade may this realm, and the Franks the English shall soon overwhelm..."


Polandus, as Edith named him at Stonehenge, continued: "Three crowns from sanctuary unearthed/ the head ripped from Tower's sacred turf/ the chains that bind the dragons are now rent/ and the kings of England's time is now spent"


[i expect that Edith would be able to tell a bit about Polandus' charge: Up to you if your mage would listen to a lowly grog or not


Gust might also know a bit of lore on the matter [likely not *this* story but perhaps guessing something along the lines: Still up to you if you would demean yourself! ]



[silas closes his journal and takes a sip of the water provided.]


"So, if we are to believe these prophesies, it would seem that these dragons are somehow related to the crowns that were stolen. - and we are sure that archmagus Stephan of Libelles at least HAD one crown in his possession. - What should we do about it though, and how?"

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