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    Absolutely agreed. That's why I mentioned it publicly so that we're totally transparent.
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    Gneis has earned herself a permit to join my fleet. As for Scharn...well...after what she did to Rawa?
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    I had been waiting for the Lies episode, but thanks to the D-Day episode they've just put up *hint hint*, I re-checked the 4th Bismark episode. in the comments portion, they note that sponsored series don't get Lies episodes, so I'm posting what they wrote as footnotes:
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    It does, The Unseen Arrival.
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    Does the Purple Academy of Thei background have an associated adventure?
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    The German memorial of Sédan erected for their fallen soldiers of 1870 still stands today, having survived both World Wars. I wish more people would show the same kind of respect to the French soldiers who fell during WW2. Verdun will be a mandatory ship for me. Thank you for including her, may we never forget her sacrifices...
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    Also by only posting the board that has Belles with shown art, you're not showing all the options, regardless if you think they "exist" or not. In this regard, you're actually manipulating the votes towards what you want instead of letting people vote for what they want. It's like showing people they have only one party to vote for when there's actually two
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    Olympia isn't dead, just decommissioned and a museum. She doesn't have a Belle, but then there are far more ships in '39 who don't have Belles than the 100+ who do, so she's not alone. I'll do it all over again ...Dun, dun duuuuun!
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    Orion, double or nothing, especially after getting a look at her artwork
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    So I noticed that vdalson has started an actual, honest-to-goodness guide on Steam, which I can only imagine people are going to appreciate given the only (current) somewhat up-to-date alternative of my bulletin point list of every mechanic in the game forever. That said I noticed a few errors/oddities, and in absence of a Steam account (and, indeed, any desire to create one) I figured I'd just post my observations here so that someone, bare minimum, could see them: While that is true (and something that the Team should probably address, in addition to the uncapitalised "familiar" in that prompt come to think of it) the default name of a Familiar is always the same based on their species, so unless his default name got changed I can tell you with absolutely certainty that your Hawk's default name suggestion was Condotierre. This is actually the result of a bug, because the game starts you in a one person Clique. Back in the day you didn't, and if you Befriended someone already in a Clique (and succeeded) you'd join that Clique. I...want to say that's going to be fixed at some point? I'm not sure. There's a few other points as well where you mention actions/abilities having a "chance" to do something. But as far as I know Train will always succeed, assuming you train a subskill that can be trained. If basic, no-roll actions end up failing for you for no discernible reason (even a Bad Luck Magnet shouldn't ever fail at Train, since CoF doesn't apply when there's no roll involved) you should rapport that as a bug. Efficient Research lasts for only one week, as it's description says. It's true that it lasts for 42 turns and that divided by 3 would be 14, but every day is actually composed of 6 turns - the last three time slots of each day (even weekends) are invisible and inexpressible, basically something that ended up on the cutting room floor. If you want another example to test this ingame, check out Cleanse and Remake - it lasts for a stated 24 turns, but the effects only last for 4 days rather than 8. Story/flavour wise, BTW, IIRC those three timeslots are excused as your character "doing homework in their (Common) room once it's past their curfew". Which is why you never have to devote timeslots to doing homework, even of certain REs would suggest otherwise. The common language spoken in Mineta is Renaglian I.E. New or Modern Elumian, which there exists no related skill for as it's assumed your character is fluent in it. Old Elumian, or just Elumian, is the old language of the Empire of Man that's not commonly spoken anymore, but still present in old texts and such. If that made little sense, Renaglian is the setting's equivalent of Italian, whereas Elumian is the setting's Latin. ...There was also something else, where is is...oh here it is. ...Did not even notice that typo before. Eh, anyway, when rolling against a set threshold (I.E. something like 90% of the game's rolls) you succeed if your roll matches or exceeds the threshold. So my given example of a Charm 3/Social Skills 3 v.6 roll being an even 50% chance is completely wrong - a roll of 0, 1 or 2 results in a failure, whereas 3, 4, 5 or 6 would result in success, meaning there's a 3/7 chance to fail and a 4/7 chance to succeed. That is...unfortunate. I'll correct that immediately. EDIT: After checking ingame and actually referencing the old version of the game's actual manual (yes, one exists. No, neither it or the "updated" version is any good) for some form of confirmation I've finally determined that I don't know how getting a clean 50% chance on any roll is mathematically possible, since ((any number×2)+1) will result in an uneven number, so there's never an equal amount of numbers you can roll that will result in success/failure. The only was I can see this making sense is if, when you exactly meet a roll's threshold, the game flips a coin to determine whether you actually succeed or not. That way there can be an even number of options that results in success or failure. Several years of playing this game later and now I figure this out. Ye gods, this is...maddening. EDIT 2: And now, of all times, I finally remember that any given Attribute 0/Skill X v. X roll will always succeed barring shenanigans, so my statement of a roll only needing to meet a given set threshold is correct. The rest...*confused shrug*...but at least I've remembered that much.
