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Suggestions for Belle Designs

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Because it was knocking the other threads off topic and everyone has such great ideas, post your belle suggestions here! By way of practicality, this should be limited to belles that aren't yet confirmed and preferably were commissioned after September 1st, 1939 to avoid overloading with suggestions for ships that are already in game.


If you wanna see something special on the design of your special belle, or have fantastic ideas for an alternate costume, or just thought of a ship that ABSOLUTELY DEFINITELY NEEDS TO BE IN THE GAME OHMYGAWRSH!!!! Then post those ideas here!


Disclaimer: I do not represent the Devs for this game, nor can I guarantee your idea will ever get to them or be used if it does. I also have little control over the content of this thread once it starts so try to keep it from getting out of hand and spoiler large images or wordwalls.


I look forward to all your ideas! :D

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Since Bismarck and Tirpitz are sister ships they should look mostly the same. Since Germans were such puritans at the time, Blonde hair and blue eyes each. Perhaps Bismarck with short hair and Tirpitz with longer (due to time from commissions to sinking times).





I'm thinking Bismarck's uniform is more pressed and sharp while Tirpitz is more relaxed and the like. However Tirpitz imo should have an eye patch and maybe a battle scar due to the sheer number of assaults and attacks sent against her to sink her.


Bismarck would be the more serious of the two. Reasoning, she didn't have time irl for the crew to start breaking rules and developing chinks in her armor. She fought hard and valiantly until she ultimately sank via self scuttling.

Tirpitz would be less serious but also more paranoid perhaps. Always worrying about incoming assaults.

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I find it somewhat annoying that Graf Spee reached the design phase. (She was confirmed by the artist as one of his favorite belles so far, implying he probably already worked on her.) If she hadn't already, I would certainly suggest that the ship's crest be added to her design. It could be seen on the Bow, in front of the anchors. It looks like this:






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Since Bismarck and Tirpitz are sister ships they should look mostly the same.


I disagree with this. Since Victory Belles has already established that sister ships won't look similar(see Leningrad and Moskva), I think it would be inconsistent to change that suddenly.

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I disagree with this. Since Victory Belles has already established that sister ships won't look similar(see Leningrad and Moskva), I think it would be inconsistent to change that suddenly.


I don't think that sisters should be carbon copies of each other (see fubuki class in kancolle), however, I do believe they should at least share traits that identify them as sisters, such as matching hair and eye color, or something along those lines.

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Well thought that Legate was gonna make a thread about it, but heck I'll post my Belle idea for Rodnol here



HMS Rodney (Will call herself Rodnol from time to time):

Like her namesake, she has an obsession for prize money, often going out of her way to try and get as much action as possible to gain personal glory. Ergo, she is rarely in port for upgrades and makes do with what she has. She takes great pride in being the only battleship in history to have torpedoed another battleship (Bismark) and causing most of the damage inflicted on the German ship. She typically makes references to her sister Nelson, referring to her as Nelsol, as well as an eagerness to charge in towards the enemy and break their line (something Admiral Rodney was claimed to have pioneered). The only ships she doesn’t like are Bismark (and likes to remind her about the damage Rodnol caused) and Hood (coming from Rodney’s historical mutual disliking of Samuel Hood, Rodney’s second-in-command). In general, she is old fashioned and not quick off the line, and will complain about being slow (she wasn’t upgraded to the extent of Nelson, had frequent machinery problems, and had no engine overhaul after 1942).
In terms of appearance, She, Hood, and Nelson being all named after British admirals wear outfits similar to those a British admiral would wear, kind of like how Mahan is designed. I have a personal tendency to say she has short white hair paired with an open blue uniform coat with gold buttons and cuffbands, breeches, and white stockings. Sort of similar to Mahan, but with full length breeches instead of white shorts. She also has an officer’s saber on her, perhaps in her hand rather than on her waist looking eager to get into a scrap.
I'm also unsure if battleship torpedo tubes will be represented, but if they are, I'd suggest Rodnol's to have like a gold star on it (representing the being the only BB to torp another BB)

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Just noticed you said preferably after September 1 1939. Whoops


It's okay! It's probably just gonna give you a higher chance of your ideas being noticed and used if they're for ships that aren't already in the game, haha!

