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I believe I am going to vote option 3.  The captain needs to help out somehow, of course.

Also, I assume that because she's not redacted, this Goeben is the same as our Yavuz, so I wonder why in the previous updates she was known as Yavuz, and now in the holiday updates she's returned to her Imperial German name.  I asked this last time, but don't believe I got a response.  Is it a mistake on the part of the writers?

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I dearly hope it wasn't a mistake.  As our resident grand matriarch's chief huggler, I couldn't be happier with how Goeben was presented.  In fact, I'm still in the afterglow of my fangasm. :wub:

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9 minutes ago, DrYuriMom said:

I dearly hope it wasn't a mistake.  As our resident grand matriarch's chief huggler, I couldn't be happier with how Goeben was presented.  In fact, I'm still in the afterglow of my fangasm. :wub:

Oh, don't get me wrong.  I'm more than happy that she was presented as German, and she certainly did her share of the work.  She's a wonderful belle.  I'm just curious about the inexplicable name change.

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1 hour ago, Legate of Mineta said:


It's not a mistake, but she answers to Yavuz. In this case, she's being named by Mississippi.

In which case the situation I provided last time I asked still applies.  She was Yavuz some time before Mississippi was commissioned, so why would Mississippi call her Goeben?  Wouldn't Mississippi only have ever known her as Yavuz?

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The fact that Mississipi's commissioning was just some time after that change of name could explain why she even knows the original name. In comparison, "younger" belles might only ever have known it as Yavuz.

Why is Mississipi using "Goeben"? It could just be down to personal preference, in addition to her actually knowing that name in the first place.

For example, you'll never hear me call Libertad as "Galicia", even though my commissioning... uh, well... you get the point.


That aside, I vote 3.

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More on Goeben, direct from the Team:

"She answers to both. Our other Belles who changed names were changed by their Nation, but Goeben’s history (and her personality and age) lead her to being a little more independent than some of those other Belles. While she answers to Yavuz without complaint (as that is her proper name, at this point), she still prefers the name Goeben, and those who know her well will call her as much."

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2 hours ago, Panay's Ghost said:


I can't wait to explain to the Admiralty how I broke my neck falling out of a tree, in the middle of the ocean... :P

just file it as *KIA while being first at decorating the mast *


>Beta Vote, Final Release of 2018: No Go

2019 release?

>Aerial combat remains outstanding to complete the transformation of the Battle engine.

only battle logic remains to complete&assemble? 

>Profintern: Thank you, but… I don't think the way to prove we can be both Jewish and loyal to our homelands is to have the American threaten our superiors.

Anyone care to comment about that particular SNAFU ? 










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To my esteemed Old World captains who recognize such things, Merry Christmas!

WW1 Christmas Truce: Silent Night - Extra History

May we learn from our past to love one another in mutual respect and may war become the sole province of gamers, authors, and historians.
~A Christmas Prayer by DrYuriMom, mother of a 16yo boy

Oh, and Option 3 B)

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//Christmas 1938 in Korkys birth house in the beautiful city of Dortmund, Korkys private room//

Hiho, am a tad bit late. Weihnachten is a busy time if you have to run most of the show. .... I hope that's the right phrase.

First things first: Option 1. 

*takes a deep breath*

I think I know who both redacted Walküren are. But the best thing for last, eh captains?

So far I think the writers have made an amazing job with the christmas updates. 

All the little details, all the traditions, all the still not capitalizing all the german nouns, all the ...


Was? Sei ruhig! (What? Be silent!)


Ah, hehe.... excuse me, dear fellow captains. My little brother is here for christmas and ....

Redest du wieder schlecht über mich in Feindeszunge?

Wer hat dich überhaupt an den elektronischen Kommunikator im Nebenzimmer gelassen? Hau ab aus meiner Sitzung mit der INPF! (Who gave you access to the electronic communicator in the adjacent room anyway? Get lost from my session with the INPF!)

Anstatt dir so dumme Fragen zu überlegen, solltest du dich aufs Wesentliche konzentrieren.

*seufz* Und was wäre das Wesentliche? (*sigh* And what would be the essential?)

Diese Volksschädlinge werden dir auf dem Silbertablett präsentiert! Handel entsprechend! Wir müssen diese Untermenschen ausrotten, wo wir Ihrer habhaft werden können....

Ernsthaft jetzt; HALTS MAUL! (Seriously now; SHUT YOUR TRAP!)

... Die Flotte muss rein bleiben; und wenn das der Führer wüsste, dass du hier...


...dass du hier mit dem Feind kommunizierst und ganz bestimmt keinen Gedanken daran verschwendest diese Lügnerin und dieses Judenpack....

