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Well the head that "the head ripped from Tower's sacred turf" I believe we identified the necromancer we met either had it or has knowledge of it. He if my memory serves truthfully is apart of the alliance Stephen is a part of.


I'm guessing we all out of character know that everything talking about the king is hinting at the magna carta. Our characters can most likely easily guess that a treaty or some written thing is going to affect the king as vellum is basically old time paper.


For the foriegn invading army. Wikipedia says during 1214 England was at war with France, but has at our current date made peace. In winter of 1215 Alexander II of Scotland invades. And during the entire time a lot of battles between Barons and King John.


Calpurnia combs her short hair with her hand before saying "Well our Covenant is heading twice it's normal speed, and using someone elses terms "with purpose". If we left now it would be hard to find do to it's odd speed not to mention it's way with directions. We should return, but we should be prepared to fight even those dragons when we do."

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Class don't care at all about this prophecy thing, he dont even try to get some meaning into them.

So in his opinion he let the Cryamon worry about this prophecy humbug, they love this things anyway.

If they think action is needed he might join if time permits.

The Dragon thing is something complet unrelated and in his opionion the elder at Stonehenge , and only them have to take care about this.

But what he care about is the iregular actions of the covenant, that he haved to leave behind the Air Vis bag, that the Ship we left behind is actual a magical device of the covenant and that we apearently now stand in the center of a wizard war betwen the 2 bigest mage factions of Stonehenge.


Oh you all read CJ will make a Session this saturday 12 GMT?

Hi chaps. Not read the thread yet -- hope you all understand -- but I can make Staurday 12 noon GMT, if people are available then.


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Sanctuary of Ice will not be updated for the forseeable future, as still a few Tribunals that have never been done to come out - Provence and Hibernia among them. For our game assume all Tribunal books canonical, though the mechnaics will need updating to 5th ed. Most 4th ed books are pretty useful still :)

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Sure, I don't think I really need to touch the star to begin with, but touching might help, and it's a serious enough thing that Makara will agree to be serious on this like he is at the gauntlet.



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