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Wizard's Aid? (spell name)

Or Wizard's Aide? (spell description)


Also a question about the Root Cause Spell:

It sets the relationship between any two people to 0 for 12 days. Does it return to the previous value after that? Or is it a reset to 0, start building it up or breaking it down from there after 12 days of rest?

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I just cast veil of aversion on myself (because difficulty 3), with two air phemes on it, successfully.


The report tells me twice my finesse has been increased by 1 (as should be), but... it's still showing 2 in my attributes. It was also not showing any noticeable increase during the related event, though I saw that my planning option (day of the fools) was blue with a planning of 4.


So... did my double air finesse combo really work? If yes, then, it's just staying invisible and I'll have this +2 bonus until I rest?

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Your Finesse was correctly Increased...but only for a Duration of 1 Phase. The Spell 'Veil of Aversion' Adds an Affliction to your Choice of Target, and that Affliction persists until the Target Rests. But the Spell lasts only 1 Phase- and so do all the Effects of it, including the Attribute Increases from the Air Phemes.


We'll update the Description to make that clearer in DLC 2. In the mean time, when hunting for Spells to act as carriers, look for the Duration (located near the bottom of the Spell Description when you focus on the Spell in the right-hand menu) to be absolutely sure of its length.


Let me know if that answered the question, and thanks!

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The Spell Revision of Skills is kind of confusing.

First of all I thought in reading the spell descrition both skills will be switched for the spell duration but the resoult is that only the first skill you enter will be replace with the second for the time. But then there is also the issue to knowing witch skill replace witch because where you enter the skills nothing is mentioned.

Also the Problem is that the new Score used for rolls isnt displayed anywere and even the difficulty displays in Adventures only display the difficulty of the orginal falue.

From the resoult I get out with the Adventure I am not even sure if it is the second that replces the first skill because my first thry was wrong direction and I sucessed and 2 more thry with the "right" switch failed.

My test was switching weaponsmith (12) for conversation (1) and the adventure is Oh, to be Popular.

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Bug: Missing spell target selection.


Spell: Positive Alteration of Organic Matter


The spell text says "Instead, it does 5 points of damage to your chosen target..."



When attempting to use this spell both in and out of a duel, the Damage target selection is locked on the player.



Selectable target dialog.

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The check listed is Player's (Fitness + Mastery) > Opponent's (Insight + Negation)


Player: Fitness 2, Mastery 12 (via 6th Finger + 2 Order Phemes) = 14 vs. Philippe: Insight 0 (via Create Setback), Negation 14 = 14


I was able to cast Confuse in the phase prior to Master to turn Philippe's Insight to -1, and I also started from the Room of Champions (+1 to player's stats)


Final check should be 15 vs. 13.


Is there still a chance for spell failure? I've tried investing stress, but that also didn't work.

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Should have factored that in. That would mean...


(1 to 6) + 12 = 13 to 18 vs. (-1 to 1) + 14 = 13 to 15


Makes a lot more sense. 33% chance for failure if my statistics are in one piece. I only tried 4 times so it's not terribly improbable.


And that's not factoring in any hidden numbers. Thanks!

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Not sure if it's a bug, but... description of "Glow of Victory" spell says it's Finesse + Persuasion roll vs 4, yet my character is repeatedly failing to cast it, with Persuasion of 7 (base 4, expanded with math acuity spell) Finesse is at 1, but was under impression the skill bonus alone could push it over the limit. This is for basic version of the spell, with no phemes added. Running patch 5 version of the game.


edit: failing it with base persuasion at 5 as well.

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