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I used Veil of Aversion together with 2xDeny Pheme on Kurt. From the text I got at the dayreport I would suspect that the Pheme affected me but Revision Skill of the char was/is still 22. So please have a look at this if there is some kind of targeting problem.

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I would prefer if Kurt is affected by the -2 Revision/pheme (what I was hoping fore when using this combination). Will uplad my curent save, but It don't have the spell set in a timeslot, hope it helps anyway.

Btw. your online at this time of the day?

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With my new mini Mod where I give out a Random School Survival Skill I just managed to get no reward at all right at the game start. (5 times so fare it worked normal)

As it is given without any roll and there is no maxed SS this shouldn't happen.

I suspect that this bug happens because of the NPC only SS that is under this Skill.

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I failed in the "Troubadour Adventure" 00 or 01. The way I took was Art Appreciation followed with Fammous Songs if I rember right (Reward was Stress +1 and Confidence +1)

Next day I forgot to set my adventure and so I made it again with the same way and now have "The Feud amongs the Fidlers" and "The Tale of the Minstrels" as seperate entrys in my adventurelist!


Edit 1: RE Animal Pen 3 the "Exit AP 3-3 - IE" gives out a Deleted SS acording to Modbase 3


Edit 2: Question Knowledge Effect says:

Expand Choise of Subskill

Expand (-5) Random Subskill

But in the Description it says

... suffer a 1 Level loss to a Random Subskill in order to enjoy a 5 Step Expansion to a Choise of Subskill.


Now whats correct?


Edit 3: in the Forest of the Broken Pines Adventure my Vitality got incresed by 3 even with my Vitality already past my max from resting some time ago when I have used Cleanse and Remake.

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I didn't know that Cyrus Daws is considering him self as female because not only did he use Show Off on my male Char he even lose 1 point of relationshsip to a female and get a increase of 1 point to a other male student.

If the other 2 would be of the right gender then I would have accept it as the general NPC targeting bug but so its a seperat bug from the known one.

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