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Also worth noting that on finishing character creation for a quick test game, having selected the cat familiar, I was prompted for Pamela's name, then the cat's name, then my clique name. Which uhhh...


EDIT: Also urgh, the way adventure text displays now is awful. If you're going to have the text update like paragraphs of a book it should really automatically scroll to the latest entry and display that on its own page. At the moment I can select an option and have the results text show up right at the very end of the visible space which is not an intuitive space to start reading from.

Yeah, I had the glitch where it prompts me for my familiar's name, followed by Pamela's name and then the clique name too.


Other than that it seems good so far. I love the new layout!

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'Far as I remember you actually can't rename Pamela in previous versions (up to and including the last Beta versions as I recall), so I suppose the bug there is that this new feature(?) doesn't check for whether you actually have her as a Familiar. As for the Clique name it's possible mechanics were changed so you now define your Clique's name at the start, before you actually should have a Clique, as opposed to when you actually start a Clique ingame, but...I fail to see the purpose of that change.

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With keeping the 100$ fee only the way to get into the Steam shop changes compared to Greenlight. I'm sure some developer who rushed to Greenlight to early in the last 2-3 month now regret it to have waste the 100$ just to hear from the voter the game is in a to early state for a yes.

Edit: Its even better then current Greenlight as Steam apparently give you the $100 back once you sale enough while the previous donation to join Greenlight is gone no matter the result at Greenlight and later at the store.

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So apparently this 100 dollar fee is more of a deposit to guarantee that shitty games that won't sell have some sort of penalty.

This is acceptable. I'm kind of surprised the deposit isn't higher.

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Bye Bye Greenlight you have shown me some great games but also many crap but you was still more informative as nearly all so called gaming news pages.

Sadly some of the games I have voted yes for even from the early time of Greenlight over 3 years ago not even managed to set up a shop page so far.

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Grimoire (was a IndiGoGo crowdfunding) a very classical CRPG that was in making for ~20 years is at steam by now.


Sadly from the reviews it sound like there big issues with save and load that are broken every update again and so one should better wait some time more till considering to buy it.

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