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Can grogs fly it assuming a mage starts it up? If so I think I might create a non-combatant grog for this and other puposes.

Yeah, it doesn't need any magic to start it up, so anyone can start it up if they knew how.

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Sadly not everyone have finesse...


Time to start a driving school.


Or we should hire and train a permanent captain to drive this for us.


Edit: Maybe Freespace's new grog is recruited like this.

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Just want to mention Ramon aranged a book trade for our Covenant excanging a copy of our Parma Magica Summa with theyr Finesse Summa (QL 17 lvl 6).

We are expected to do the travel to theyr covenant in Autumn or Winter 1217 where we bring the Parma Magica Summa and pick up the Finesse Summa.

Ramon only mentioned this to the Librarian so fare bevore he left to the curent adventure.

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Makara Criamon Initiation RP:



Stepping into the lab of Calpurnia within the Tower of Flaming Passions, there the black ceiling laced with golden stars shining in the dark and unoccupied lab, a Tractati welcoming its next student to teach its secret, Makara is this student.


This time, he did not jump, he did not scream, and he did nothing. This time, he meditate, hoping to touch the stars in the ceiling with his mind and spirit. Gradually, the distance between Makara and the ceiling shortened, the avenue between the ceiling and the man has surrendered its push and let the gap closes, closer and closer, so are Makara’s eyes as he surrender his mind to the star, they make contact. It could be one of Calpurnia trap for Makara, hoping to crush him to death or it could be a illusion of Makara’s own imagination, but either way, the ceiling stopped as the shiny star pattern makes it mark on Makara’s forhead.


Makara finally realize. There’s no need for strive to achieve one’s goal, for peace and harmony would makes reaching the goal easily. He opens his eyes and the lab is gone, he is standing in a special place, a place above the land of mortal, a place known as the universe. There the darkness of space, lit up by uncountable amount of stars, forming galaxy and beautiful Milky Way, everything spiral chaotically in circle yet in harmonious orders, and Makara can only ‘stand’ in the air looking at this original soup of creation. Time is special here, for it works differently and yet uncomprehending to Makara, his Enigmatic Wisdom surrender to the mighty Enigma of the Universe, for it is part of the enigma that all Criamon is striving to figure out: “How to Escape Time?”


Makara tries to moves, he succeed, but the universe moves along with him, just like walking under a night sky, no matter how many distance you move, the star in the sky follows you. Frustration torment Makara, he want to escape time, but he cannot, all those seasons to reading the lorebook about Criamon and their desperation to escape time can’t help him in this case, it’s as if Makara is trapped in twilight, he cannot t comprehend the world around it, so he asked, using he gifted power to talk to pure element, he asked the nearest and brightest star for help.


That star responded. In a form of female human it appears. The being asks Makara about his dilemma, and agrees to be his guide to return him to where he came, but where does Makara came from?


Makara said he came from Calpurnia lab, but which Calpurnia lab?


Makara said he came from the Calpurnia lab from the Tower of Flaming Passions, but which cycle of time does Makara came from?


There’s no answer. According to Criamon philosophy, time is repeated infinitely and Makara don’t know which timeline he came from.


So the being takes Makara to the beginning of his cycle, and has Makara watches the beginning of his life, from his birth to the time where he was cursed by a demon with the gift of communicating with animal and element. Makara watches in horror of his once carefree life completely ruined and his mind broken by the voice of the million animals and materials of the world around him. He was later saved by his mentor to shielded from the voice with his paren’s parma magica. His life was from then on, twisted toward the path of magi as his gift was revealed, he makes new friend and goes through adventure fills with dragon and danger of the world. Finally, the past reached to the present where he stands within the lab of Calpunia.


Sadness fills Makara brokered heart as he observes his tragic life, he cried and cried. He felt better and better as he cries out his blackened tears until he ended his crying. Surround by the stars of the universe, he felt peace, for there’s no noise in the silent universe that bothers Makara. He treasured such serene quietness, but he also greatly missed the liveliness of the animal that would annoyingly cheers him up, the stupidly interesting stories of the rock. For once, he wants to embrace them, he wants to embrace all of them in a hug just like Momo and Fishy.


Emptied of sadness of his soul, Makara is now filled with loves in his heart as he forgives the destructive trauma of his past. He wants bring happiness to everything in the world, but how can he do it?


There, the star-maiden steps in and offer a belief to Makara. Manichaeism, the idea she believe that god has been shattered into piece and everything holds a portion of the divine. Makara agrees as animal and rock can talk to him, so even a rock has soul, and thus everything could be once one.


Then the star-maiden asked Makara an Enigmatic Question: “What do you think of god and Daimon?”


Makara answer: “They are one and the same.”


The maiden smile and tell Makara that the Makara standing in this Calpunia lab is where he came from.


Before she turns to leave, Makara asks what are her name, and the maiden reply: “Astraea, the star-maiden”


Makara open his eyes and he is once again, in Calpunia’s lab. The star mark in his forehead has moved to his leg and merge with his horn-like angular stigma, it’s now a rounded star on his foot. He feels purified from his past and he can now be gentle with anything in the world and for some reason, he smells great.


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Cool story! Thanks for sharing it.


Edit: Also, a word of warning: We'll be at our summerhouse for the next three weeks; I should be able to get to the internet from there and play normally, but if that fails for some reason, I'll be absent until the end of June. Shouldn't happen, though.

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Finesse is use to decide spell casting speed (Qik + Finesse - Enc), magic targeting (Perception + Finesse + Mod), Multiple Casting (Mastered Spells only): (Int + Finesse - # of spells, roll 9+ with penalties), and doing detail things with spell.


That's why only mage bother to learn it.


Maybe we can re-enchant the boat to activate via buttons or something so it doesn't need Finesse...

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The internet works, though I haven't tried with mirc yet. So see you tomorrow.


Freespace: the roll to fly the boat is intelligence and finesse, not dexterity. Finesse is also used for fast casting, in addition to the things nyaa mentioned.


Edit: I also thought cj was going to run. Is it ok for you cj?

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