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    I drew a picture of Mahan.
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    I drew Bulldog too, it's nothing special:
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    picture of Mahan that I drew a while ago
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    It's just a simple greeting gif
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    Kirov! from @onigiri121223 on Twitter
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    You don't say... I don't know whether to bless or curse Käpt'n Korky for introducing me to Postmodern Jukebox, so I'll see his Seven Nation Army for Blue Monday:
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    I couldn't resist after reading popcorn in the "What could you find on YouTube this day" thread.
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    Let's sea. How many major fleets? Japan, Germany, England, USA, Italy, France, Soviet Union.... did I miss one? No? Seven then? Seven fleets... and seven armies.... hm... I think I just found the Morgana anthem: For the anglophones (mostly the "Common"wealth): For the french (en anglais, excusez-moi) Why Italy, why? The glorious russian version! The japanese get one as well... And for the lack of a german version you get this perfect spanish cover up. Actual spanish versions (yes, more than one....) Also glorious polish version. Well.... kinda! (If it's Jack White, he must be a pole. No questions!) Look! Gdynia!!! And here's, last but not least, the appropiate US/Morgana 1939 edition.... love it! I know you will. This it what "they" sing.... the Nixensong.
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    This is from atsukimasahiro Cute pupper is cute
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    Here's to hoping this doesn't blow up. So it's been pointed out on Steam that the ingame tutorial is incomplete, the game's learning curve is steep, and the myriad of options available, while great, really doesn't help newcomers figure out just what they're supposed to do. This, I can personally confirm, is entirely on the mark. I figured I'd try and collect and explain some of the basic mechanics that the game doesn't, and hopefully shed some light on them as I go into more detail. If that turns out to be wasted effort than, eh...go read Bobbin Threadbare's LP I suppose, 'cuz I sure as Fish can't help ya'. Anyway: (IMPORTANT) F12 Function: (Advanced) Familiar Training Strategy: (Advanced) The Forbidden Arts (Imagination/Improvisation 101 required): Adventures: Attributes (primary): Attributes (secondary): Character Creation (Mechanics): Character Creation (reference lists): Character Creation (tips on creating a character): Chance of Success/Failure, Chance of Detection, Glory, Parental Approval, Re-Rolls and Skill Substitution: Class Skipping and Detention: Cleanse and Cheesemake Remake (Or: Cheese and Remake): Cliques: Dealing with Bullies: Exams (or: Study and why it's (not) important): Exploring: Merit Race: Pheme Buffing: Random Events: Research: Rolls and Color-Coding: Romance (Or: Why a Lack Thereof?): Skills (Basics and Tips): Stress Bonus:
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    I had been waiting for the Lies episode, but thanks to the D-Day episode they've just put up *hint hint*, I re-checked the 4th Bismark episode. in the comments portion, they note that sponsored series don't get Lies episodes, so I'm posting what they wrote as footnotes:
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    I'll complement the good Kapitan Korky. I like the same two he does. Both his half votes are now full votes. :-)
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    What started as a small joke from my mind has slowly escalated unto the whole parody song that i present to my fellow backers/forumers. In part because Admiral Hurtado did several of these for us some time ago before heading unto other games. So, here is my take. I hope you enjoy it as much as i wrote it. +1 if you've noticed the referenced song before even opening the thread. Note - while the original is labelled by some as NSFW, the VB lyrics are much safer. At least from my honest perspective. Here's the youtube link for the original song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUspLVStPbk (duration - 4:16) Perth: You see... we believe... let me put it like this. There are British in the world. There are French. There are Germen and Italian, and then There are those that follow Russia, but I've never been one of them. (*brrr*) I'm a Victory Belle, And have been since before i was born And the one thing they say about Belles is: They'll take you despite any scorn. You don't have to be a Destroyer. You don't have to carry a torpedo. You don't have to wear heavy armor. You're a Belle with a tale to show. Because... Every Belle is sacred, Every Belle is great. To be the Admiral's love, Is our blessed fate. Stewart's Cheer Group: (*calm*) Every Belle is sacred, Every Belle is great. To be the Admiral's love, Is our blessed fate. Belfast: Let the haters hate, Wailing hands and feet. Fate will turn around. Their tears will be sweet. Stewart's Cheer Group: Every Belle is sacred, Every Belle is good. Every Belle is wanted In this neighbourhood! Nevada: Germany, Japan, Italy want to have their way, We only heed our Admiral: "Anchors aweigh!" Bèarn & Perth: Every Belle is sacred, Every Belle is great. New Orleans & Stewart: If you refuse one of us... Stewart's Cheer Group: ...you'll get one less date! Triomphant: Every Belle is sacred. Bulldog & Algérie: Every Belle is good. Hood & Mississippi: Every Belle is wanted... Arizona & Boise: ...in this neighbourhood! Stewart's Cheer Group: Every Belle is special. Every Belle is true. Mahan: There's a Belle for everyone. Kitakami: For you. Velasco: And you. Nautilus: (*submerging*) And you! (Instrumental) Leningrad: (*scoff*) Let the Morganas come forth, Armed with curse and glance. Carmicia Nera: (*reloading*) We will strike them all down, They don't stand a chance. Stewart's Cheer Group: Every Belle is sacred, Every Belle is good. Every Belle is wanted In this neighbourhood! Everyone: Every Belle is sacred, Every Belle is great. To be the Admiral's love, Is our blessed faaaaaaaaate. Thank you, thank you, thank you... ...Oh, God, what have i done.
