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Introducing: The One, The Only... MR PEBBLES!


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You know that you weren't meant for art when you can't even draw a rock! :(


Ah well, at least I've got company :) I like the texture, though!


Maybe a 3rd party can combine our two Pebbles' and add a couple things and make a decent one! :D

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Heh, longer even than it took me to write it. :) and I'm world-class slow.




(when I had written the first random event for him, December of 2011.) about a year had passed since then and when I posted this thread. Poor Mr. Pebbles has been rotting in development hell for over TWO YEARS! hehe!


Since the subject of him has been raised again and I've finally peeked in this part of the forum to notice it, Might I ask how Pebbles will be implemented? IS it going to be with the caveat that the player cannot switch or was that not doable, too much effort for Y1?

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*cough* from the first post. I think this will still apply even if the Team tweaks the original plan a bit


Through his background I have ensured that he will always return as a familiar to the character, at least until the player character does an adventure in Y2 (or later if the player is lazy) which will allow the player character to "break the curse of Pebbles" by discovering his true history! (or if the player fails, then they should at least learn enough about the bond to break it by destroying Pebbles entirely and for good. (for evil or nontalented players who just want rid of him.)




I haven't started the Y2 adventure yet but I know where I want to go with it and I'm waiting until I have Y2 in my hands so that I can understand the Y2 system before I write for it.

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Hmmm. It seems the team liked him and rolled with it, adding some extra stuff for him. the adventures I wrote didn't pan out exactly as I guessed.. but overall that's because the rough parts were smoothed over and edited for flair....



...To great effect. The player adventure was a great example. I was worried that my lack of understanding of the world would cause some changes here, but despite the editing, its still perfectly the condensed essence of what I was going for.


My main problem is that as much as I enjoy reading on pebbles, I personally like Pamela better. (He allows Pam to shine in comparison. That's partially why I wrote him) so I'm kinda unwilling to properly play a serious playthrough with him.


I can see why his fitness was raised. I originally wanted him to be worthless in stats so that's why I picked 2 for fitness but I agree 6 makes more sense.


I'm also impressed that it seems the team actually made the wand of insanity even more powerful than I had originally planned. (the drawbacks were kinda heavy so I guess that makes sense.) I advise all of you to hold on to that wand for dear life if you want to properly end the bond. I will not say more.


(oh, and the weed Oumaima was referring to during Pebbles' journey was intended to be Schwarzbart weed. hehe. I wasn't sure if it could be used in that way so I left it blank but if Schwarzbart approves, then that's what it is... ;))

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The familiar adventure is impossible to screw up as far as I can tell. You still get to the end if you fail a step just with different text. I might have chosen to do it a bit differently but overall that would be mere nitpicking.


The player adventure for pebbles is F***ing hard though. It makes sense though as he's really a bad luck charm so he would have it easy at others' expense.

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