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Update 20 - Featuring Axum

Nel Celestine

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I thought we were going to hold off on the Italians until release? Or did I misread? 0_o


But hey, glad we got an Adua-Class Submarine I was rudely (and nostalgically) introduced to in 'Victory at Sea'. She indeed appears to be a lovely one, one of whom I'll try and care for if I can manage to fish her up in a summoning process. That, and I prefer tea. Give me tea, not coffee. That, or hot chocolate from Tim Horton's.


Spread the Adua-Class love! The forgotten Italians need love also! Thank you BCS, Victory at Sea, & KanColle! :D

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With the way your Pola looks I keep thinking she's Polish. My mind just shifts Pola looking as if she's a Polish ship girl in your game. :wacko:


Any in the bingo, or is that all it? Pola & Axum being an interesting 'deculture'.

"Deculture"? So, not stereotypically Italian?

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