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    Hello there guy's Waiting game is real here
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    I'm more curious if a Belle picks a world leader as it's captain. Again, imagine Iowa picking FDR and now he's not only the president but also a Belle captain
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    Pure? I dunno about that. I think she knows exactly what she's saying. There's a school of sarcasm/shaming that involves being incredibly polite and well mannered, I considered Hiryu's "apology" for the damage to the golf ball to be very much be part of that.
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    The thought occurs to you because Panay mentioned it just a little while ago. As far as the rest, I would suggest a book called "Those Angry Years". Don't underestimate the intensity of US isolationist thought in the pre-Pearl Harbor years. In 1939 the US didn't have allies as such. We were positively allergic to "foreign entanglements" because of how WWI started. That's why despite coming up with the idea the US never joined the League of Nations. I can sympathize with the desire to wax poetic about Japan, but don't forget that the Rape of Nanjing has already happened. The whole fabricated incident at the Marco Polo Bridge has already happened. The abuse of thier mandates in the western Pacific has already happened. Japan had already chosen thier path by 1939. While it is true that Roosevelt was the ultimate pragmatist, he was also very much a Sinophile. It's hard to imagine a scenario where "That Man in the White House" doesn't let Japan stew in thier own juice until they at least withdraw back to Manchuria if not all the way back across the Yalu.
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    You can handle that one, DrYuriMom, as I'll be busy in my fic with potential relations between America and Japan. It might be minor at first, but I'd love to explore the idea of a Combined International Pacific Fleet further. It's just too juicy to ignore. As far as U-boats, I think at least one more will be present there's no way they'd leave out U-47.
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    I heartily agree with Dr.YuriMom. I have put money into this game, that while tiny, was my entire life savings at the time. Even still I'm perfectly confident that this game will not just meet, but exceed my expectations for it once it gets released. As one of the writers who has fallen off his duties of late, I'm certain I should get back in and assist in making these forums live once more. I also would love to see more interaction from the team, as that has been one of the major drawing points for me on this game over other kickstarters. It's always massively refreshing to see the developers making effort to connect with their player base and supporters.
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    I'm getting my popcorn ready for later years, to go with ships that were named for reasons directly associated with battles/events that the player might be able to avoid/ prevent (I'm looking at you, The Sullivans. You too, Shangri-la).
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    It would be funny if there was a VB halloween event...and she had a costume that paid homage to Ming the Merciless :D.
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    If anyone can find the artist, please give her/him the very well deserved credit.
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    ...Throw Kirov in there, and you either have a wolfpack or World War 3.
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    @Gerrion If you want the cup/beverage of the german "Joe" you would find it to be a "cup of otto". The "average joe" in german is "Otto Normalverbraucher" (Otto Normalconsumer). One explanaition is it originated in a filmfigure by th name Otto in a post WWII movie about a man who has to arrange with coming back from war and getting foodstamps for a "Normalverbraucher". The movie ("Berliner Ballade", 1948) was quite popular at the time and if you ever saw the Bond movie "Goldfinger": Otto Normalverbraucher was played by Gerd Fröbe. I learned about it 5 years ago and it's on wikipedia. But it has a flaw: As far as I know it there were no foddstamps titled "Normalverbraucher". But it's a movie, they maybe made that up. However the other explanation and the one I refer to has to do with cars. It's the one I learned first as a child: A normal worker usually drives or drove a car with a four-stroke combustion engine which uses the petrol referred until a few years ago as "Normalbenzin" (Normalpetrol) or short "Normal". And in germany a four-stroke combustion engine that uses petrol and not diesel is called an Ottomotor. One of the inventors of the four-stroker had that last name. Recently the "Normal" vanished from the market (dunno why) and Euro95 or as we call it in german "Super" became the standard petrol. Why had Joe Normal an Ottoengine? Diesel is cheaper to refill but the car is more expensive to buy. Only people who travel long distances with the car considered it. And "Super" and "Super plus" were considered for richer people and fancier cars and always more expensive than "Normal". So a average german drove a car with Ottomotor and consumed "Normal" with it. So that's how you get from a cup of coffee to a cup of petrol. And just for the sake of completeness: If you go with the Movie version it would probably be a cup of milk, since coffee and tea were only occasionally available. The beer thing is a totally different story.
