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Hehe thanks freespace. Although..I don't think we should give up just yet! I'm not asking for the mile now that the inch is given, but I think to completely stop the flow of morgana info would be a bit disappointing. An occasional interlude or interruption like this every few interviews would be quite nice!

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Other Morgana confirmed names are Asphyxiation, Corruption, Treason, Delusion, and Terror. So far Avarice is the only directly named sin.







7/25 Morganae



























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So, while I am not necessarily endorsing a Morgana vote next week, I would like to see which Morgana is the most desired to be seen at this point so we can at least unite the Morgana faction when going to vote against those Belles.


Which Morgana should we vote for? Think of this as the Morgana Primary election. Whoever wins this will be the Morgana Chosen to compete in the main vote. This will maximize our odds of successfully trouncing a Belle next time.

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For reference:









(PS: A moment of contemplation for how much simpler every Captain's Association topic has been since the introduction of the Bingo Board...okay that's enough.)


The blue-haired octopus and red-haired snake-demon next to her on the bottom of the first kitchen sink are Morganas, I think Asphyxiation and Treason respectively. The broken Belle-looking Morgana sitting on a sliver of the moon (second picture) has already been interviewed, Corruption I think? And of course miss DDoS AKA Avarice has made her presence known on the Hood just recently. So, there's some (non-)options.


As for me? Well, it's definitely a tough call between Tentacle Surprise and snake demon, so I've consulted the RNG Gods and they've decided to favor Tentacle Surprise. This is not filling me with hope as to how well my next Academagia playthrough is going to go, but I suppose that's neither here nor there...

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Well for what it's worth, my recollection agrees with you on all counts of identification and interview recollections.(though corruption was more of an interlude and a monologue of; not an interview.) It's just a bit of a shame that the RNGods do not favor my outlook today.


Minor edit for clarification; by agreement I mean Yes, Tentacle surprise is definitely Asphyxiation, a submarine, and Snake Demon is definitely Treason, a Battleship.

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The one with the snake is treason, also in the video with asphyxiation and treason it's possible to see the third Morgana, Delusion, at the bottom. She seems to have a white mask that covers most of her face.

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Well, as a guy who served on a submarine, I tend to favor those by default, but I love those big battleships too. We won't do anything next week, but when we do move, Treason gets my vote for whenever we move for the next strike.

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