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10 hours ago, lazarusdw said:

belfast said we are not to fight, somone tell belfast, i'm sorry


I'm not sorry, but I shall agree to a truce.

If nothing else this update was very informative.  It gave quite a lot of useful insight into the relationship between the press and the Belles.  It also gave me some useful insight into other things.  For example, I feel the task force involving glorious was an example of ships that are not currently in the game as belles, and are just there for fluff.

Aврора on the other hand is noted specifically as having a belle, and as one of those girls who really has to be considered essential in this sort of game... Well let's get it over with.  I call for an Unredaction/Introduction for Aврора as the next update.  That is, unless next update is the Game's beta announcement/next video.

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Like I said in the Discord, Aurora could end up as an NPC Belle at first and then playable later. I *think* Ooyodo and Akashi were like that in KanColle, maybe not. Mamiya and Irako are full NPC ships since as supply ships....they wouldn't be a good choice for the frontlines. lol

For example, Warship Girls has HMS Victory and Aurora as NPC Teachers for the school section of the game. The rest of Royal Oak's 4 sisters were probably planned to be added into the game, but they were cut and later added as dorm furniture (I guess they are somewhat lucky their designer is also the main art director of the game).

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There are some fun ships (for example, the mysterious host of the Captain's Association) which...well, you really don't want to bring them into combat. But you could, if you wanted. I suppose there's a challenge there. Chiyoda is another example of that- she doesn't really have a place in the line.

We made them playable for '39, but as we go along they'll ultimate have enhanced non-Battle roles to play.

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> no-one has taken Torpedoes so far as Britain! - *plays rule Britannia on a kazoo*

Let's play a round of [redacted] Bingo.
Marseillaise is probably the French Bulldog

The IJN pair is probably Nagato and Mutsu, which aligns me with Mig on discord.

Il Duce probably take Giulio Cesare as living proof to be able to root his movement in Roma and her imperium.

>though, as an unapologetic pedant, I feel obligated to note that it presumably [Redacted] until [Redacted] - I don't get this sentence at all. Assistance anyone?

Who else but Deutschland could be expected to be the symbol of the Reich? I'm fixed on this. Especially after betting on her on another occasion. And I even have a hunch what Belfast believes to sense. She's also my most anticipated Walküre..... want. her. so. bad.

I'm lost on two more Walküren: The yankii one and the wind one. Too much of both of them.

Aurora and Glorious as NPCs, that's rather interesting. So all speculation about Schleswig-Holstein might be in vain as she is my German top candidate to be a NPC now.

HMS Bulldog is manned by Bretons and Welsh people? Interesting. But sure, reminding people they're of German origin by calling them Anglo-Saxons is maybe a bit counterproductive for her.

I will also offer both laz and ninja some weapons. Maybe they have a need for them. My shop is on the western brother. It has only one town, can't miss it. If the shop is closed, I'll try to intercept [redacted] on route to Dioskouridou.

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2 hours ago, Käpt'n Korky said:

I'm lost on two more Walküren: The yankii one and the wind one. Too much of both of them.

I’ll attempt to provide some insight.  The yankee belle has to be one well known but not revealed.  With such a large number of the US belles already on the list of known quantities, I can subtract every Belle we’ve been introduced to.  That leaves very few to take the spotlight.  I would argue in this case

Enterprise is the soon to be famous belle hinted


As for the wind, it’s most likely one of the couple dozen Japanese destroyers famously named for inclement weather.  Since the Kageros under Such names don’t get commissioned until ‘40, it would most likely be any of the minekaze class, or one of the 4 windy Shiratsuyus, Umi, Kawa, Suzu, and Yama.  My money is on Umikaze, as any of her inherent large scope knowledge would be most valuable to any Navy.

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3 minutes ago, Käpt'n Korky said:

Could also be Mistral or Siroco or Ouaran or Cyclone...... I guess there are also RN and RM ships with "windy" names. And some Japanese winds are.... A bit very unspecific, don't you think @Ninjapacman?

That’s entirely plausible, but they do say “namesake wind”, which implies a certain Wind, not a wind-related weather effect.  That rules out cyclone and Ouragan Or similar.  Something like “Mountain wind” seems more appropriate to the phrasing.  

I did not look over Naval Rosters before making my post though.  The Japanese were just the easiest ones that came to mind.  I’ll have to look over RN and RM destroyers when I get home.

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Interested to see what happens with Glorious. I have John Winton's Carrier Glorious and she's long struck me as a fascinating choice to map from warship to character.

Obviously there's her strange origin - the last of Jackie Fisher's many brain-children - and conversion. But more uniquely, a tarnished morning was followed (I think I'm borrowing Churchill here) by a golden noontide and a leaden twilight.

In the '30s as the Mediterranean Fleet's principal carrier she did well in exercises, vied with Warspite, the flagship, for the regatta prizes, hosted dignitaries (the Prince of Wales flew in one of her 'planes) and developed much of the doctrine and techniques of naval aviation (including the Taranto strike plan).

Then D'Oyly Hughes became captain and the morale collapse reads as if the whole ship fell into a clinical depression and, on her last voyage, a comprehensive nervous breakdown.

She'd be an interesting fit, especially among the RN Belles, who seem a confident, cheerful, well-adjusted crowd. Compare Verdun's sadness, d'Aosta's disenchantment, I-8's repression of personality or Profintern.


As to the wind, there are several French and Italian destroyers that qualify, but I'm for HMS Boreas. The context is a question of scale, and the north wind reaches a far greater expanse of the sea than the comparatively localised winds of the Mediterranean. 

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13 hours ago, Legate of Mineta said:


As you'll discover, all the Nations have a pretty diverse set of personalities, but overall I'd agree that the UK is fairly upbeat. They have their share of the sullen and serious, though. ;)

Glorious is confirmed to be awoken, but not playable (at least, in '39). 

@Shirogane beta is closing in, you need to get busy again. 😄

13 hours ago, TwoHeavens said:

I admit I'll be disappointed if Schleswig-Holstein isn't playable.

I'd be surprised if she's playable under the now revealed circumstances.

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