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Arrive at the Storeroom- an option (action-wise) on the first day as a Durand student who chose every background that gave stat points (the Insight choice for birthsign), Exotic Familiar, and Traitors, Negated, and Bitter Hatred. I have no idea what that means or is talking about, but I have a feeling it shouldn't be there, as my character was not searching out a storeroom and the rolls were all 20-some and involved candy.


Random Event Disgusise/Infilitration... oh geez, I forgot to record the number. The one when you're friend is absent because Phillipe ran off with their notes and is a jerkface... if you chose the don’t do anything, the second paragraph, second sentence (third overall) has improper gender if it’s a female (Mairgrate in my case).



The Idle Day 01... sounds like a new adventure! /notes this

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Narrow Focus: Mathematics action has a difference between description and actual effect. The desription says it increases one subskill from Arithmetics and one subskill from Geometry, but the selection menu only asks for a choice of Arithmetics subskill and nothing else.

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1). Random Event - The Changing Tree - inscribe the name of your college - success


The resulting text says i wrote Mordivus on the tree. ;) But my colllege's name is Morvidus. Two letters switched places.


2). Student Adventure Neta 04 - Introductory text


The first hyperlinked "she" should be "her".


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Research Cryptology level 7 - Mechanical Cyphers lore


Two typos that I found:


"See how each rung on the cylinder moves?" should be "See how each ring on the cylinder moves?".


"You line up the correct work, number or in some cases pattern..." should be "You line up the correct word, number or in some cases pattern..."

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