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First some kind of Warning only spend money you are prepeared to lose on Kickstarter Projects.

To my knowledge all the money you spend on such projects considered as donation to Art acording to the American law and so there isn't much you can do if a founded project turn out as a Scam or fail to deliver because of other reasons.

And now to the first Project I have learned about Kickstarter (even if it haven'd started at the time of this edit)


Acording to this Blog is Obsidian Entertainment thinking about finanzing a Game via Kickstarter.

Now they ask for what kind of game the player whant to see from them if they do this.

Maybe thats a chance to see a New RPG in the style of the classic RPGs again.


I personal hope for something like Neverwinter Night 3 or other Fantasy based RPG with Iso perspective and Turn/Pause based Combat.


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Brian Fargo and inXile Entertainment have stepped this up a notch by pledging to donate 5% of the profits from their Kickstarted game, Wasteland 2, to other game Kickstarters.


Which is pretty neat as Wasteland 1 was basically one of THE landmark games of the 80s, and Wasteland 2 has pretty much the entire original band back together, after 20 years. It is likely going to rock spines that haven't even been formed yet.

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Shadowrun Returns hit the 1000000$ (Kickstarter+ PayPal) so it get a second City and a bether Editor.

Wasteland 2 hit the 2500000$ (again Kickstarter+ PayPal) so they will expand the Team that work on this game. (But with 3 days left I doubt the 3000000$ will be hit for the Editor)

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I have to agree here its not just the money but also to find the time to play all this games because all games I have a interest in (at Kickstarter) aim for a 2013 release.

Taking into account that Academagia Year 2 also aims for 2013 I for sure will become problems to play all this nice games I want to Pledge.

So its bether to take a step back even if the price tag of 15$ for the Download Version sound good, because if one never find the time to play them its still wasted money.

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There was recently a Scam at Kickstarter that used Pictures of other Pages to look trustworty.

It was the project Mytic : The Story of Gods and Men.

Here the link to the Forum where someone have made it publice that it is a scam:



So in General be prepeared that there is a chance you losing the money you spend on Kickstarter without geting any reward because I doubt every scam is found bevore the project got founded.

(There are also other things not just a pure scam that could prefent a Project Starter to deliver what was promised after the project got financed at kickstarter)

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Here are some links to Kickstarter Projekts I think are curently interesting out of the huge list on curent video games listed there.


The ARPG Grim Dawn what is based on the Titan Quest Engine will be founded in 5 days. The Banner Saga have made some infos public about the sending of the goodies. Especial the Video is interesting where they show how many things they have to send out. FOUNDED


Fans of the UFO / XCOM Series maybe should have a look at Xenonauts. FOUNDED


Of all the Spaceflight Games curent on Kickstarter I think Kinetic-Void is the most interesting one. FOUNDED but was a close call


For People who like the old RPGs ala Dungeon Master or old Might and Magic Titels with Turnbased & Tile based Movement there is Malevolence. FOUNDED

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