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Patch 128


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I uploaded the patch 128 without mod files here

To get the most updated version you now need to install DLC 16 and then just copy the Patch 128 over it.

This is a temporary fix till BCS upload a fixed DLC 16 or release DLC 17.


Edit 22.09.14: replaced my no longer working download link with the one provided by the Legate

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I downloaded this today, so it's still working for now. Thanks, Schwarzbart. Hopefully I'll be able to start my playthrough soon.


Mediafire still allows free uploading and free downloading, but you need to set up an account to do the uploading. Still, it's a place to host things now that rapidshare is being all mean about it.

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Well, it seems that your juryrig is not up anymore, schwarzbart. What did you do to isolate it anyway? If I knew how to take the CP3 update and pull patch 128 out of it, I would do so, lol.


What's the status on getting this fixed Legate? I guess you're planning to fix it with DLC 17? That implies that you're not too far away from releasing it.

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It's likely that you will need to download the Mod, and place it in the Mods folder, within your Academagia folder.


To get the very best, you may want to use this version of the Patch (Schwarzbart's):


https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39655656/Schwarzbart 20DLC 2016.rar


If you place it in the Mod folder, you should be able to see the Mod and use it.


Have fun! :)

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