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    It does, The Unseen Arrival.
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    Has anyone gotten 100 relationship points with Ahmose or more than 96? I am trying to write out how to get all 100 points, but I can only find 96. Ahmose is not involved in many capers, and I've been over those few capers so many times, I have no idea how I'm missing four points. Here is what I have: Ahmose main=10 Christmas=5 Easter=4 Ahmose Egypt=13 Ahmose Australia=12 Ahmose India=12 Ahmose Peru=11 Ahmose New Orleans=12 Ahmose Turkey=15 Kheper Conversations=2 Those are also the only capers that Ahmose has relationship points in, so there isn't much to search through. If anyone can add any information, confirm anything, or point out any errors, please let me know. I can't imagine that there are actually four Ahmose points missing in-game, but since I think Sterling has two points not obtainable (on his route anyway), I am not ruling it out.
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    So I noticed that vdalson has started an actual, honest-to-goodness guide on Steam, which I can only imagine people are going to appreciate given the only (current) somewhat up-to-date alternative of my bulletin point list of every mechanic in the game forever. That said I noticed a few errors/oddities, and in absence of a Steam account (and, indeed, any desire to create one) I figured I'd just post my observations here so that someone, bare minimum, could see them: While that is true (and something that the Team should probably address, in addition to the uncapitalised "familiar" in that prompt come to think of it) the default name of a Familiar is always the same based on their species, so unless his default name got changed I can tell you with absolutely certainty that your Hawk's default name suggestion was Condotierre. This is actually the result of a bug, because the game starts you in a one person Clique. Back in the day you didn't, and if you Befriended someone already in a Clique (and succeeded) you'd join that Clique. I...want to say that's going to be fixed at some point? I'm not sure. There's a few other points as well where you mention actions/abilities having a "chance" to do something. But as far as I know Train will always succeed, assuming you train a subskill that can be trained. If basic, no-roll actions end up failing for you for no discernible reason (even a Bad Luck Magnet shouldn't ever fail at Train, since CoF doesn't apply when there's no roll involved) you should rapport that as a bug. Efficient Research lasts for only one week, as it's description says. It's true that it lasts for 42 turns and that divided by 3 would be 14, but every day is actually composed of 6 turns - the last three time slots of each day (even weekends) are invisible and inexpressible, basically something that ended up on the cutting room floor. If you want another example to test this ingame, check out Cleanse and Remake - it lasts for a stated 24 turns, but the effects only last for 4 days rather than 8. Story/flavour wise, BTW, IIRC those three timeslots are excused as your character "doing homework in their (Common) room once it's past their curfew". Which is why you never have to devote timeslots to doing homework, even of certain REs would suggest otherwise. The common language spoken in Mineta is Renaglian I.E. New or Modern Elumian, which there exists no related skill for as it's assumed your character is fluent in it. Old Elumian, or just Elumian, is the old language of the Empire of Man that's not commonly spoken anymore, but still present in old texts and such. If that made little sense, Renaglian is the setting's equivalent of Italian, whereas Elumian is the setting's Latin. ...There was also something else, where is is...oh here it is. ...Did not even notice that typo before. Eh, anyway, when rolling against a set threshold (I.E. something like 90% of the game's rolls) you succeed if your roll matches or exceeds the threshold. So my given example of a Charm 3/Social Skills 3 v.6 roll being an even 50% chance is completely wrong - a roll of 0, 1 or 2 results in a failure, whereas 3, 4, 5 or 6 would result in success, meaning there's a 3/7 chance to fail and a 4/7 chance to succeed. That is...unfortunate. I'll correct that immediately. EDIT: After checking ingame and actually referencing the old version of the game's actual manual (yes, one exists. No, neither it or the "updated" version is any good) for some form of confirmation I've finally determined that I don't know how getting a clean 50% chance on any roll is mathematically possible, since ((any number×2)+1) will result in an uneven number, so there's never an equal amount of numbers you can roll that will result in success/failure. The only was I can see this making sense is if, when you exactly meet a roll's threshold, the game flips a coin to determine whether you actually succeed or not. That way there can be an even number of options that results in success or failure. Several years of playing this game later and now I figure this out. Ye gods, this is...maddening. EDIT 2: And now, of all times, I finally remember that any given Attribute 0/Skill X v. X roll will always succeed barring shenanigans, so my statement of a roll only needing to meet a given set threshold is correct. The rest...*confused shrug*...but at least I've remembered that much.
