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Explore action is given by both Explore 1 and School Survival - Curiosity 1, since Curiosity is an at start skill, this basically means Explore 1 has no perk.

Similarly, Artifice is given by both Engineering and Forge 1 (although neither is an at start skill...)

Weather Awareness (Wilderness Survival 5) - Description says a roll, but no rolls listed in ModTool


Trailblazer's Luck (Spell) - ...some say it's even <missing word here> than the compass...

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Random Event - First Calligraphy should maybe be an automatic event that triggers in the first week. Otherwise, it can be really awkward- "Yeah, nice to meet you Courtney. I'm your stalker that's been spamming clique invites at you all week, has all your information and has been sharing a Collage with you for a month, but I suppose despite our high relationship, we never met! Wee! ...What's that, Professor? Oh, uh, he likes Astrology books. Yup. All I got."


Paints an amusing picture, though.

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Revision Study Level 1 gives no rewards. Hmph to it.


"Who's that Lady...seriously, who is she?" (early part of Vullimine's adventure chain), the Move Silently success is lacking spaces after every sentence.


Short Charged 00 (magical musical doom) - '...conducted byRieulle Chastellain, the music...'


Random Event Aranaz 4 - there's no spaces after the ellipses (...I had to look up that plural).


Got reprehended for skipping class when I was in the Infirmary (two different times!), which I still think is quite rude of them. I mean, Professor Leith had to FIX HER SPINE, and they're complaining about her missing classes? Hmph!


It feels like the Festival of Pixies should maybe choose a certain person and thus always use them- as I was trying a befriend that day, I kept reloading (>.>), and it was sort of weird to see how many different people were willing to throw my cookies on the ground. I'd certainly expect that from around 3/4ths of the students at the Academagia, but for some, it is a bit odd.


It would be nice if Malacresta's friendship ability spelled out a bit more what exactly it gives (particularly in regards to the games of chance). Having befriended him while having no Astrology skills but Comets (and no Gambling, either), I have no idea what if anything he's doing for me.


Random Event Awesome Community 47 needs spacing between paragraphs.


Please, please, please fix Aveline. Have her ability simply have a chance of choosing any of the other six collages with a 16% (with the extra four points being put on traditional rivals Vernin, or perhaps being spread between Morv and Vernin, the common leaders of the merit race). It makes no sense for her to do it, and there's nothing the collage can do to stop her from deframing- if you bully or beat her up, she just enters Vendetta when she's even more likely to deframe Aranaz, and there's no stopping her then. Also, GRR AVELINE may end up replacing CURSE YOU LAMBERT as my battle-cry at this rate, and that would be a real shame.


V Library: Linguistics Section seems to offer no advantages to chillin' around there as a passive location. I may have already reported that.


The Among the Dusty Shelves adventure, first part, if you succeed in the Observation success, you clearly take a book out of the library (...'one book won't be missed'). But nothing is added to your inventory, nor is any money or anything.


Prank Wars 01, the third to last sentence (Rui's name in italics) needs a space after it.


Random Event Defensive Spells 2, the success where you blast Corradin purple (Revision?)- the last paragraph is unlinked, missing both a '(he)' and '(First Name)'.


A Meeting at the Tavern and In Search of Rumors of pirates are still available after doing Ilaro's A Free Room at the Inn- they only disappear after a Hasty Retreat. Not sure if that's how it should be or not.


Random Event Patrol 6, success on the Incantation option, needs a space after the sentence where the Professor comments on your wind charm.


The Elusive Study (...I think it's part of Rikidis's adventure? Or Basia's?), the second Sleuthing success, 'You notice a door between Baldassare Monetario'sand Violante...'


Faith Healer 03 - "This child lacks the magic of the Gods inside of &him/her&!", then "You can't blame &him/her&,"


Student Adventure Montague 3 has you conjuring a sword out of thin air through Incantation, which doesn't seem right.





