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Ancient Grammarian's Wand?


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Hello there. I got an item from a random event with a Brute Strength check. It gave me a stick with the option to study it when I equipped it. I duly studied it and the activity text claims it should have been removed and something called the Ancient Grammarian's Wand added. The stick was removed, but I did not get any Ancient Grammarian's Wand.


Looks like this has been reported before, actually: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2501&hl=%2Bancient+%2Bgrammarian+%2Bwand


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Metis can you tell me how the items in question are called in the mod tool?

I currently think about expand my Prodigy Incantation Fix with a other bug fix for exotic familiar so it wouldn't be to much extra time to add this bug fix also but I can't test it.

(I plan to remove the familiar that automatic start a quest from the random list called by Exchange Familiar and either make 2 random list or add the removed familiar as separate background)

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The bugged ability is called Study Wooden Stick, and the problem it that it Gives one The Ancient Grammarian's Wand when it needs to Add it. I don't know what the Give function is used for, but it's not used for giving items.

Presumably it's part of the old defunct gifting system.

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-Tacito's Clique ability is currently completely worthless because student reprimands don't work. Rui's Clique ability is likewise nerfed, although that one does still do something.

-Rikildis' Clique ability is completely messed up. What it actually does is give you the Humiliation emotion and reduce three of your random skills by 4 skill levels permanently, and if you pass the contested Charm/Blackmail v. Charm/Awareness roll your target will suffer -4 to three random skills temporarily, but not get the Humiliation emotion.

-School Survival 9 currently hands out the "Duel" action type, I.E. absolutely nothing

-The Discern Unspoken Whispers ability attempts to expand the Gates parent skill by +1 rather than a random subskill, as it claims.

-Filing 6 gives an item recipe, and thus nothing if you don't already have the item (a violin, if you're curious)

-Starting the game with an Etiquette skill level of 3 or higher (easily done with backgrounds) means you're never told who got the +1 relationship max expansion, and leaves you with no way to check it other than trying to increase everyone's relationship to 11 until it actually works. I recommend switching skill level 3's bonus with that of skill level 8's bonus, which is +2 relationship to an...instructor of choice, rather than a random one. Well, just another reason to switch those two since the latter one needs to be changed anyway, right?

-Rieulle Castellain favor 5 expands Stress by 5 instead of -5

-Mastery Methods Research 9 hands out nothing, same for Middle Empire Research 9

-Gift (Spell) is typed as Beneficial rather than Hostile. I'm...pretty sure that's not quite right. Incidentally the same could probably be said for Force of Duty (Spell)

-Scissors and Fish Bone Needle are typed Sewing Tools, and therefore cannot be equipped

-A number of items should have their rarity changed to "uncommon" so that Locally Notable doesn't hand out copies at the game's start. One notable line of items that are in need of this are the pages of Gera's letter.


I'll edit if I think of/find more.

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I can do some of the coding work, definitely, so long as I'm not required to publish the thing. Because it takes so...freaking...long...and I don't like to let my computer run overnight when it doesn't do anything else. Waste of electricity, that is.


Still coding? Can do, just post a link

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