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    On a related note, I've made the new Board
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    So, some of you guys have probably seen my thread in the writer's corner about making a quick documentation about the warships and the belles that personify them. Here if you don't know what I'm on about. The thing is, I set the due date for the weekend and it's monday evening now, I don't like failing to keep my word as that's the kind of man I am. It has taken far more time to gather footage and write up the scripts than I originally planed. So since I'm making this for you, my fellow captains, I wanted your opinion: Do I release it as soon as possible and use it as a template to improve others in the future, or take the extra time and refine the first video for quality?
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    Oh that bit of the end adventure isn't Pebbles leaving the PC behind or vice versa, it's just that Pebbles doesn't get a special "look for your Familiar" that's specific to a given kind of Familiar because he's too annoying for the PC to deal with.
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    I would argue that the line comes from if the clumsiness comes with a purpose. Maas has the personality of someone who accepts that bad stuff happens to her but never lets that stop her. Just as often as she fails she comes back from it. She gotten to the point she could rebuild destroyed glass vases and have them come out more beautiful than the original vase. In most clumsy moe there is nothing gained from their clumsiness other than being cute.
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    Regarding where it crosses the line from a cute gimmick to "pledge to protect cute clumsy baby"... hmm that's tough since most extreme examples of a cute klutz character i know of are in moe anime where that's pretty much their job. I want to say that the difference would be competence. Here Maass is very unlucky but otherwise seems to have herself in order, even predicting what might go wrong (though even so it doesn't seem to work out). A straight up pander character would be totally hopeless. Still, it's a narrow line to walk.
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    [spoiler][/spoiler] Don't copy/paste that, BTW, apparently copy-pasting from code block doesn't work. Incidentally, that's one of two instances of a Black Chicken being in the game. I'll leave it to you to find the second .
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    Incorrect: Only if you fail a subskill check will you automatically be informed of that subskill. If you succeed the check, even if it's purely off of attributes/miscellaneous bonuses and you don't know the skill at all, you won't be informed of the skill.
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    You're supposed to get Love if you have Affection and an opposite gendered student at 13+ relationship. It might take a day or so, the game has to add Affection and than Love which it might not be able to do on the same day, but other than that under those conditions you're supposed to get it.
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    I feel like I should mention: The final beta version we got started us with a half-dozen or so kids already in our Clique for beta-testing purposes, who's abilities just kind of vanished whenever they wanted to for no discernible reason(s). Hence, not a bug that we really could have noticed. Older beta versions didn't do the "start the PC in an empty Clique" thing, either. Not quite sure why that last minute change was made, to be perfectly honest, even if it didn't break things horribly. Legate, care to enlighten us?
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    Good to know it was intentional~ I mean, I was expecting the Dream of Sterling 100 ending to kill me inside, but even the 100 friendship route does? I need to get some more tissues (or it will make me want to punch Sterling or Ruddy...of course, part of me always wants to punch Ruddy, so... ).
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    At least early on, racking up stress seems like a good thing. Stress level controls how quickly you can train the stress related skills, and you can get upto 90-100 stress fairly easily (if you're trying to get stress) about halfway through Egypt. This means you can cap or 90+ all of the stress skills a little ways past Egypt (of course, drop the stress immediately after you're done). Your skills control how good your inspirations are, and lot of the top level inspirations end up influencing a lot of skills (plus they provide a high general bonus). So by having very high stress related skills, you can get very good inspirations quickly, which let you get through the adventures effectively.
