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The Academagia Gradebook (Year 1)


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On 1/29/2018 at 2:31 PM, freespace2dotcom said:

I just checked to make sure the link is still working. It still is. 42 downloads. Awesome number. You guys really do care~! :sadface:

Link is down now. Would you be so kind as to re-upload it?

If not, I guess I can make do with the version I downloaded a few years ago...

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Aparently nobody has played Godina up until now, due to the athletics and music classes being bugged for the player. There was also a bug reported in the total sheet, which I am looking at right now.

A new version of the Gradebook is incoming.

Edit: V1.74 is live.


Unless you are a godina student or have a pass/not pass class, this doesn't really affect you, but it doesn't hurt to have a bug free version! Download away! :)

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GJJj3pvF 0

There appear to be some issues with the gradebook you just re-uploaded per my request. So far, I've found:

1. Music J5 (the player character's Pass/Fail result) is apparently set to look at F6 and E6 to determine if the player character passes or fails. But Row 6 is for Alan Driscoll.

2. Total H61 (the Godina player character's result for Class 6) gets a #REF! result because it is looking at E3 instead of H3. E3 is left blank because Godina has 3 college classes.

Would it be correct to replace the incorrect cells with the correct ones? (I have no idea how to use Excel.)


Independently I found athletics to have the same error as music

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On ‎07‎.‎01‎.‎2015 at 4:04 PM, Schwarzbart said:

Found a bug in the version I'm using:

In Music the player's pass or fail is according to the one of Alan and not the player.

Sorry if that was a problem of the port or is already fixed.

So you never got around to fix it till today ^^

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Didn't see that. Honestly, there are parts of the gradebook I'm never going to use, that I only put in by extrapolating the stuff I do use. Unless someone points it out to me I won't fix something I don't use and like I said I missed that post.

And I'm still mad at Mika for breaking my gradebook with all her extra kids. It was not too surprising that there would be a couple bugs in there after that as I had to rebuild pretty much the entire book from scratch. A lot of chances for errors to creep in from a cell not properly changed. I don't even think pass/not pass classes need a sheet in the gradebook, given how you actually pass has nothing to do with the grade you're given.

Anyway, it's fixed now. So I can pretend it was always perfect, hahaha! :)

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Since nobody has downloaded my gradebook over more than the last 100 days, it was deleted from the server.

Compounding matters, is the fact that one of my hard drives kicked the bucket. My copy of 1.74 was on it. :(

Luckily I am a hoarder and had a copy of 1.72, which I re-updated to 1.74 using the info on this forum, and re-uploaded it.

The new link is thus: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=55774609988905557852

(if I hadn't said anything, I'm sure nobody would have noticed. :( )

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Mmm... I kind of doubt that the team would be too open about displaying all info like you're thinking. If nothing else, it would be because of a desire to minimize spoilers. I could be wrong, though. Any opinion or fact on this subject worth sharing, Legate?

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Nice to know the file is still uploaded. I re-downloaded it to reset the delete timer and to keep a copy on my backup PC just in case I'm without my primary for an extended period of time. Any chance we can get the Y2 class list yet? Or at least a little info on how Y2's progressing?

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