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I would like Yukikaze to be in the game, and I would very much like the dev team to consider her 5th captain a major influence on her personality.


Hopefully not TOO boastful. I want the character to represent the ship's history and not too much of the captain.


Also, for those who would like to see sister ships wearing the same uniform. Maybe they can be added through microtransaction or from drops/event reward/whathaveyou.

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Hopefully not TOO boastful. I want the character to represent the ship's history and not too much of the captain

Oh she wouldn't be too boastful. I was thinking certainly confident in her own abilities, but more concerned with others than herself. (This would probably be due to her watching the ships she escorted sink, such as the 8 transports in the battle of the Bismarck Sea, or the Shinano and Yamato.)


Edit: Seriously, if she doesn't have PTSD, I don't know who would... Look up all of Japan's massive defeats and embarrassing losses in World War II, and I guarantee you that in most of them you will see Yukikaze in the list of Japanese ships that participated. Of course, she survived every single one.

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Oh she wouldn't be too boastful. I was thinking certainly confident in her own abilities, but more concerned with others than herself. (This would probably be due to her watching the ships she escorted sink, such as the 8 transports in the battle of the Bismarck Sea, or the Shinano and Yamato.)


Edit: Seriously, if she doesn't have PTSD, I don't know who would... Look up all of Japan's massive defeats and embarrassing losses in World War II, and I guarantee you that in most of them you will see Yukikaze in the list of Japanese ships that participated. Of course, she survived every single one.


I would like to see Yukikaze that's confident in her ability but secretly have doubts of her own. Especially regarding the cursed/lucky ship name that people gave her. Make her be conscious about it. That'd be an interesting aspect of Yukikaze.


For the devs, I would suggest reading the short picture/manga series I posted before about Yukikaze.

I'll relink it again here: http://danbooru.donmai.us/pools/10761

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I of course have things to note, so I shall.


HMCS Haida & her sisters:



It would be nice to see these Tribal-class Destroyers wearing something more formal. A mix of British, Canadian, and 'First Nation' (Tribal] wear all together. Wearing the uniform of the RCN, having accessories of the Haida, Huron, & such somewhere, having their hair done in certain specific ways (tribal), and even maybe having their weaponry themed to their native weaponry. Still western, yet also formally tribal. Not fantasy concept, yet 'modern' type Tribal.


This could also be expanded on in alternate costumes where they can wear purely highly fashionable (high-class) tribal wear (not HMCS Saguenay style), but something more refined. Something more 'ceremonial', something that would even make the actual 'First Nations' proud & happy. Maybe even "What-ifs" of tanning the Belles to the skin colour of their respective tribe (dark skin & such).


Haida Example of clothing:


http://www.inknburn.com/womens-haida-tights/ <- Leggings for her formal use.

http://www.inknburn.com/mens-haida-singlet/ <- Haida styled top (yet with badges & references to her battles)

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/16/c2/61/16c26122e5cd14faba48810277c765ad.jpg <- This styled cape over her short sleeves & such.


I guess it would make her appear similar to HMCS Saguenay, just that it would have to be carefully nudged to also appear as a military type uniform. HMCS Haida was one serious lovely lady, even a gorgeous museum ship. She needs to be presentable, as well as a serious symbol (probably one which also put pressure on her). I could image slightly lax examples for her sisters, yet should be similar. Not straight up 'fantasy'




HMCS Prince Robert, HMCS Prince David, & HMCS Prince Henry:



It's hard to tell if these three shall come in within the 1940's update, yet was hoping they would have in '39 until I saw otherwise. They were an early war demand & I seemed to overlook the basics. Even so, I'd love to see them in for they kept the Pacific patrolled, tended to supplies, and even had their various moments together & apart.


I would love to see their outfit style being similar to those of Jun'you, Hiyou, Katsuragi, Amagi, & Unryuu; All fancy for all of them being ex-ocean liners/Passenger liners. They would have to keep that air of beauty, elegance, and formalities in various ways that their outfits would have to show similar. I have not yet properly concepted their outfits, yet am in a general range for each of them of where they should be in fashion style.


