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Second Game for 2014?!


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Well, definitely I want the Academagia Y2 more than anything, but also looking forward to see BCS's any new KS project.


I used to imagine nowadays that one day I would have all Academagia series in my hand, and could play them continuously from Year 1 to 5, that is, from the enrollment to the graduation. I hope the day may come within ten years.

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I hope it comes at least within twenty at the rate we're going. To be fair If Y2 is well polished perhaps less work will be required for future years but that's a pipe dream if I ever saw one... :(

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I finally saw your post about Ars Magica- it's of interest to Merinita fans, but actually has nothing to do with Ars Magica. It's not even a game- more of an interesting collection from the writers at BCS. You'll see it soon, in summer.


Legate I will give you 3124 goats if you release this year. At a 6% interest for every year you release, this is 187.44 goats a year you will save over buying them yourself.


Think of the goat savings, it's a one time deal though, otherwise I'm unleashing them on the school and you will bear the consequences for unintended goat multiplication.

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Just saw on Kickstarter that BCS working on the second part of Holdfast and will bring this to KS.

Black Chicken Studios on October 17




Hey right back! We've seen Maelorum volume 2, and it looks awesome! Holdfast volume 2 is 80% written, actually- we're just waiting for artwork to catch up before we come to Kickstarter.


Either way, exciting news for gamebook fans of any genre!

So the team is working on Academagica DLC 17, Academagica Year 2, Holdfast 2 Kickstarter preperations, a Fantasy book that "is of interest to Merinita fans", getting Holdfast year 1 to a app and release of Holdfast in a pdf shop?! Are there even more projects BCS working on right now? At last to me it sounds like you split up your workforce to much.
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