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Captain's Association, Round 11: Vote by Sunday, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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If I managed to count 'em right...




A2() 6v

A5(Camicia Nera) 1v

A6(I-8) 1v
B3() 5v

B4(Bearn) 1v
B5(Saguenay) 2v
C2(D'Aosta) 1v
C4(Wicher) 1v
C5(Z 18) 3v
D2(Dunkerque) 1v
D3(Canarias) 1v
D4(Bulldog) 1v

E1(Algerie) 1v

E2(De Ruyter) 2v
E3(Kitakami) 1v
E5(Krasniy Krym) 1v
(Morganae) 1v





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Bulldog aside, who else on the board is confirmed British?


And weren't the last few votes "I hope this is HMS Hood!"? (Excluding Lexy this past week)

B-2 (it's not visible on the board, but in the uncropped picture she has the same sleeve markings as Arc Royal)

E-4 Rawalpindi (is RN at least)


I wouldn't put it past A-2; I know her earrings are black birds which could be US 'crows', but they could also be the ravens of the Tower of London.



I'll vote C-5 this week and let someone else break the tie. :P

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