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    These may change at a moment's notice. Seriously, a moment's notice. Caterina (“Cat”) is a proud alumni of the Safaviore Officer's School, and she seems to find it something of a disappointment that the Academagia isn't more like it. She sees herself as a noble gentlewoman of war, and is constantly badgering others for failing to live up to the expectations she sets on herself. In practice, that just means she's constantly challenging people to duels, both fencing and magical. She forgets all about ideals and responsibilities as soon as she hears a piece of juicy gossip, though. Eulalia is a respectable ferret. Unfortunately, that means she isn't a noble steed, a ferocious war dog, or a fierce bird of prey. All things she would rather be- for if she was something different, something worthy and useful in battle, Caterina might notice her. Caterina does not mistreat her familiar. It's more that half the time she forgets her familiar even exists. Absorbed in her studies of strategy and tactics, a familiar who can offer her nothing of use in such fields is a familiar wasted. Eulalia often sits on her Mistress's shoulder unnoticed, waiting patiently for the moment Caterina will look at her and request something of her, but such moments are few and far between. So Eulalia has decided she will become the world's first War Ferret. She practices fighting and memorizes all the strategies and tactics Caterina looks over, and so far, no pair of socks has been able to stand up to her wraith. Soon, she thinks, it will be time to move on to more difficult prey. Perhaps gloves. Cuàn is a bit of an odd one. He likes books more then people, and animals more then books. He seems to always be reading if indoors, or tracking down interesting animals if outdoors. He's a true loner who doesn't seem to have any close friends at all, and he doesn't seem bothered by it. He usually fades in to the background unless you're specifically looking for him. Despite all that, though, he seems to be constantly surrounded by strange rumors. People tend to find him a bit mysterious. Corey is a wolf. An actual wolf. Most people are of the opinion that he is the coolest thing about Cuàn Gallagher. Corey does not disagree with this. He is Cuàn's savior and confident, and he expects to be acknowledged. He paws through the center of hallways and glowers at humans- even Professors!- to move rather then move himself. He dismisses all other familiars- even the birds, the cats, and the dogs- as prey and looks down at them with effortless disgust. He considers the whole of the Academagia grounds as his territory and makes it clear that the Academagia only stands because he and he alone allows it to. And yet despite all his pompous words and deeds, he remains attached to the rather ordinary Cuàn- who in turn, treats him with an odd deference and respect, as if Corey's claims are true rather then mere blabber. That causes people to be slightly unnerved. Just slightly. (I decided I need a jerkish familiar, as everyone else has rather nice familiars. Well, Fanuco is sort of on the edge, but he's a jerk with a heart of gold type deal. Corey's just rude.)
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    I added a bit to the tutorial, but it's sort of scattered information. I'll add more before the days end. So, um, look! These are the bases MadHatt made for Cat and Cuàn, that I will very likely be basing their final portraits on. I would like a few changes made to them, though, and I absolutely beg for help on this. I am horrible at editing portraits. I don't even have an image software installed anymore. I need help! For Cat, make her skin slightly more olive- a bit more 'Italian girl who likes the sun' then she currently looks. Add a bit of color to her eyes- maybe blue? Give her lips a tiny hint of more pink, as she uses cosmetics. For Cuàn, give him color. Make him look a bit less like you-know-who, possibly by moving his face up on his head a bit further (that could make his hair hang in his eyes a bit, too, which was sort of the idea that appeared in my head when I first pictured him). Give his eyes a bit more green. All in all, they are fantastic starts, they just need a bit of work. So I kindly request that if you have any skill at editing images- no matter how small- you take a peek at this and see if you can do anything. As I said, I am hopeless at this. I'm a writer, not an artist. So I would appreciate help from all corners, and would be very thankful if anyone wants to take the time to do this. So... um... please.
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    Increase the worldliness subskill to 4. Parent skill is heraldry. That'll give you the student of body language passive ability which will, among other things increase character study by 1, automatically informing you of it.
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    I thought the video tutorials were great. I plan on buying the game after the patch is released this weekend, and I now feel much more comfortable with the prospect of starting the game, armed with the overview of the features and interface that the tutorial provided. I was going to suggest that you post a link to the tutorial on your Admissions page, but I took a look this morning and saw that this has already been done. I'm really looking forward to experiencing the game for myself.
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    Downloadable Content It is common these days - seeing in big AAA titles like Dragon Age or Mass Effect. Another examples are Fallout 3 or Oblivion. Think about as a "partiall Add-on", which you get through a download. They are often sold for a few bucks and add some Stuff like items etc. Since Legate said it will be free - you can think of it as a content patch. But don't get misslead, in general you often have to pay for it. Yourself have to choose if its worth for you or not Lets see what the upcoming "content Patch" (~ at least you named him so) will contain tomorrow. Hopefully they can really handle the fontsize like they mentioned it