*a sound as if someone grabs some heavy metal object can be heard* Excuse fellow captains...... *footsteps, someone leaves the room* (from offscreen: JETZT REICHTS! (THAT's ENOUGH!)

... ihrer gerechten Strafe.....AAAH! 

//a thud can be heard as if someone smashes a heavy metal object against a torso followed by another thud as if a torso drops hard against something followed by another thud like the first one, and another alike, and another alike//

*Korky breathes heavily* I'm sorry fellow captains. *pant* My little brother *pant*.... Thor, those miners lath is heavier than I remember from last time.... *takes a deep breath*.... I'm sorry for my little brother... *Korky finally catches his breath*..... he loves his Führer very much. Very, very much. And my few stubs will most certainly not kill him. While some of you might be disappointed by that fact I have to admit my biggest weakness is my humanity I guess. And he's my brother after all. Anyway, I divagate. 

The story before me has in my very humble opinion two major flaws, but much, much beauty. I think I will use from now on "hold my Adventskranz" instead of "hold my beer" during christmas season from now on. 

But lets start from the top. All in all I like how the jewish scene plays out and I hope they can extinguish the fire. In itself the scene is good........but.

I think the introduction of the jewish Walküren is odd ( @Ninjapacman here's what I don't like about the judaism as mentioned in the discord). Why are there only a german and a soviet one? Where are the american and the english ones? They seem missing to me. And don't tell me there aren't any. At least one of the US Walküren is kinda bound to be jewish or am I completely mistaken? Wasn't the AJC kinda the founder of the WJC? At least that's what my dear german "newspaper" tell me. So I ask again: Where are they??? It would have been somewhat better if the captain and Mississippi come into the room to find only said american Walküre (and maybe other openly jewish Walküren? Maybe not.) and then hints for the presence of more, the secretly jewish, Walküren Profintern and ... [redacted]. I said the best for last.
On the other hand I was curious like the Gestapo to find out who that secretly jewish german Walküre could be.... and oh good give the writers staff a big Lebkuchenherz from me and a big cup of Glühwein. I loved it. I went with what I had: German, Hannukah, Dreidel, Latkes. And it was amazing and I get hungry for Kartoffelpuffer mit Rübenkraut again, but before I go there let me comment on Goeben.

Goeben is a Walküre that has my outmost respect. And how she händels* the captain here is a thing of beauty. And it's amazing what she did to make it all very festive. But she does get a bit bold, when stating that a custom which is recorded at least already in the 15th century, came in the 17th century from Turkey to Germany. And I know where this is coming from and I did some research and... well there are enough jews (and german jews on top of that) involved in that statement, that my little brother will put her on his naughty list. that's for sure. But @DrYuriMom is with her, so she'll be fine and I don't mind it much if he has a little accident....or assault.... or his ass kicked in a very thorough way. But I divagate again.
I hope she can teach us a bit more about Nadoquan.... and that's my other issue with her: Why doesn't she teach us about it? To show the similarities and differences between Nardoquan and Weihnachten. And all the other "normal" stuff could have been done by a italian or a french Belle. Or aren't they celebrating Weihachten in bella Italia and la république
And a tiny thing Goeben maybe forgot in Turkey...... the Adventskranz is put up on the 1st Adventssunday. So four sundays before Christmas. If you pur it up on christmas, you're a bit late with it.
Oh and btw, I chose option 1, because she can finish what she's started.

Now on to my hunt for not one, but two redacted. I'll encode it for everyone who doesn't want to know.


Yeah, the spoiler is the "code".


The zoroastrian Walküre was and remains a thin lead, but she said "Kapitan", so I decided to limit it to soviet Walküren. In the discord was a lot of... well... discord about which british controlled region close or in Persia would give the Walküre it's name or anything in that direction, so I did not follow the pack. Checking all areas in the CCCP for zoroastrianism left me with Türkmenistan. But no soviet Walküre in service seemed to have a connection with that soviet republic. The only ship I found, while casually scrolling a list of soviet warhips was a ship related to the central asian region. And it was my only lead. So I searched for the thinnest connection between the city it was named after and zoroastrianism.... I had given myself an hour for the search and then would have said: "Nah, not worth it." but after 30 minutes I found a text that mentioned a connection between the name and zoroastrianism and when I checked the destroyer again I saw how she's the only one of her class. She has no sisters. And her sentence about Zartosht No-Diso being "a solemn day, one which I do not mind spending by myself." suddenly hit my working brain from the depths of my memory and I decided: Yep. That's her. Alright. My money for the redacted Walküre from last time is on the soviet destroyer "Tashkent".