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    The sad thing is I already knew. I'm just letting you rub it in now.
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    Is it just me or do a lot of stories cut off before the ending? You make your selection, expect to see your reward or failure and nothing. It is the end of the day and you are reading the history of that day
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    On a related note, I've made the new Board
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    Oh I don't need a special event to hunt Ninja down
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    So, some of you guys have probably seen my thread in the writer's corner about making a quick documentation about the warships and the belles that personify them. Here if you don't know what I'm on about. The thing is, I set the due date for the weekend and it's monday evening now, I don't like failing to keep my word as that's the kind of man I am. It has taken far more time to gather footage and write up the scripts than I originally planed. So since I'm making this for you, my fellow captains, I wanted your opinion: Do I release it as soon as possible and use it as a template to improve others in the future, or take the extra time and refine the first video for quality?
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    Well Vernin is the college of the Gifted afterall. Plus it's kinda hard to compete when the parents see our installations especially our dormitories (the first thing they check I assure you). The other colleges thus logically get the scraps that unfortunately do not meet the requirements to join the most esteemed college.
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    And because I'm an idiot, I accidentally deleted Nerpa drawing from imgur, uploading it again
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    That's what I think as well. Maass doesn't come across as completely helpless - she just has freak accidents from time to time (like a slapstick character). That being said, she's somewhat aware that stuff tends to happen around her and is a bit self-depreciating about it. She's not a klutz who isn't aware that stuff catches on fire around her. She seems to realize it...and kinda accepts that while also trying to improve her situation somewhat. If anything, I could say that she's more of a Chew Toy than anything moe-ish.
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    I would argue that the line comes from if the clumsiness comes with a purpose. Maas has the personality of someone who accepts that bad stuff happens to her but never lets that stop her. Just as often as she fails she comes back from it. She gotten to the point she could rebuild destroyed glass vases and have them come out more beautiful than the original vase. In most clumsy moe there is nothing gained from their clumsiness other than being cute.
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    Regarding where it crosses the line from a cute gimmick to "pledge to protect cute clumsy baby"... hmm that's tough since most extreme examples of a cute klutz character i know of are in moe anime where that's pretty much their job. I want to say that the difference would be competence. Here Maass is very unlucky but otherwise seems to have herself in order, even predicting what might go wrong (though even so it doesn't seem to work out). A straight up pander character would be totally hopeless. Still, it's a narrow line to walk.
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    It's probably a play on how she ended up having one of the unluckiest deaths in WW2 naval history. If this U-boat gets introduced in the game, she'll probably be a crappy plumber since she was destroyed by her toilet (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_submarine_U-1206). In regards to Maass though, she's our first really big derp character. Most of the other Victory Belles ships seem quite competent as warriors (arrogantly so sometimes like Kongou or Scharnhorst), so I'm sure a bit of derpiness is fine.
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    We from Durand are the 1%
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    I've been having a bad art block lately, here's a quick D'Aosta:
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    [spoiler][/spoiler] Don't copy/paste that, BTW, apparently copy-pasting from code block doesn't work. Incidentally, that's one of two instances of a Black Chicken being in the game. I'll leave it to you to find the second .
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    Blasphemy! Tell your other self to get their own account, when we want to talk to our legate, we don't want an imposter!
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    I really think that the team need to be pleaded with on the class list. It's important that we get access to it before long. That isn't something that should be released in the last second. The class information will be important for our choices going forward, and the longer we have to wait the less time we have to set up final saves. Yes, we have pretty good saves, BUT they all were made with Y1 in context, As far as Y2 was concerned if we did something useful, it's more of a coincidence than any great planning..
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    On the topic of the class-skipping bug, I feel like this has definitely become an area where the playerbase likes both the intended behavior and the bugged behavior. Maybe a character creation option could be added - "strict or lax discipline?" - which would allow anyone to play under the rules they prefer. Certainly I like being able to skip classes - it fits with Orso's rather lax attitude toward rules and preference for students learning through exploration, independent study, and adventure - but I could see why someone would prefer an Academagia more along the lines of a Hogwarts-esque high school rather than a magic college, too. I raise this mostly because a lot of games - I'm thinking of Crusader Kings 2 in particular - have been pretty successful lately experimenting with changeable rulesets.