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CP3 and Patch 128

Legate of Mineta

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Hi to everyone and particularly to developer of this awesome game :wub:

(i barely keep playing videogames lately as i label almost everything as "already seen" or "too poor in terms of gameplay")

It was something refreshing and innovative for me :).


I posted here because i need just one clarification about updating the content manually.

I will try to be clear as possible but english is not my mother language.

The content of the update has another subfolder in the mod subfolder, it's called "update" and contains a .mdm file which was named content#_#2.mdm (or something like it.... i renamed it cause at start i got some message errors and got rid of the #, even if probably it was not that the problem, i just erased temp files as it was written in other support topics :), thank you for that).

I wish to know which is the most correct way to set the submod folder, cause when i use only the content.mdn of 16mb it seems the explore action get completely erased from the game (i played many days and got a lot of skills, even used the cheat mod along with this "3rd interlude" but i can't explore at all).

Leaving the Update folder as it's in the patch just deletes it after playing the game first time.


SO, i used another way and put it in the mod folder with content.mdn, this thing leave me with not only 3d interlude but also another mod selectable (honor of mallen field).

Selecting both of them i get the explore command and all the contents... but only by doing it...

mmm to put it bluntly it's not like i've a problem with that, just wanted to point it out trying to be of some help :), to know if it happened to me only, and if it was meant to be set like this (the mod and update directory structure with their files in it).


AND thank you again for this awesome game ^_^

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i know, but i've this "update" folder in mod (mod/update) with 2 different content.mdm
if i leave the dir structures as it is i can't select "honor of manner field"
which makes my game with no exploration


edit: to explain myself better


this is the default directory structure of the last update:



Content.mdm in Mods folder is recognized as "Third Interlude"

while Content_##_2.mdm in update subfolder is "Honor of Mallen Field"


if i leave content ## 2 in update i loose it after the first play

and can only select Third Interlude in the mods option of the game, which appears to not let me have "explore"


by putting it in Mods folder along with Content.mdm

i can select both (and i have to if i want to use "explore")


Basically i've to modify the patch structure and select two mods instead of only Third Interlude to have the game to work properly

and i hope this is of any help to anyone who will have similar problems

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Hmm and I was sure Explore was fixed in CP 3?! At last in my last game I used it to get the glamour class room.

If I remember right only in DLC 15 the game did have the problem that there was no Explore.

Beside with such a strange fix I'm not sure if your game will work right and latest when you try to import the char to year 2 you might hit unsolvable problems.

(Maybe it was changed away from Curiosity 1 to only Explore 1 so you don't have it right at start?)

Edit: Yes its no longer under Curiosity so you just have to get Explore to 1 to have this Ability again instead of your strange "fix".

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