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DLC 17 Bugs


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If there's any form of new content coming there's going to need to be at least another patch, so might as well release the content sooner and release the last bit of patchwork (which can conveniently include an updated content, just to fix the inevitable typos) later.

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in my DLC 16 game I failed VR's Pop Quiz 01 but still success it in this on the same call what resulted that I can now call the adventure again. As we had different adventure with the same bug in DLC 17 where a failure at the 1st step allowed to do the adventure again despite it was already finished I think its still a bug in DLC 17 as well.

(this report is mostly in case you can't fix this bug with a engine change and so have to add a extra first step to all bugged adventures)

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As visitors to Stēnephan Pastis’ Court know, there is a dearth in trained Advocates who are willing to step up and defend clients. Stēnephan has stated many times that he will not punish anyone who steps onto the Platform at a time when there are no other available Advocates; all that he asks is that they hold an Advocate’s License so that he knows they are versed in the Civil Code enough to give the accused a fair hearing. Based on the difficulty of the case that has just been successfully defended, Stenephan will order payment between 10 and 200 Pims for “service to the community”. One could literally stay at his court all day defending clients and possibly earn enough money to purchase that rare item they’ve been dreaming of; conversely, if not well enough prepared, one could spend the entire day losing cases and earning nothing.

Advocating at Stēnephan Pastis’ Court does not require anything in terms of skill levels, like advocating at Daribus Conley’s Court requires Criminal Law 7+. Bug?

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