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I figured it would be a good idea to summarize some of the basics of Academagia for the sake of all the new arrivals, members of the forum community. The Bare minimum to know all in one place, in other words.

Academagia has been out for a while and us hard core members who have been at the forums for a few years will inevitably throw out some of the jargon and terms from the game. This post is just a summary for folks to give an idea of the premise if you are interested. This should serve as a basic understanding of the game and it's setting, as well as what it's about.

Academagia is the first of 5 games (the only one released at this point but the 2nd is well under development.) which deal with a young child new to magic going to a school for magic. This first game deals only with the first year of the 5 year education. The school is notable because unlike others in setting, it is very old and also teaches all (legal) forms of magic and used to teach the stuff now forbidden.


The Setting is on a world called Cyve, specifically on a chain of floating islands called Elumia, (which were violently ripped from the surface millennia ago in a struggle against dragons) and the School in question is based inside the capital city of the Empire of mankind. (An empire which is about half-vestigal) The game is at it's heart a 'life sim' where you do actions on a daily basis encountering random events, and going on adventures while also studying for exams. The goals are largely set by what the player wants to do. Want to be an archmage? No problem. Want to be the biggest bully? That can be done. Want to get in good with the professors so you can get more mischievous deeds overlooked. Totally possible.


The story for the first year is largely getting acquainted with the way the school works, and maybe getting your name put on the watchlists for 'people you need to look out for in a few years." More than that is spoilers. :)


Magic in setting is formally categorized into several distinct schools, or 'pillars' of knowledge.


  • Glamour- Basically illusions but not limited to *just* that
  • Incantation- 'Creation' magic, to include elemental combat but again more than that.
  • Revision- 'Changing' magic
  • Gates- illegal 'summoning' and monster based
  • Mastery- Illegal Mind control and associated magics
  • Astrology- kind of odd one out due to casting methods. luck based.
  • Negation- Most common for canceling magic but not limited to just that.
  • Enchantment- a skillset for making magic more 'permanent' ie longer lasting, but more than that.


Although there are more kinds of magic, but do not directly fall neatly into the main pillars. Things like Orthography, (related to but superior to enchantment) but that's steeped into the history of the setting and is kind of advanced for the purposes of this thread.


There are several "Colleges" within the Academagia campus grounds, and each of them specialize in a particular brand of magic. All are named after monarchs in past times. And together make up the Academy of Magic as a whole. Just about the only school that teaches all legal forms.


  • Godina- Incantation based. Heavy on sports, also. Look up Rimbal, it's a game in setting
  • Durand- Negation based. also have healing overtones
  • Morvidus- Revision based. somewhat wild and has connections to animals
  • Vernin- Enchantment based. the wealthiest students tend to be in this one
  • Avila- Astrology based. Was girl-only in the past. Now equal opportunity.
  • Hedi- Glamour based. Also strong ties to diplomacy and speech related subjects.
  • Aranaz. Orthography based. Kind of a legacy college. Still the best college ever. <3


For more info see Nyaa's "world of Academagia thread" here but it hasn't been updated in some time. Still has a lot of info beyond the scope of this post. Also feel free to ask any questions in this thread or elsewhere. I think this covers the bare minimum. Anybody think that I overlooked something that should be added here, lemme know.

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Academagia is the first of 5 games (the only one released at this point but the 2nd is well under development.)

Actual Academagia handle the 1st year your student is at said academy und there 5 years planed each a separate game where you can import your char from the previous year or play a new one.
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What an objective assessment of Aranaz, Free. :)


I know Von Rupprecht would say so too. ;)


Also, I know that there are a lot of subtleties in what Vernin actually teaches. I just simply chose to keep it simple for the sake of the post.

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Negation should really be described as the ultimate pillar. I have yet to enter an adventure where it doesn't fix all of my problems.


Also totally agree with the Aranaz description ;{P

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