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Second Game for 2014?!


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Ok... So... Your plan is to magicaly hide Grandmas slippers from time to time and make her think she's becomming senile? Then she might go and see a doctor who puts her on heavy medications! (possibly with nasty sideeffects)


And if your invisibility spell/enchantment on the slippers activates while she's wearing them, she might start screaming all of a sudden, thinking her feet are gone! She might get a heartattack unless she's a wizard and used to those crazy events from her Academagia days.


It might work well for a scheming Blacksheep however, the Blackadder type of wizard.


Blackadder would likely make his Grandma think she can't live without him to get some family support, before he poisons or otherwise plots the demise of his parents and siblings.


Otherwise it rather commes across as a prank rather than something designed to give browny points. This is probably why students arn't allowed to use magic outside the Academagia, they still do it, but atleast those who screws up broke a rule rather than doing it with the permission the faculty when something goes terribly wrong.

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This makes me wonder, those with the pick for distant royal relations, who are they related to anyway? Even if it's very distant, clearly it's something that would make sense to explore. Or something that could cause problems or opportunities, which everway you prefer to think of it.

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I have been hiding under the earth as one of the undead, waiting for the moment to escape and EAT THE BRAINS OF ALL LIVING AND CONTROL THEM ALL TO DO MY MAD DEEDS.


More truthfully, I've just been involved in disaster after disaster. First involved me losing my internet for around four months, in a complicated period of craziness that involved my apartment complex trying to sue Comcast (they failed) and, amusingly, had me appear on our local news one day to talk about this (I stutter on camera, apparently). Then my whole computer just up and died, taking all my writing and good stuff with it. Then we decided to move, because our apartment complex was apparently insane, and this involved months of craziness. Then I actually got a real job that pays well and has me doing actual work, but it sends me all over the place and has me doing, you know, actual work rather then sitting at home posting on message boards all the time. Then, finally, I was checking my 2000 and some emails and a message from the Academagia team popped up and I was like "OH YEAH I LOVE THIS GAME THAT I HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT MOST SADLY" so I replied, reinstalled the game, and jumped by on the boards.


The zombie story is more fun, I imagine.


Still, like everyone, I'm eagerly waiting and writing for next year.

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One full timeslot each day? Kind of obligatory? Will there be a exam? Will there be gates studylevels? Can we skip the gates class if we have maxed out?

Will a creepy headmaster show up and complain about your lack of dedication to the arts?


Or maybe Illaro is the headmaster... which would explain the complicated relationship between him, the Legate of the academagia, the captain of mineta and the Legate of mineta.....


Gates schooladventures. There was also mention that items inscribed with gates spells were somewhat more reliable. That sounds like a project for a gates class adventure.

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Albert your shocked like me when I read it the first time. Good thing they added a extra time slot per day so one is free unless you also take a extra class.

Because of this my next chars will without the Secret Background because all my chars so fare have to take this class. :(

Edit: Maybe you have a look at this tread from me where I mentioned this info beside some other.

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If the "extra" tutoring is mandatory, and can't be skipped, then I guess we could skip a few general classes to do some adventures.


We have been able to skip a few classes in the past, I'm not sure how important classes will be in year 2 or how rewardign they will be compared to previous years.

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Will the extra tutoring be worth something? The Vernin Regent for example doesn't sound like a very impressive professor when it commes to magic.
What if your skills are maxed? Normaly one timeslot is enough for 3 or even 4 classes.
Wouldn't it be enough to use one timeslot once or twice a week?
Surely the professors wouldn't want to get stuck teaching a student for hours every weekday.
A monday and thursday timeslot seems enough for one single class. It should be even more efficient with all that teacher focus and a very dedicated and gifted student.

We're after all talking about the best students in the school getting dedicated facetime and instructions from a professor.

You would still have to use a few time slots to increase your study level. unless that timeslot with the professor takes care of that aswell.

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Couldn't we use our planning and social skills to influence the extra subjects dedicated timeplan? Perhaps at the start when you perhaps talk to the professor/s and make up the schedules?

The allocation of our extra study sessions would be allocated like detentions. The better you negotiate and help the planning process, the fewer classes with extra tutoring would be required.


Or maybe, the student could do the exam at any point by doing an exam adventure. If it's early in the year you need 10 studylevels, if it's later it might be enough to have 5 studylevels. I'm guessing you would have to do two exams.

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