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The Belles were awoken.

Sinboto Simmons

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I've been thinking about something, concerning the belles.


In the trailer Mahan specifically says "We were awoken." not 'released' not 'we came/woke to defend' not 'created' not 'sent' not 'ordered' or 'tasked' but specifically we were awoken.


So that begs the question, who woke them up, and how?

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Occam's Razor 


We've already been told that at least one Scheherezade character will play at least a minor role. "Obviously" it's Sadie's fault the Morganas appear. :P


Once that happens of course the Belles awake. If your house is burning you (hopefully) get woken up by the smoke. The Belles' house is the ocean and the Morganas are fire. Our girls smell smoke and wake up. Those Belles that don't either have a terrible sense of smell or are heavy sleepers... ;-)


Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  :-)

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