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Request: Video interview with Camicia Nera

Nel Celestine

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As the title states, I'd like to see, and hear, an interview with our lady of vengeance herself.



I know Mahan typically conducts the interviews in English but I think this would be a good idea to have non-English native belles getting an interview video! There could be subtitles! Or~ have the voice actress speak in English with Italian accent.



Just my two cents.






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Maybe I'm just insane, but consider this:


Recorded, but...




Bulldog may not be a valid choice this week for reasons which you can probably guess at... ;)


Bulldog was (if only in hindsight) confirmed for a video interview about five months ago. VB is supposed to be done and released in another, at most, three. Unless the Team has been sitting on a finished interview for months, I imagine that this second video interview won't be done until close to the game's release date. In which case, a Morgana interview could basically double as an introduction video to the game. Get the basic story and premise of the game from the Morgana's perspective, maybe a challenge or some such, something to draw people into the game. Like, I don't know whether the Team expects people to just jump into this game completely blind and pick it up as they go, whether there's something like a written introduction or tutorial for people to read or something, but if they're doing another video anyway they might as well have it pull double duty. While not pulling a primary duty that's been done twice already, at that.

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