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The Academagia Gradebook (Year 1)


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Version 1.5 has been finished.


What's new:


Several names' typos have been fixed,

A few students have been added and removed from classes as appropriate,

Better tab organization,

Rhetoric is now alphabetized

Grammar is no longer missing.

Estimates for music and athletics added.

The ability to say which classes and college you are in. (better accuracy)

A new "master sheet" for comparing students college and academy-wide (still under construction)

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I removed Aveline from Astrology, so that will need to be kept in mind but other than that you *should* be good! ;)


edit: oh yeah, changing "Poriabel" to "Oriabel" changed her order in that class slightly. I think that was astrology too.


Edit2: if any of the numbers of students don't match between versions, let me know. those may have a slight difference.


(though most likely shouldn't affect copy/pasting)

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I am not finished working on the gradebook. As you can see the 'total' sheet' still needs work.


I will redo the "Do you attend this class" checkmarks in 1.6


for now having them all selected will give the same effect as the previous version, at least


do the college ones work?

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Yeah, sorry about that. I had a few things selected for testing and I forgot to reset all of it when I uploaded it.


Replace the classes in the tan area in the "total" sheet with your own and then check your college and you should be able to see how all students do.


1.6 will also fill in the "for orsi's eyes only" area as the formulas are a little too advanced for me to figure out right now and I didn't want that to delay the other fixes.

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I just found a large bug because you always use 80% final exam weight what is wrong for nearly all class.

According to the mod tools its:

Arithmetic 95%

Astrology 90%

Botany 87%

Calligraphy 97%

Dialectic 99%

Enchant 95%

Geometry 95%

Glamour 90%

Grammar 80%

History 80%

Incantation 95%

Negation 99%

Revision 97%

Rhetoric 90%

Zoology 90%

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Umm, I'm pretty sure the legate said it was 20-80. That isn't a bug, the gradebook was programmed that way.


I'm at a loss for words and will be really, really mad at him if this turns out to be untrue! Where did you find that!?


Edit: found them in the modtools.


edit 2: also didn't find the legate reference to the specific 20-80 rule that I remembered so he's off the hook! (for now...)


I'm concerned about my grades again! Legate, did you know this and not say anything!? I'm mad at you again!


Edit 3: Athletics and music have different values from each other also. It almost seems as if there will be some effect from taking them.


Final edit: I will add this new info to 1.6 upon confirmation from the Legate that schwarzbart's info is correct.

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For Athletics and Music I think the Legate already confirmed that its only the score you have at the skill at the time of the exam.

Also Athletics and Music have no effect for the extra class requirements unless you have a No Pass.


Will the score of the Pass / Fail class like Music count for the Year 2 extra class requirements?

If so will only the final exam count or also the midterm exam to a part?



As I understand it, P/NP Classes do not count.

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I just find it curious, is all. if they didn't matter at all, then they should be identical to each other, but maybe I'm thinking too hard.


Ugh... I've got a looooooo~t to do for V1.6.




I need to convert the honors system to a numerical value, (done, mostly)

add up the values each honor gives each student, (also mostly done)

rank the students' performance against their college and academy as a whole, (again, mostly done)

rank the performance of the colleges against each other (done except the PC)


It might seem that it's done, but at least half of the work in this is making sure if the player is or is not having his grades applied to 7 different colleges as applicable. :)


this is one such formula of many I still haven't written yet:



I've finished adding the exam dates, but changing the weight formula will be a little trickier. Still easier than this, though.

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gee, and I thought the midterms were pretty unimportant with 20% weight behind them.


They're good for little else than gauging how a student might do in the finals with around ~5-10% weight.

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I'll bet that's Briardi's influence.


But really, the mid terms seem geared more to see if students are on track in their studies to do good on the real exams than anything else.


V1.6 is coming along nicely. Though I'm having some problems with ties in ranking mucking up my 'best' and 'worst' of page.

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I suspect that the academagia is using mid-terms mainly to encourage students to concentrate, confirm which students are worth teaching, which need some assistance/encouragement, etc. The need for "proof of what they learned" is then focused at the end when things have come together (i.e. the student has had time to learn the study skills and can now demonstrate what they've learned).


I had thought it was 20/80 as well, I feel bad for the poor kids in some of my classes as my chaps may have smacked the grade curve a little hard not realising that they could qualify for extra classes without getting 150 or so in the final - though I may have mis-remembered 130 as the numerical element of the qualifier there as well :unsure:

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I *just* finished all I want to ever do with the Y1 gradebook and this happens!


Did they tie for a lower rank? It's possible to get more than 10% failures in the sheet that if ties are involved.


Could you PM a screenshot of the classes?

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The formula you used for Arithmetic is:



and I think we can agree that 35 - 10% is either 32 or 31 but never 26


you also used the exact same formula with Rhetoric with 31 Students where the result then had to be 28 or 27 but not 26


Edit: You also used the same numbers (3,12,23,26) for the Hybrid Curve calculations of the Zoology (31 Students) and Botany class (33 Students).

Only for the two Hybrid Distribution you thought about adjusting the numbers depending on the number of Students

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Yup. What *probably* happened is I got a tad bit carried away with copy/pasting and forgot to tweak the percentages from negation when creating the sheets.


It *does* grade according to the curve, though. the curve is just skewered.


Both of those classes will be tweaked in 1.6

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