Prince Robert would be the more formal of the three for also being an A/A convert, as well as holding strict dicipline. I'm going to assume a marking/scar on her back should be seen for both the strict discipline, and the fearful rapist on board paranoid of showing his lashings for abusing a woman. Prince Robert would have to find a way to even make note of the 'pardons' [crime pardons] to even serve on board her, as well as proudly serving in the Canadian Navy. Having also captured 'Weser' she should show some signs of such on her person. Somewhere on her uniform, or even wearing a German coat. (Maybe a bonus being having Prince Robert would unlock Weser for supply bonuses).


Prince Henry: A tough one to note. Lost my notepads & such that I'll have to come back to this one.


Prince David: More of a movie star on the Vancouver shores she would have to sometimes pride herself in taking part in making a war movie. Only her side was shown, yet proud to have stared in a movie no less.


(I lost my notepad on Google Drive & similar that I'm basically recalling everything from memory. I need to go back, redo my research, and such. I'm however noting they're still being useful that I'd love to see them in. Also in a bigger capacity, plus them having done neat things, experiencing brutal weather, among others. Very faithful & adaptive.)


Something that Victory Belles allows is for you to make even the least experienced Belle the best fighting Belle around. I'm hoping they'll be able to hold high-class destroyer weaponry for them to take part in battles. Even if they're not really meant for such, they should still be able to roughly hold their own. They didn't give her bigger weapons in fears of toppling. Not sure how far their design & stuff will go, if any. I really do want to see them in there for they adapted to any situation, even having knowledge of both the Atlantic & Pacific theatre. Having them should help guide them through brutal weather, even bonuses to supply runs.




HMCS Uganda/Quebec:



It's been noted that Uganda was a proud Canadian. She fought with the others in the pacific that she didn't stress about fighting the Japanese in an anti-air role. She participated in the usual 6 am air raids that she even was struck by a Japanese fighter on her deck. WIth this in mind, I'd love to see some form of reference of an open arm sleeve with a scratch, or even a damaged stop watch with the RCN emblem on it. Something. Something has to show her experiences in the pacific, as well as that plane hitting her deck in a typical non-rush anti-air mission. She traveled within the Atlantic, Mediterranean, as well as helping in the Pacific with Anti-air patrols. She was well loved & prided for being the biggest vessel in the Canadian fleet.


That, and she's a strong proud Canadian having a mutiny on board for when her Canadian identity was being suppressed by the USN. She refused to take orders, rebelling, that her Canadian identity wasn't being allowed to be shown under the USN command that she should have a 'tomboyish rage' whenever around supressive USN Belles. Fighting along side is fine, but when she becomes sidelines or treated like crap by anything USN that it should show, maybe even becoming a prouder Canadian on her uniform by showing the 'red ensign' & a 'maple emblem' in a prouder fashion.


I would say to make Uganda Canadian-British, yet with a darker skin. Not dark, for she has to show British & Canadian nationality, yet tanned because of Uganda & her Atlantic & Pacific role with the sun turning her darker colour also. Multiple representations. She also eventually was named Quebec, yet I guess that shall slip away for the time-frame. A subtle reference to 'Quebec' should be made, even in the slightest.




Bismarck & Tirpitz:



My two original Waifus, even before the whole anime KanColle & Arpeggio of Blue Steel experiences. I fell for Tirpitz more, then Bismarck, yet I have yet to see Tirpitz in KanColle. It's been a long while as to how I fell in love with BIsmarck, yet I guess she was the only cool battleship in the Atlantic for me to note.


I would enjoy it if Bismarck had a very serious, formal, and elegant pride to her in her character and fashion. She is the pride of Germany, as with Tirpitz, that they should be treated with the highest care. Not to rush them out ASAP, but to take care of them & Yamato. Anything majestic needs to be treated with the utmost care. That goes for HMCS Haida & HMCS Uganda also.


They have to be at this, or even higher level of fearsome pride: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1763875?tags=hms_orion_%28siirakannu%29 & https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1763605?tags=hms_orion_%28siirakannu%29


They need to instill fear, as well as beauty at the same time. You need to fear them both. I wouldn't mind if they were blond, brown haired, or whatever. If you want to make them rival those of KanColle's Bismarck, Graf Zeppelin, & Prinz Eugen then be my guest, just don't rush these Belles out. I would expect Bismarck to be the serious, yet playful, girl. Voice wise, I'd pick someone similar to Nera for Bismarck. Tirpits would be someone more 'lax' & 'playful', if more cautious & slightly more prepared for battle for Tirpitz (my opinion). Similar with Tirpitz, just on a more lax note, similar to how I view Haida & Huron (Haida being leader & Huron being the underling; Jedi master & apprentice). Bismarck would be the role-model, & Tirpitz would be a wise learner of Bismarck, having been upgraded from Bismarck's battles. She would cautiously make note of her landscape to make sure nothing gets passed. Wouldn't say paranoid, as someone noted, just on the more cautious side.