Avila is coming in second to Aranaz (the leader) in the collage merit contest. Alright, my game is modded, but I still think that's a bug. ;) ;P Durand's still last, though, so at least some things are right with the world... I think?

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Er, Durand is the traditional rivals of Aranaz, not Vernin. (Not that you aren't aware of that.) It would probably be helpful if I proofread things before hitting post. Hm... bah. Still hating Aveline!


Random Event Common Room 10- while characters from different Houses can hang out in other's common rooms, as has been said, as it's specifically called the House singing competition and your character worries (in the Lie success) about having to sing in front of the whole House, maybe having the character who introduces the character to it be from their own house might make a bit more sense. (Though I'm sure Katja is welcome at all house singing competitions, if she so desires...)


Aranaz Adventure 04 - "Very well. Any suggestions?" asksCinzia.


Aranaz Adventure 05 - there's an extra space between 'convince' and 'Lambert' in the last sentence. Also, the reason success has around five or six returns between each paragraph.


Aventyaria 06 - '...inching down the hallway, rubbing his/her shoulder gently.'


Unicorn Tears, gotten from the Muffler adventure, don't seem to fit in to any inventory slot, sadly making them not at all useful.


Brewing Potions (part of Malacresta's adventure), the Persuasion success - ProfessorMonetario listens to your plight... . There also needs to be a space after an ellipsis in the last sentence.


The description of The Schohanwicht School needs spaces after paragraphs in the first half.

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Student Adventure Rui de Casga 1, the initial link to Rui shows up under the name of his Clique (The Stylists' Society) in my game.


Same problem occurs in 'Return the Day Planner?' I am thinking it may be Jere Niemela's Student Adventure. It is under the explore option, a School Survival roll I think.

"You decide that before you make a choice you want to know a little more about 'The Mocking Commune'(Jere's Clique name). Maybe he is not worth returning the planner to..."


The 'he' part suggests that it was meant to be Jere and not his clique I am looking into.

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Lore: Handbook of the Unrich and infamous: It says "The town had to pay them quiet a bit for their services."


It may have been mentioned but two pieces of the lore you get from attaining mastery level 3 and 4 (I think) are the same. Treatise by Professor Finus Piaxenza and " Excerpt from a Treatise by Prof. Finus Piaxenza". They are the same, save that the first states that it is an excerpt, the other mentions this in the title.


Excerpt from Academagia's Student Handbook (again lore, and from Mastery 5): "[...] due to the use of mastery, the students) parent(s) [...]" - It lacks a ( and maybe a ' too though where to plant it is beyond me.

Also in this piece of lore there is a repeat of text at the end. "If you suspect someone of having used Master..." it is mentioned in the paragraph just prior to this.

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Random Event Common Room 11: Exit traps (success) "When you are all done, you hear someone hiding in the closet curing your efforts" In this case it was Katja playing a prank. I still can't believe that the sweet girl would do such a thing! School truly turns even the sweetest into ruthless criminals!

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Heraldry - Intrigue 7 has "Inform Choice of Character" as the skill perk, I don't think this actually works?


Killer Instinct - Passive ability that should be beneficial, not hostile


Flourish Homework (Calligraphy 3) seems not too different from Copy home work (Calligraphy-Forgery 10) is the difference in how often you can use it (24 vs 84 actions) really worth a difference of 7 levels?


Seeds 6 informs Unclaimed field, but so does Cultivate (Action) given by Botany 10...


Based upon the listings, I don't think Investigate the Magical Bond action does what it's description says. The roll is vs 99, and the chance of success is 5, so it sounds like the action succeeds 5% of the time, and of those 5%, 1% of the time you get an attribute?

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Student adventure Courtenay 1: The link to Courtenay (the first link) seems messed up. I get the clique he is in. (Mine! As it happens :P) It should have been a 'he'


Another link gone to the clique, Student Adventure of Amada Kiffer called "Amada - Princess' Hair" the deceit exit (success): "[...] (link that should have gone to Amada) poses with her nose in the air, [...]"

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