Since the hunt for the jew took me in a deeper rabbit hole I'll put it in a "deeper" spoiler.... it also blew my mind.


German, Hannukah, Dreidel, Latke... those four juicy, delicious, challenging, provoking....taunting words.

I had to take up THAT challenge to crack the secret who she is. And my first hunch was Schlesien. Because a certain someone connected to the Schlesien is suspected to protect jews or at least not to hunt them down as energetic as my brother or the SS..... talking about my brother excuse me for a moment. *some metal object s grabbed and footsteps leave the room* .... *a thud can be heard* .... 

I convinced him to stay uncon....asleep. Just to make sure. We don't want him to rush to his beloved Führer with my result, now, do we. Anyway less divagation, more on topic talk. 
I couldn't get a gri with Schlesien. From my Tashkent experience I checked all Walküren names for geographical significant spots for german jews, but the ships I found were al named after regions not very famous for jewish communities... Königsberg was my next idea.... but nah... so I took a step away from my investigation (which raged for over an hour already, Tashkent took me only a bit over half an hour!). 

Names.... nope. I assumed every Walküre named after a real person would very much not be named after a jewish person. Nazis ARE germans after all. No matter how sad I personally am about it. They surely checked for jews and given german naval tradition, the navy had checked even before the Nazis came to power. Sooo..... no idea. Let's investigate that Hannukah thing.
What is a Latke? I'm sure it's an exotic, jewish, foreign, strange dish which......it's Kartoffelpuffer. Are you kidding me? Kartoffelpuffer? I checked the recipe for Latke..... Kartoffelpuffer. Secret jewish ingredient? None. Secret jewish way of preparing it..... nope, looks normal. Jewish secret ritual to accompany it's making or eating.... none.... okay. That's a funny coincidence. Hm.... so much for "german" jews. What do polish jews eat? Because of Schlesien and all the Poles in it. Hm, how funny. Looks like Berliner. Those wacky jews. Eating our dishes.... wait a moment... yep, checked it. They eat ours, not the other way round. Boy now I was... and am... hungry for Kartoffelpuffer. And anticipate Silvester with the Berliner eating. Lots of it. I like it.

Soooo next on the list was the Dreidel, huh? What's the deal about it I thought? Huh.... evolved from the german game of "Nimm Gib"..... hey I know that. Those funny dices with a stick in my Spielesammlung. And then it came to me. Slowly.... very slowly. Some totally stupid idea popped up in my head. Noooooo...... I thought to myself. That'd be silly..... hm, anything to throw me off that train of thoughts? Of they have chocolate money. How adorable. We too.... have... chocolate... money...... no, no, no, no, no, EVERYONE gives out chocolate money to their kids, right? Right?..... After looking up some source I learned: No. Aside from the jews only Germany, Switzerland, Austria (currently Ostmark) and the Netherlands have THAT custom in widespread use..... I gave up. Now I took a cup full of tea, thought it all over and steered in the direction I refused to steam for the last 2 hours since my mind started considering her. For another hour I checking my sources to confirm THAT possibility. Crossing everyone else from my list for good and double checking my sources if it made sense. And then another sentence hit me... it hit me hard. "I was just teaching her how to play dreidel." They evolved it from "Nimm Gib"...... SHE played them all how to dreidel!  I sat in front of my sources laughing, fully enjoying my conclusion and applauding and toasting to the writers who came up with the idea to make the Panzerkreuzer "Deutschland" jewish. 

Well done my beloved writers, well done. For all who don't get it: If you say "Deutschland is jewish" your say "Germany is jewsh". But I guess all you smart captains got it by this point. 

But since we are just all so merrily together: All this cross checking creates a small problem for the captain in that scene...... no german captain would smell Latkes. If you're german and you smell Latkes, you don't smell latkes. You smell whatever your dialect calls "Kartoffelpuffer". I found around 30 names for that dish in Germany alone. And we eat or at least smell them quite often. Especially around christmas. In the whole country. So the captain in the tale is a german jew, or not german at all. I seriously had to look up what a "Latke" is as you can see above. I've never heard or read that term in my life. And yes i have pre-1933 cookingbooks in my possession with a corresponding recipe ... and used them. And my guess would be, eastern european captains probably would smell something different than Latke as well. So for the first time not everyone can be the captain. Except eating Latkes is a mandatory thing, when joining the INPF...... since knowing what they are now, I'd love that as an ritual. 



And if I'm wrong with my conclusions? I don't care. The searches were joyrides for me and my brain. Also: I'm the german. I'm never wrong. Never! (And never overconfident, natürlich.)

*phonetically identical to "handles". 

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