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The Main Adventure


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I don't know if it was fixed in DLC 17, but in DLC 16 you could actually do up to three of them at once if you initiated them on the same day, since only the first stages checked for the "has committed to a main adventure path" memory.


As for why, it'll become clear if you can and choose to abuse the above bug, namely the fact that in choosing the wrong (or right) three adventures you'll end up becoming a Time Lord.

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They're all listed in Mikka's rather excellent adventure guide on the wiki, but for reference they are:-

A Meeting at the Tavern

In Search of Rumors of Pirates

A Note From the Headmaster

Academagia Under Attack

A Reward for a Job Well Done

There's also "Just Going About Your Buisness" which seems to be unlocked by completing one of the main adventures.


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