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If this next Beta client fixes the largest issue I had, (which is all but assured since they are specifically addressing it) I will be able to go more in depth in testing. It is possible that not all bugs have been found, but the game does look good so far.


The next build should be really close, we're already past the estimated delay that was put out when it was announced that the game needed to be reworked for lower resolution screens.


But then February is the shortest month of the year, so really we're on track. ;)

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I hope this delay is because the Team also went through the DLC 16 bugs topic and did the work they should have had done years ago. Like I said before, leaving 2.5+ year-old bugs in the final product isn't going to go over well.


And yes, I'm also eager to start some in-depth testing again. As painful as spamming Cleanse and Remake/Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck/Historical Tendencies is.

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I guess what the legate is saying is that the team is satisfied with that issue, but they're trying to solve all the remaining issues they're aware of because they want this last beta release to be the final one before DLC17 goes gold.


Hopefully it will be. :)

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Update from Steam ~22h ago:

Black Chicken Studios, Inc. [Autor]

Hi Everyone!


We are expected to launch the Steam version in April =). We decided to further revamp the UI based on alpha testing of the new UI.


But now we are in beta and unless there is a show stopper, it will be coming out in April.


We might put up some screenshots of the new UI before the launch though ;) (while we are in beta for the rest of March).

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I'm not seeing one, though there ought to be. I know the 30th of April is technically still April, but I don't think Steam'll appreciate technicalities after a, what, half-year and some change wait...


On the flip side, finally a concrete date! I can say with reasonable confidence now that the Steam version will be out the door before the end of next year ;).

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And no idea of how to unlock any of it, so especially REs might have slipped through the cracks regardless. Not to mention that these requirements very well might have changed if some turned out to be bugged. I can name at least one new adventure that, one must assume, is going to be very frustrating to find again without a clue as to it's timing requirements...

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