Bismarck would be more on the offensive, yet Tirpitz more on the defensive & cautious in personality. Paranoid gets close to the level of cautiousness, yet not so.


As for them being twinned in art style or not, I wouldn't really mind. Some references would however have to cross-over showing they are sisters though. Something among them would have to be 'twinned' to show they're of Bismarck class. Bismarck is also my waifu in KanColle so maybe Tirpitz shall be my waifu here.


(Eyepatch for kanmusu & Belles now cliched. Tirpitz was struck by a 'Tallboy', so something more personal needs to be shown as damaged. An arm, or something needs to show a brutal scar. Need to find another way to show damages in battle on your person, similar to the lashings on Prince Robert's back, or something. An arm scar, or something for Tirpitz. Bismarck could probably show a scared leg, or a glowing pulsating light from her leg. Something.)




HMCS Ontario:



She came so late that I really am not sure what to do with her in VB. I wouldn't really be expecting her until many years (real years) down the line that it's overly depressive to even think about. Even so, I'd still expect her to appear by also putting up a severe fight against the Morganas. Even if she didn't fight, she was supposed to take part in the Pacific, sailed to the Pacific, even acted as a training ship. I'd still allow her to pop in, have a 'strict' personality to her, even probably holding a 'Trillium' flower to her nose in admiration of flower itself, and the battles which occurred. Even giving her a strict/serious personality for her ship class, weaponry appearance, naming, and etc, if bitter about not partaking in the war properly.


She would however be constantly furious of not partaking in any actual conflict, yet would enjoy partaking in any (Katsuragi & Graf Zeppelin style, yet serious tone) in game ones, proud of finally displaying her might to others around her. Slight depression off field, yet proud on the field then boasting about it later in that 'serious' tone. Hard to word for me.


Whatever clothing she is, it needs to be a grey/white colour with a sky-blue as a trim going down the sides of her body. Her arms, legs, and the left & right side of her body. She had that on her vessel, thus on her clothing also. A proud Trillium should be displayed on her hat (if any) as well as her torso clothing. A proud Canadian, if partaking in the war too long. She was en-route, yet missed it, turning into a training vessel instead. She had overly serious guns from what I've seen, something that should be noted. Her & HMCS Uganda would rule the waters nicely for the Canadians. They would be the role-models to any smaller vessel types.


Not sure what to suggest as her appearance, just that if she's representing Ontario, and with the Trillium, that she should have a proud stance & appearance to her. She should be a symbol, even if late & etc. I guess a tone of arrogance also because we Ontarians tend to think we know everything :P. 80% should be legit, 20% should be her provoking, or being passive-aggressive. Even irritated for partaking in the war far too late.


She would keep the waters safe in any post-war situations, even being far more useful in NG+ (if we decide to go that route).




Alright, I'm done for now. Makes me wonder if I made note of what I wanted, and if it makes sense. Might have to go back to claarify, or update it once I find something new in that subconscious manner. Stumbling across various things & such.


(Do expect constant edits here. I'm still editing, and shall be in the future. So many typos & things to note.)

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I think I'll post the history of Yukikaze on my belles history thread for those of us that can't read that picture story due to it being entirely in Japanese.


There are translation for those pics. Just mouse over the text. Although I guess some PC can't see the translations?


Edit: found a translated version in case the translation on Danbooru doesn't work: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.762384137196934.1073741900.635343689900980&type=3

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This isn't really a design thing but I was thinking about Exeter's sister York, and some of the things me and my mom say (we're Yorkshire) so I wrote down some of the stuff we say that perhaps York'll get to say:


Chunter (mutter/mumble)

Ey up (Look out)

Gawp (to Stare)

Gumption (Common sense/intelligence)

Owt and Nowt (something and nothing; "owt or nowt?")

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