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* Morvidus Common Room 7 has the huge spaces between paragraphs problem.


* Random Event - The Forest of Stars does not actually inform the character of the Forest of Stars, like the modtool says it should. That may not be a bug, but I figured I'd report.


* V Library Study Cucible #65 is another one of those passives that don't do anything.


* The Groundkeeper's Office (where you run the routes from) still tells you in the description that it'll give you +1 Stars while there/inform you of Stars, but it actually gives Comets.


* Game lasted for around fifty reloads before crash (...I really wanted someone who had more then my Charm 1 and Befriend 0 in my clique! They would be BFF's... eventually), but the memory crash is sadly still there. I did check the log- it does seem to be a running out of RAM problem, same as before.



(Editing on until someone else posts.)

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* The Dance of the Fools 06a, the Courage exit- success increases your Willpower skill-step by 11. I think that is a mistype, considering the Composure only does by 1. I'm sort of happy to see that even you professionals sometimes make those mistypes, though, as I keep making them all the time in this modding. I need to triple-check everything thrice... heh.)


* Is Judge the Instructors Tastes really working? I just gave it 20 tries, counting (and a few before that). I have Insight 5 and Character Study 2; the roll is listed as blue for all three items. While I always get the Study Level, I have not once gotten a skillup.

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* A Walk in the City… the girl calls you Monsieur, the man calls you sir, the man translates the girl’s words (heh) as calling you dashing (which I admittedly have nothing against, but as most same-sex relationships aren’t in the game, not sure if that’s what’s wished for). The girl should certainly use the correct term in her own language, and I would find it hard to believe that the man who speaks so well otherwise wouldn't know not to know sir (paticularly as it seems Madame is used in the language the characters are usually speaking).


* Student Adventure 0 Joana – Needs a space after ‘steal their lunch money.’ And then ‘She always looks like that.’ Double spaces between paragraphs again, too.


* Student Adventure 0 Mairgrete – ‘but then it hits you-where is her familiar?’ Needs a space.


* Cite Authorites is allowing me to use it a lot more often then once a month- more like once every day.


* Drowsy triggered, despite my Concentration of 12. It didn’t have the nerve to stick around even for a full day, but still. Quite rude. Kept triggering (but not sticking around) until I raised Curiosity to 4, then it stopped.


* Diplomacy 1, there is no notes on what it gave me if it gave me anything. Mod tool says it expands the relationship Minimum with someone, but I’m not sure if it actually did that- and if it did, it would be nice to report it. (It’s a weird thing to expand, anyway.)


* The Gaelidge Galla, Interrogation success has a random quotation mark in the middle of the paragraph. Later in that adventure (two steps past?), if you choose the violin or the lute, J tells you to take the figure with you ‘For when you decide to learn the piano’, which seems a bit confusing. I think she’s talking about the necklace? But then violin/lute make more sense.


* The Crystalized Dew Drop (you get it from Random Event Garden 11) should be a passive, not an active- as an active it doesn’t work.


* On 8/19/2011 (or 21 Gelamenus, 1657 if you prefer), I solemly swear: I saw Joana successfully cast Nervi! (Poor Tulia.) Somewhere, Ceyn is giving her a golf clap. Somewhere. I was so tempted to report that as a bug that I couldn't resist...

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In these cases, the most likely culprit is that your Enspell is not actually 10. You gain the Perks associated only when the base value (not including any Increase, Bonuses or other temporary changes) is 10.


Can you double check to see if your Enspell is truly 10, or if the base value is lower?



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The Enspell is at 'maximum' with no listed bonuses. Of the three subskills however, two of them are at ten due to a bonus (Test Taker's Mind to Concentration, and Study Mastery: Incantation to Phemes). But I was of the understanding that it was the parent skill that was relevant, not the subskills.

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Just hit Random Event Theatre 7. The modtools notes as a Benefit, you should get the Chicken Ring, but I didn't. At this point, I'm wondering if items given directly via benefits/drawbacks in the Story/Complication part actually work (as opposed to the item being given during the Benefit/Drawback of an exit)... each time one's popped up, I've gotten nothing.


Or maybe my character just sucks at item getting. Or that item has been removed in DLC 11/12. Hm. XD

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Random Event Library 10, Insects success, one of the the’s (on the second page, near the end) has an extra r in it.


Random Event Spellcasting 15, the student is always Amada, but the Intimidation exit refers to her as a ‘him’.


Lizard Taming 02 has, You: “Well, that’s just it…” …It seems a bit out of place. Maybe, “Well that’s just it,” you say. “Professor Storey blah blah.” Lizard Taming 03, the last paragraph is randomly bold.


The Topiary Garden 02/03, the maze Scouting possibility is a bit buggy (I believe the Incantaiton ‘Blow Him Away’ option might be as well, but as the Schoolyard Education possibility was there, I just chose that one instead). I could do Topiary Garden 02, go do something, go to 03, be routed back to 02 to pick something up, go to 03, then choose the route back to 02 so I could deal with the littery-jerk and pick some apples. But I couldn’t scout the maze until leaving 02 and 03 entirely (by declaring I’d come back another time in 03, or by choosing the Um… no option in 02) and selecting the Topiary Garden (02) the next day. Once I did that, Scouting showed up no problem, but I have a feeling it’s supposed to work like Climb/Negation Methods/Schoolyard Education.


This is a bit more odd, but in your answers in the 'answers in game thread', you noted that the students in Academagia are only served purified water. Clockmaker Adventure 00, though, notes that students are constantly served milk- milk for every meal, at that (milk, milk, milk, milk, and none of it even chocolate, the player character complains). I assume then that there's water everywhere, and milk during meals, but maybe there's a conflict in the lore bible or something, I dunno. :)

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Magsa's Adventure (The Finicky Plant):


-The 2nd stage is called Grammar Extra Credit, but it refers to Professor Sido and dialectic in a couple of places in the intruductory text.


-Also intruductory text, but to Part 5 called Arithmetic Extra Credit. First paragraph has both words hotlinked wrong. It uses His and Her but the sentence structure suggests using full names of the people involved. I have a 180kb screenshot if i'm not being clear enough. His should be Magsa Nembo and Proffesor Her should be Professor Valenta


The Screenshot

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I think the Adventure "The Idle Day 01" Shouldnt be aviable at Juvenalia. So probably the time restriction is still broken with Patch 54?

The Time limit for Drowsy is also broken with Patch 54. I got it right after I processed Juvenalia but in the Prerequisits is says begin = Hionosi 1 end = Kapsus 1 !

Btw its a complet new game

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